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"This could get a little full on Spence," Ash warned as the limo pulled up by the red carpet. I must admit that I was a little intimidated, I mean red carpet! Thankfully we weren't alone and were accompanied by both of Austin and Maggie's parents, Austin and Maggie themselves, Annie and May were also along for the ride. I hadn't considered it before but most of Hollywood's actors and actresses had been represented by the couple at one point, plus they dealt with all the major studios and actually ensured the movies got made. So, in truth they were as influential in the movie business as the most famous directors and producers, just as wealthy too but then you already knew that.

"Girls?" Caroline questioned as the chauffeur stopped the car and prepared to open our door. "Let us go first and then you next Ashley. Maggie, you and May come last." Maggie nodded and I realised they were trying to protect Ash in the middle of the group. A look at my girlfriend showed that she was biting her lip and looking -, not nervous but unsettled.

"We'll be fine." I whispered before pecking Ash on the cheek and received a grateful nod in return along with a squeeze of my hand, she had been holding it tightly for the entire ride. Ash had been invited to several after parties but the one she thought we would attend was in the same hotel where she had booked us a room, also securing beds for Maggie and Austin in the rooms adjacent to ours. Anyway, luxury didn't begin to describe the suite we were in, apparently it was the best room Ash could get because the 'real suites' as she had dubbed them were taken up by the A-listers attending the awards.

"Spence?" Ash nudged me to attention just in time to follow her surrogate parents out of the limo. As we exited all I could see was a barrage of light as the paparrazi's cameras went crazy. As soon as they realised it was Ashley they began calling out to her and Austin's parents stopped to check we were Ok. As soon as we hit the carpet Ash was approached by one of the official interviewers for the awards, you know where they show snippets of famous people on their way up the carpet. Well, that was us, in real life. A bit surreal for me but I was dealing.


"Ashley!" The woman journalist greeted me warmly but I could tell it was fake, Spencer gave her a 'look' and she backed off a little. "Ashley," she tried to cut me off from my girl but Spencer wasn't having any of it, she smiled sweetly and stayed right by my side, right where I needed her.

"Good evening Carol, it's nice to see you." I greeted the presenter with a smile.

"So, who's this?" The C-list personality enquired, trying to get the scoop on Spencer.

"That's Spencer, my girlfriend," I politely informed her and turned to continue up the carpet to head inside.

"Spencer!" A guy from the paparazzi called and Spencer's head shot up, to my surprise she smiled when she recognised one of the guys from our date and waved at him. He looked shocked but grinned back and snapped a few pics. I watched as Spencer acknowledged a few of the other photographers who had been there the same night. She kept hold of my hand but pulled away slightly so she could get closer to the railing to talk to them. They seemed to appreciate it and were soon chatting away to my girlfriend but I noticed how she kept it all impersonal but friendly. Once the other press saw her they assumed they had missed something big and tried to zone in on the action. That was when my blonde said her goodbyes and gave me her full attention.

"My, you're popular aren't you?" The interviewer sleazed, now realising she may have taken the wrong approach.

"Good manners are free, Carol," Spencer replied coolly, obviously dismissing the woman and I saw Austin bite her lip as she tried really, really hard not to laugh.

"Let's go," I tugged on her hand and left the woman with nothing to report on, standing for a second by Spencer's pet photographers to pose for a second before we followed Umberto and Caroline into the building.


"That was awesome Spence," Austin crowed as she high-fived me.

"Very impressive," Maggie smirked. "But very you," she added with a smirk.

"Bitch was rude," I shrugged as I looked around the packed lobby, Ashley plastered to my side.

"Ashley!" A small girl about six rushed up to Ashley and wrapped herself around my girlfriend's knees.

"Hey there!" Ashley dropped my hand and knelt down as elegantly as her dress would let her.

"I can surf properly now, Ash. On a big board like you showed me!" The kid's enthusiasm was extremely cute and I was surprised how relaxed Ash seemed, a sudden twinge sent me years into the future, imagining what it would be like to have our own kid. Surprisingly the thought didn't send me into a panic, Ash would make a great mom.

"Sorry, Ashley!" I looked up and gulped as an older woman approached, an older Julia Roberts shaped woman. This was her kid? Fuck me now!

"It's Ok, it's been a while, huh?" Ash replied sheepishly to the question.

"It has," the actress laughed, "but she still talks about you all the time, especially when we're at the beach," Ash nodded and smiled down at her leg limpet, fingers mussing brown curls.

"Me too, kid," Ash kissed the top of her head then she turned her attention back to the older Roberts. "I'm there a lot now so if you ever need a babysitter just give me a call. The agents have my new number. I'm, uh -. I'm clean now," she confessed, dropping her eyes and I snaked an arm around her waist, giving my silent support, noting a curious look flick to the gesture then back to Ashley but the offer was met with a beaming smile.

"Sounds like a plan, you can never have too many sitters!" The actress agreed as she held out her hand for her daughter to take, gently peeling her away from Ashley.

"Julia! How are you? You look wonderful, as always," Caroline swooped in as she noticed Ash shutting down a little.

"I'm doing well, thank you," was the reply and they began chatting about their kids. Caroline and Umberto throwing in anecdotes that made her daughters and Ashley roll their eyes in embarrassment. It was beyond weird but Ash took it in her stride, I suppose she got used to this growing up.


"Girls," Umberto called our attention, waving us over to a roped area that was clearly VIP and we followed him through, Spencer still firmly attached to my hand. I smiled as she tried not to look too awestruck as she spotted A-lister after A-lister.

"The party will be the best bit," I whispered to Spencer who had been silent so far. She nodded and I grinned, this was going to be a lot of fun, especially once the awards were over and we got to the party. A call came over the tannoy for guests to take their seats at their tables and we followed our group into the auditorium and to our table in the middle of the room, just behind where all the major celebrities were sat. I looked around as I took a seat next to Ash and caught her grin as she waved discreetly under the table at someone she obviously knew.

"I'll introduce you later," she murmured. "Remember, the cameras are on the whole thing." Then added in a slightly louder voice. "So don't pick your nose or anything," she joked which brought a chuckle from the rest of the table.

Once the awards were over things started to get interesting.

"Now, we're already on the guest lists for a few of the after parties." Ash calmly informed me as the ceremony ended and people began to leave the auditorium.

"We are?" I squeaked excitedly and Maggie laughed at me.

"We always are," she confirmed smugly.

"Yeah, we just have to decide which one we're going to. Having mom and dad as the go to lawyers of choice makes up pretty popular for these things," Austin added with a smile. She was attracting a lot of attention, standing out due to her height and sheer good looks but she was handling it well, Annie not so much as she glared at anyone whose gaze lingered on her girlfriend. Suddenly Ashley's phone buzzed from her clutch, pulling it out she smiled when she saw the text.

"Want to go to the most exclusive party?" Ash asked with a smug smirk as she showed her phone to Maggie.

"Oh, hell yeah!" Maggie grinned and waved to May who was standing with Annie, they'd become pretty good friends and were in what they dubbed the 'girlfriend club' that apparently now also included Thea. But, they had to leave. May had an exam the next day and Annie a game that a scout was attending so they had elected not to party.

"Let's go," Maggie urged as she waved at the car that had picked up her girlfriend and friend then made a quick stop to speak to her parents who were chatting to a business acquaintance. He turned out to be just thehead of Sony Pictures. This was a crazy life! "They say we can take the limo, come on!"

"Where the hell are we going?" I grumbled but wasn't putting up too much resistance, well used to Maggie's enthusiasm.

"You'll see, but you may have to sign a confidentiality agreement," I was warned but her smirk told me it was going to be worth it.

"Ok, whatever," I gracefully acquiesced as we waited in the lobby for our limo to arrive which it did just a few minutes later. Ash gave the driver the name of the hotel and we settled back for the short ride, I was curious about or destination but knew that if Ash and Maggie wanted to surprise us then they would.

The car pulled up and we climbed out, straightening dresses and trying to avoid the dreaded pantie flash. The hotel was opulent to say the least, traditional old Hollywood and I gaped as I looked around, anyone watching would easily be able to tell that I was not used to this lifestyle.

"We want the penthouse suite," Ashley instructed and headed for the desk. "But won't get up without an escort," she added before I could question her on it. "The elevator will be private and we'll need clearance."

"Ok?" This all seemed incredibly high security for a party. Well, I guess if I thought about it, it wasn't really. Look at the security Maggie had for her parties and that was just high school kids. I reasoned.

"Davies, for the penthouse." Ashley calmly announced to the concierge. He had given us his

immediate attention, our dresses a dead give away as to our likely point of origin.

"How many in your party?" He queried politely as he picked up the phone.

"Four," she replied, glancing round at us as though to double check she'd got it right, it was just the two of us, Austin and Maggie.

"Four, under Davies." The concierge spoke into the phone. He obviously received confirmation as he nodded and smiled warmly. "Welcome to our hotel, your escort will be with you in a moment. Please, if you could wait by the elevator." He pointed towards an elevator discretely hidden to the side of the main desk.

"Thanks," Ashley smiled at him and winked, pushing him a $100 bill over the counter.

"Thank you, Ms Davies," he winked back and although it was an obscene amount I knew how things worked here in L.A. Money opened doors. "Nice to see you looking so well," he complimented her. I saw her eyes widen in surprise and she nodded and thanked him before we joined the, already waiting by the elevator.

"You Ok?" I questioned softly, knowing how reminders of Ash's past often upset her.

"Yeah, I thought I recognised him. I've been to a lot of parties in this place," she confirmed with a nod to reassure me. Even so I took her hand and squeezed it tight, she flashed me a grateful smile, keeping hold of my hand while we waited for our escort.

She soon appeared, a smartly dressed woman who looked like she meant business.

"Ms Davies," she greeted Ashley with a polite incline of her head.

"Hi Cory," Ashley returned the nod with a smile and stood back whilst 'Cory' operated the elevator with a key-card. It was a short ride, the hotel was old, not having as many floors as the modern ones but was a lot classier. The elevator pinged it's arrival and after Cory stepped out we followed, Ash confidently holding my hand as she got her swag on. This was how she got when she was comfortable in her surroundings, it didn't happen often but she seemed familiar with the hotel and it was private which was also boosting her confidence. As we walked I noticed security personnel discretely dotted about but as we were with Cory all we were receiving was a glance as we passed.

Nearing a set of double doors at the end of the corridor I could hear music playing.

"Here we go," Ash murmured and cast her eyes back to check we were all together.

"Do you need us to sign?" Ash asked as Cory's upheld hand brought us to a stop.

"Yes, please. It's a standard contract," Ash nodded, unphased as she gave the piece of paper she was handed a quick glance over.

"Looks good," Maggie confirmed and quickly signed her name on the bottom and we all followed. "Basically you are not allowed to share anything you see or hear once inside with anyone who isn't present tonight," she briefed us, taking charge of the situation. After handing the contracts back Cory stood back, allowing us through the door. Now, I'd heard all about the super secret parties celebrities supposedly had but here I was, actually attending one. Stepping inside we were hit by the music, loud, pumping baseline of which I heartily approved, feeling it in my bones. It was dark, not very crowded but there must have been about a hundred people dotted around the enormous suite.

Tightly holding Ash's hand I tried not to look too awestruck.

"Come on," My own hand receiving a squeeze as I was led deeper into the room.

"Ash!" A voice called out to us and she stopped to see who it was.

"Jess," she murmured as we were approached by a gorgeous blonde. One I knew to be one of Ash's fuck buddies, almost girlfriend and Addy's cousin.

"Hi babe," Ash was pulled into a fierce hug and I hung back, not wanting to interfere. I knew they hadn't seen each other since the car expo last year, Jess's schedule having taken her out of the country for the majority of the time so they hadn't been able to meet up. "Hi guys," she greeted Maggie and Austin before shaking her head. "Oh my god Aust! Didn't you grow up, huh?" She stepped back and eyed the red-head appreciatively. She wasn't the only one to do so this evening.6+ as many sets of eyes were drawn our way. "Seriously though, when are you coming to New York. You'd kill it there hun, just like your mom."

"Summer. Mom's gonna get me fixed up with some appointments," the red-head informed the actress, this was news to me. Ash too it seemed.

"Aust?" I queried. This was news to me! Maggie seemed surprised too.

"Sorry Spence. It's just a thing we've been talking about over the past coupla days. As long as I keep my grades up she says I can earn some cash over the summer break if I want."

"Good for you," I punched her on the arm in congratulations and she returned it as we grinned happily at each other. "It's not like I'd get to see you anyway, jetting off to Europe again I bet," I added in my super snobby voice.

"Yeah well," she shrugged. "Oh Jess, by the way -. Just in case you were interested, this -," Austin waved a hand over her fabulous body. "Isn't available. I'm with Annie, my girlfriend," she ended smugly "Oh, and I wouldn't take Ash's sloppy seconds either," she added and nudged Ash who gaped at her friend's cheekiness. "But Spencer's fucked your cousin." Austin finished helpfully.

"Aust!" I squeaked as the attention swiftly turned to me.

"I thought she was with Kate?" Jessica queried with a frown in my direction. "I liked Kate." Her eyes narrowed as she growled at me.

"She still is," I manned up with a sigh, "I fucked Kate too," I think it was the alcohol that made that seem like the right thing to say. "Maggie used to date Kate!" I threw my friend under the bus, if I was going down I wasn't going to be the only one.

"Spence!" Ash was almost crying with laughter as I totally lost my cool. "Jess, this is my girl, Spencer," I snapped to attention and threw out a Super C smile.

"Hi!" I held out my hand which was taken and given a brief but firm shake.

"Well, I can see why she likes you so much," I held still under the eyes giving me a once over, feigning boredom by looking over her shoulder at some random party-goer.

"Yep, she's the one for me," Ash looked at me with such love that I immediately became a gooey puddle of Spencer-mush and planted a kiss on her cheek.

"Oh god, you two are so disgusting," Austin grumbled. "I think I just threw up a little in my mouth."

"And you're not all over your giiirl-friend?"

"Bitch!" I back-handed her in the stomach only to be pulled into a headlock.

"Ok, this is getting too much for me!" Jess held her hands up in defeat as Austin released me.

"OK," Ash sighed, "quick run down. I dated Maggie. Maggie dated Kate. Maggie fucked Spencer. Spencer fucked Kate. And Addison."

"But I'd do anything for any of them," I confirmed fiercely, staring Jessica down.

"Ok, it sounds complicated but then your life always was, hey Ash?" The movie star chuckled. "Well, take care of her." A intense glare was directed my way.

"I will," I nodded, pulling Ash close with an arm around her waist.

"She does, but thanks for worrying," Ash smiled at her friend and it was returned, they held a look for a few seconds before Jessica smiled then she was distracted- from interrogating me further by some guy catching her attention, an apologetic smile and she stepped away to talk to him. Mumbling "back in a sec," as she went but we were only alone for a moment before we caught the eye of another guest.

"Ash." My girlfriend was greeted stoically by none other than Kristen Stewart.

"K." A fist bump was exchanged and I tried very hard not to gape or stare.

"Glad you could make it."

"Thanks for the invite," Ash replied with a smile.

"Well, I didn't expect to see you but when I did -," our host shrugged. It seemed she wasn't a big talker.

"I can see why you get on with Ash," I rolled my eyes as I nudged my girlfriend.

"Yeah, well," she cast a wary eye over us, Ash gave her a nod. "Didn't get a lot of chance to talk last time, huh?"

"Nope," Ash popped the P with a sly smirk but didn't elaborate. I knew what they were referring to but knew it was highly guarded secret so I kept quiet. "This is Spencer, my girlfriend." I was introduced, proudly.

"Hi," again I received an appraising look before brown eyes met mine. I didn't offer my hand this time, she didn't seem very touchy feely.

"Hi, ignore her, she's not very social." A more cheerful and very English voice joined the conversation and I squeezed Ash's hand. She squeezed back and flashed me a slightly concerned look. Not worried about celebrity shyness but the fact I was now facing two of Ashley's lays. "Hi Ash," there was a surge of movement and Ashley grunted as she was embraced, reaching her free hand up to pat her friend gingerly on the back.

"For fucks sake Em, let her go!" Kristen grumbled, good naturedly.

"Sorry, it's been so long since I saw you!" Ash shrugged and smiled at her friend who only then seemed to notice our joined hands. "Shit, sorry! Hi, I'm Emma," a hand was held out for me to shake which I did, gripping it firmly.

"Spencer," I introduced myself with a smile, confident in my girlfriend's presence.

"Spencer is my girlfriend," Ash added, smugly, slipping her arm around my waist.

"Lucky you!" Emma congratulated me and I grinned at the friendly superstar.

"Ah, I manage to keep her in-line," I replied throwing in a wink before pecking Ash on the cheek.

"Does she ever," Austin snorted and held up her hand for a high-five which I returned. That earned me a back-hand in the stomach from my supposedly loving girlfriend.

"It's official, I'm whipped," Ash grumbled but sounded very happy about it. I was now receiving looks of respect from both actresses.

"But I love her," I added so they could be sure of my feelings. They were friends, not just lays and by the looks I got they seemed to approve.

"You know Maggie," Ash gestured towards the beautiful brunette who nodded and smiled at the actresses and received a hug from Emma.

"It was hilarious, Spencer had no idea who Ash's dad was until they'd already started dating," Austin chipped in with a grin drawing appreciative looks from both young women.

"This is Austin, Maggie's sister," Jessica added as she returned to the group, smiling at the other actresses, I think Ash had mentioned something about them knowing each other but I wasn't sure. "Ash lives with them now, they all grew up together," she explained. "Sorry," she frowned as her phone immediately went off. "I have to take this," she apologised, "later babe," she pecked Ash on the cheek as she went, the action drawing raised brows from both Kristen and Emma.

"We used to almost date," Ash explained to her new audience who looked a little shocked at that little piece of information, especially considering the age difference between the two young women.

"Em?" Kristen nudged her girlfriend and cocked her head towards the back of the room.

"Want to hang out somewhere quieter so we can actually find a seat and hear ourselves think? She yelled over the music that had increased in volume drastically since we had started the conversation. "Guys?" Emma offered with a smile, we all nodded our agreement to the question and followed our hosts across the room and to a set of double doors that were guarded by a burly security guard.

"Come on," Emma urged. "They can come and go," she informed the man who nodded and opened the door for us.

We slipped inside and I looked around the room.

"Hey," Emma greeted the rooms single occupant who had her back to us and was playing on what looked like Call of Duty. She was sitting on a hgh backed couch facing away from us but I could tell she was a blonde.

"Hi, fed up already?" I think we were all shocked when we saw her face. It was Alexis Thorne Oscar winning actress, super model and all A-lister of the A-listers. "Anyone want to play?" She offered. "I feel like kicking some ass," when she smiled I doubt I was the only one that got a little excited down below if you know what I mean?

"Sure," Austin chirped as though it were a request she received every day. She kicked off her shoes and jumped over the back of the couch, rather elegantly considering she was wearing a figure hugging dress and came to sit next to the blonde who looked a little surprised at her method of arrival but her grin told me it was a good surprised. "Hi, I'm Austin and I'm going to whoop your ass!" The red-head stuck out her hand, totally unphased by the celebrity she was going to be gaming with.

"Alexis, call me Alex," the shake was made along with prolonged eye contact and it lasted a little longer than was comfortable it was only then that Austin seemed to get a little flustered, blinking before she pulled it together. "Ready?"

"Sure," the red-head took the controller she was offered and took up her usual slouch as she kicked her feet up onto the coffee table.

"Austin, you slob," Maggie scolded as she kicked her sister's feet down from the table as she followed Ash around to one of the other couches. "Sorry," she apologised and smiled at the blonde. "My sister has no manners," she scowled as she directed her last words at Austin who stuck her tongue out unrepentantly

"It's Ok.. Don't worry," the blonde stuck her own feet out and she was bare foot and was wearing sweatpants.

"Good plan," Kristen mumbled and wandered off through another doorway which I assumed led to the bedrooms.

"So, are we playing? Austin's attention was recalled to the game by Alex and she nodded enthusiastically.

"Bring it!" My friend challenged.

"And I'm Maggie," the brunette introduced herself with a killer smile.

"Nice to meet you, sisters, huh?" The blonde arched a perfect brow as they waited for the game to load.

"Yeah," Austin grumbled, we get that a lot, at which the blonde chuckled.

"Sorry, but I can see why," Alex chuckled

"Austin looks like our mom, I take after my dad," Maggie offered the standard explanation for their diverse appearance. "Hey, Ash?" Maggie broke off her conversation with the actress offering an apologetic smile. "You taught Julia's kid to surf?"

"Yeah, last time I was at my house, with Jess," Ash provided, giving my hand a reassuring squeeze.

"Yes, we did. She's a good kid," Jessica replied, surprising us by slipping through a barely opened door at the back of the suite, phone in hand. "We had fun but she's grown a lot, hasn't she?" She asked Ash who nodded.

"You're friends?" Alex questioned, shocked.

"Fuck buddies," Austin provided bluntly. "Hi Jess," she took one hand off the controller to give her a backwards wave. The distraction enough for Alex to lose concentration and Austin suddenly fist-pumped as her character took out the actress's. "Yes!" She exclaimed, before shooting her competitor a sheepish look.

"It's Ok," Alex shook her head. "So explain how you all know each other, I'm confused. I thought you were with Emma and K?" She moved so she was curled up against the arm of her couch with a view of the room, game momentarily forgotten.

"Well, K and I invited Ash and Maggie to the party," Emma began, "we've been friends a while and are close with Ashley."

"We fucked," Kristen added, bluntly, as she emerged now dressed in sweat pants and a baggy T, the outfit finished with a snap-back cap. "Emma took a liking to her and I have to commend her on her taste," a wicked smirk appeared just as a choking noise erupted from Austin.

"Ash! Yo-?" The red-head squeaked and she wasn't the only one in the room to look shocked, Alex was also wide-eyed. "Spence did you -?"

"Yes, Ash told me. Sorry," I apologised to the couple in question. "Sorry, Aust. Ash asked me to keep it to myself, she only told me because I asked if I knew anyone she'd slept with. It was an interesting date."

"You talked about who you fucked on a date?" Jessica chipped in.

"Yes, your name came up too," I smirked and Jessica had the decency to look a little guilty. "But I think I've met anyone of significance now right, Ash?"

"Yup, these guys and Mac," Ash confirmed before she scowled.

"Shh," I pulled her closer to me because I knew she was thinking about Thea. Her change of mood confused those outside of our own circle.

"It's nothing," I brushed off the interest. "Ash just doesn't like being reminded of certain aspects of her past. I go to school with Austin, she's my best friend. That's how I met Maggie and Ash. I was sleeping with Maggie when Ash moved in," I continued the original conversation.

"And we know Jess as she used to hang out with Ash a lot," Maggie jumped in to help divert attention, always sensitive to Ash's moods.

"And it turns out Ashley is friends with my cousin, too," Jessica added to the tangled web of our friendship.

"Well, I met her through Spencer, they are really close, her girlfriend too," Ash spoke and I could tell she was over her little shut-down as she straightened up beside me and sat forward, re-engaged in the conversation.

"Wow, incestuous!" Alex smiled. "But I bet it's kind of nice for you to all be here together. Why don't you invite your cousin to come down?"She asked Jessica. "I mean, if she lives around here?"

"I, uh -, don't suppose you could call her for me could you. Addison, I mean?" Jessica asked me, shyly. "It's been so long since I've spoken to her, I'm not sure she would want to speak to me?"

"No, she would. I'm sure," I clarified with a smile. "She just wasn't sure you would want to speak to her. She's -," I paused.

"Less trusting than I am," Ash spoke up and helped me out, Jessica sighed.

"I get it, it's completely understandable. Her folks -," Jessica started. I felt my eye twitch as the anger built.

"Spence, it's Ok," Ash reached out and gave my knee a reassuring squeeze, her touch calming, a little.

"Sorry," I murmured an apology, receiving sympathetic looks from my friends.

"She's Ok now, Spence," Maggie confirmed, a gentle smile helping settle me.

"Yeah," I was quiet for a few seconds before I reached for my phone. It was late but I knew Addy wouldn't mind me calling. "Hey babe, shh don't worry," I reassured her before she could start panicking. "We're at an after party. Your cousin is here," I informed her bluntly. "She wants to talk, that Ok?" I waited for her response.

"Uh, yeah, sure. Hang on. We're out and it's noisy," Addy replied"

"Where are you?"I could hear loud music in the background.

"Club in West Hollywood," she replied and I smiled. 7

"Picking up strange women again?" I teased and she snorted with laughter.

"Obviously," she replied. "Ok, I'm good." I handed the phone over to the blonde and from then on could only hear one side of the conversation.

"Hi, are you out?" Jess enquired. "Want to come over? I'm only in town a few days and I'd like to see you." I was surprised by the question and unsure how Addy would react. "Spencer and Ashley are here. Maggie and Austin as well," Jessica confirmed and there was a pause on the other end of the line. "No, it's fine, she can come too. I'll send the car for you now, where exactly are you? Ok, thanks," she wrote down the name of the club. "See you soon, I'll leave your name at the desk."

I watched as Jessica made a couple of calls and then looked to her friends for confirmation that it was Ok. Alex nodded but Kristen looked a little sceptical.

"She can be trusted. She's a good friend, her girlfriend too," Ash, spoke, then receiving two nods of agreement just as Jess's phone went off again, a frown and she padded out of the room with a muttered aplology.

"Mag's, can you pass me a beer?" Austin broke the slightly awkward moment with her cheeky comment, a look at my friend showed me that it had been on purpose, she was a hell of a lot more sensitive and aware of her surroundings than most gave her credit for, a wink thrown my way from observant grey eyes confirmed my suspicions

"Seriously?"What am I?" Maggie grumbled.

"My bitch!" Austin replied which earned her a smack over the back of the head. "You're such a fucking brat!" Maggie growled but ignored her sister's request for a beer.

"They do this a lot?" Emma queried.

"Yeah, they love each other but you'd hardly tell," Ash teased.

"Here, Emma was the one to pass the red-head her beer.

"Thanks," she received a cheeky grin in return.

"Your folks let you drink? The blonde queried sceptically.

"I mean I'm used to eighteen being the drinking age," Emma chipped in," so I don't have a problem with it. I figure if you can vote you should be able to have a fucking drink, right?"

"I agree and they do," Maggie confirmed, "they treat us as adults and trust us not to get out of control and so far we haven't disappointed them, even when we were younger."

"No, that's my job," Ash mumbled and I immediately stepped in to defend her.

"No! Look how well you're doing!" I growled at my self-doubting girlfriend. "It's the past, forget it," I urged her.

"They love you Ash, sometimes I think they prefer you," Austin called out good naturedly from where she was bashing her game controller frantically.

"Well, I can't really comment. You seemed pretty sober when we last saw each other?" Emma questioned but Ash just shrugged.

"Not really, I had a lot in my system but I had a ridiculously high tolerance back then," she admitted and fell silent.

"Drugs can be fun but only occasionally," Kristen commented as she re-entered the room.

"They are not!" Emma berated her and Kristen just held her hands up. "You would think so, you present awards in your four year old converse!" The couple bickered.

"And that's why you love me!" Kristen said with finality and a lecherous grin. Emma gave an exasperated sigh.

"Sounds familiar, huh?" I chuckled to Ash who also laughed.

"Very!" She pecked me on the cheek.

"But I love you despite your fondness for holes in your shoes," I humoured her.

"You too huh?" Emma asked with a grin. "What is is with these rock star wanna be's being complete slobs?" She teased and received indignant looks from both brunette's under attack.

"Hey, Spence is the slob, not me. I'm always picking up after her," Ash grumbled to my mortification.

"Yes, but you take such pleasure in housebreaking me!" I purred in her ear and smirked as she got all flustered.

"I bet she does," Emma laughed. "I have my work cut out with that one!" She pointed to her girlfriend who was watching Austin and Alex play on the game. "If she's not showing up inappropriately dressed she's starting rumours about having affairs with random men!" She ended in a loud growl that caused Kristen to blanch.

"It's not my fault he's gay but wants to stay in the closet," she retorted but I got the impression the argument was long standing.

"No, but you shouldn't take the brunt for someone else being too cowardly to leave their wife," Emma ranted.

"Enough you two, it's done and it's kept your relationship hidden so shut up or do something about it!" Alex admonished the bickering couple.

"Sorry." They both muttered.

"So, you guys hang out, huh?" Maggie enquired as we were motioned to take a seat, she'd been pretty quiet until now, content to let the conversation unfold around her. "I've seen some of your interviews and it looked like you had a lot of fun making the movie," she commented on the recent film the pair had starred in.

"We did, and yes we do hang out as you put it," Alex winked at Emma who rolled her eyes.

"Everyone who knows about us is convinced they are fucking," the English actress replied. It gets a little tiring at times."

"It's not my fault she's such a flirt," Kristen pointed accusingly at Alex who let out an infectious belly laugh.

"I can't help it, this cougar likes a little action," she threw Emma a wink.

"Seriously!" Hands were once again thrown up in the air. "It's like living with children," she let out an exasperated sigh.

"Living?" Ash queried coyly.

"Well, we get on well so when we know we're going to be a the same events we arrange to be in the same hotel, it gets pretty domesticated after a while," Alex commented and it was quickly followed by a whoop from Austin as her character shot it's opponent, therefore winning her the game.

"Curse you -,"

"Perry the Platypus!" Austin joined Alex in her cursing and then they stared at each other for a moment, long enough for us all to notice before the blonde offered Austin a high-five. I nudged Ash, there had been a 'moment' there. She nudged me back in acknowledgement and I knew we'd be talking to Austin later.

"Damn, Amy will be sad she missed that," Maggie sighed.

"I know, right?" Ash agreed.

"My best friend is a huge Perry fan," Ash explained to Alex.

"And Maggie makes her clothes stuffed Perry clothes," Austin added much to her sister's embarrassment and drawing all eyes to the brunette.

"Yeah, well. We're close," Maggie then went uncharacteristically quiet. Amy was a touchy subject with her at times although I never really knew why, she was happy with May. Ash gave me a look and I shrugged indicating I was none the wiser either.

"So, what have you been up to since we last saw you? It's been a while," Kristen commented. "Not that we got that much talking done last time," she smirked and then flicked me a quick glance.

"It's Ok," Spencer is the most secure girlfriend ever," Austin grumbled. "She's got her own harem of girls back home wanting to fuck her brains out."

"Austin!" Maggie growled, she seemed out of sorts at the moment so I got up and helped myself to a glass of Jack from the table by the wall and handed it to her with a peck on the cheek.

"Thanks, Spence," I sat down next to her as she knocked the whisky back in one, Ash moved in on the other side so she was sandwiched between us.

"So, you're close? Alex gestured to the three of us, watching as Maggie leant her head on my shoulder, her hand on Ash's knee.

"Um, yeah," Ash replied. "Maggie and I grew up together, like Jess said. Well, Austin too," she smiled at the red-head who grinned back. "Then Maggie and I dated for a while. Then Spencer was seeing Maggie."

"Not dating," Maggie clarified.

"No, just making her Spencer's bitch!" Austin chuckled evilly.

"Oh shut up!" Maggie growled and kicked out at her sister. "Like you didn't used to follow Ash around like a kicked puppy!" She muttered and the comment made Alex raise her brow in surprise.

"Well, I got over it!" Austin retaliated but the sound of one of the doors opening interrupted the bickering.


"Only me," Jessica announced herself and slid back inside. "I just had a couple of calls to make," she looked fed-up so I scooted closer to Maggie and let her sit down on my other side

"You Ok?" I queried softly, she looked a little upset and I didn't like it. "Anything I can do?"

"No, thanks," she reached out and squeezed my knee where my dress had ridden up.

"That bitch of an ex giving you trouble?" I growled.

"A bit," she admitted with another sigh. "It just went downhill from when I last saw you."

"You're still close?" Emma asked as she took note of the way Jess and I were sitting and the topic of conversation.

"Yeah, we are. There was never a break up as such. Just at very different points in our lives when we met," she smiled ruefully. "Good time eh, Ash?"

"They were," I confirmed as pressed my lips to her cheek in a soft kiss.

"They've known each other a long time, closest Ash ever came to a proper long term girlfriend until Spencer came along," Maggie confirmed. "Not counting myself of course," she qualified, with a smirk.

"Really?" That seemed to surprise Emma.

"Yes, we never made it official as well -, I was never in one place for long and Ash was pretty young," Jessica explained, smiling up at Kristen as she passed her friend a beer. "Thanks, dude."

"Jailbait!" Austin coughed and Ash gave her the finger.

"Can it Austin," Jess growled in defence of their relationship. "I tried to hold out, I really, really did," Jessica whined. "But have you seen her?"

"I know, right? You have an amazing body, Ash. Absolutely stunning," Kristen joined in.

"Ok, so am I the only one here who hasn't fucked Ash?" Austin grumbled. "That is so wrong!"

"No," Alex added, raising her hand, "me too."

"Well that can be arranged," Ash purred and winked lecherously over at the blonde.

"Um, no. I don't think Spencer would approve," Alex replied with a nod towards my girlfriend. Turning my head I got good look at Spencer's face, the glare she was giving me made me gulp.

"Whipped, Ash!" Austin laughed, happy to keep mixing it up.

"And you're not?" Ashley countered. "Annie's got you wrapped around her little finger."

"Annie is your girlfriend?" Alex questioned, her expression unreadable.

"Yeah, she's great," Austin beamed and I smiled at how happy she was.

"Are you dating, Maggie?" Kristen asked.

"Why, interested?" Maggie flirted back but just received a shrug in return.

"Oh May would so kick your as if she had heard that,"Spencer chuckled.

"Maybe, or maybe she'd ask to watch," Maggie retorted with a smirk and I didn't know how serious she was being. I knew the couple were tight and that they had been though a rocky patch last year but I didn't really know the inner workings and didn't really want to, it was a little too personal if you know what I mean?

"It sucks that you're all dating," Kristen gave an aggrieved sigh, snuggling closer to her own girlfriend who was bemusedly listening to the conversation, fingers playing with the rim of Kristen's cap.

"I'm not," Jess joined in the banter with a comical wiggle of her brows.

"No, but you still have to clear things with me," Alex growled and immediately all eye were on her.

"You're together?" I squeaked, sitting forward to get a better look at Jess.

"Nah, but did you see the look on her face!" Alex burst out laughing, pointing at her open mouthed friend.

"Classic!" Austin went in for a high-five which was met with a hearty slap of skin on skin. "You're surprisingly fun for an old person."

"What?" Alex blinked. "I'm not old! I'm only twenty eight!" Was the indignant shriek.

"Oh my god, you were born in the eighties!" Austin was pissing herself now, what the fuck was going on with her today? If she had been performing true to her usual standards she would have been a blubbering mess of embarrassment in the corner, stuttering and rocking. This was kind of weird, she was chilled and relaxed, the stranger thing was that Alex was facilitating her teasing, just looking back with slightly narrowed eyes, no bitchy come-back. "No wonder you suck at gaming!" Austin sat up and the two came face to face and well, something was going on there. Austin was crushing big time by the way her cheeks flooded with blush before she looked away

"I said, you're fun for an old person," Austin repeated before standing and walking in the vague direction of the back of the suite. "Bathroom?"

"Um, through there, first on the right," Emma directed helpfully and Austin raised her hand in thanks before disappearing

"I keep expecting to wake up," Spencer shook her head.

"I know right," I agreed. "It's kinda trippy!"


What the fuck was wrong with me? I finished washing my hands and splashed a little cold water on my face, careful not to mess up my make-up, then stared into the mirror.


This was weird.

A sigh, running trembling fingers through my hair to loosen and resettle it before straightening my dress.

"Hey," I looked back to the mirror and saw Maggie slipping in behind me. "Door was open."


"You alright?" I met my sister's eyes in the mirror and shook my head.

"I'm all messed up," I sighed, turning round and resting my butt on the edge of the vanity. "I wanted to kiss her," I admitted shyly. Maggie and I had continued getting closer over the past few months, it was nice, really nice. I had also grown quite close to May, they made a good couple. May was the strong silent type, the perfect balance to Maggie's volatile passion but she was also surprisingly fun when you got to know her.

"Hell, I want to kiss her," Maggie sighed. "She's gorgeous."

"Yeah, she is," I threw my head back and groaned. "But you love May, right?

"Of course I do, doesn't mean I can't find other girls attractive, or women," she winked, flopping down onto the small chair in the corner of the room. "But not to the extent that I'd want more, unless May was into it too." A shrug and a characteristic smirk but she kept her eyes on me, I could feel them studying me, my own eyes on her shoe as she dangled it idly from her toes. "It's understandable, I've never seen you so comfortable with someone you've just met." I shrugged.

"Me either, it's weird," I had no explanation but it was true, I didn't take to new people easily. I wasn't a total shut-down like Ash or Addison but I had to know them pretty well to relax. "Except Annie," I reminded her.

"What's bothering you, Aust? Are you and Annie having problems?" My tone must have given something away, Maggie's shoe fell to the floor and the other joined it, soon I was looking down on my elder sibling, she really was tiny compared to me. Small but fierce, hands on hips as she glared up at me. "You can tell me if there is, she's my friend but you're my sister." I sniffed, not crying but not completely together either. "Have you talked to Spence?"

"No," I finally admitted that there was something on my mind. "She's all about Ash, and -"

"And can't really understand what us mere mortals go through?"

"No," I snorted, swiping the corner of my eye with the back of my hand. "She's an amazing bestie though."

"I'm know she is," Maggie agreed but I know she had a different kind of relationship with Spencer.

"So, what's going on? Why can't you brush this off as you usually do? I'm the dark broody one, bitch. If you're gonna steal my thunder I at least need to know why," a tap from her food was meant to reassure me, and it did.

"Such a way with words," I mocked but the banter had given me time to compose myself.

"Spill, my genetically modified sibling." That sarky comment earned her a half-hearted punch to the arm. "Ok, now I know there is something seriously wrong with you, that barely bruised!" A grin before she composed her features into an expression more suited to the mood.

"I love Annie but it's hard work to give her what she wants," I blurted out, feeling incredibly guilty for my confession. "I'm sorry I -, I shouldn't have said -."

"Explain." Calm brown eyes met mine as Maggie reached for my hands. We weren't touchy feely but right now I was glad of the contact.

"She likes certain things and I like them too too but -." Ugh, this was hard. And embarrassing. And hard. I still felt like a real novice around my friends on the topic of sex even though I was pretty experienced now, just with one girl instead of most of L.A., like Maggie.

"Are we talking sex stuff?" I nodded, glad to have some help with the conversation. "She's not forcing you -." Maggie's brows were raised into her hairline, god knows what she was imagining

"No. Nothing like that -," I groaned, this was hard and the reason I hadn't talked about it with anyone else before now. A deep breath and I straightened up. "Ok, well maybe a little like that, I'm in charge but it gets pretty heavy sometimes."

"I see," I was relieved to get it out and I knew that Maggie was experienced enough to maybe give me some insight into the situation. "All the time?"

"Yeah, if it's not right it's not good," I explained. "It didn't start off that way, we just tried a few things and it seems she has 'thing'." I even did air quotes I was stressing that much.

"Ok, calm down," I took a deep breath at my sister's urging and it helped, a little. "If you ever make fun of me for anything I am about say in this conversation I will actually kill you, understood?" Maggie growled a warning.

"Yes, I promise!" I pledged as she stepped back and sat back down, this time on the edge of the chair, elbows on her knees.

"I can kind of understand where she's coming from," she began, a glance to see how I was taking it but I just nodded, grateful for any insight my crazily experienced sister might have. "I -, when I was with Spencer I discovered things I liked and then came to need which is why it was so intense for me with Spencer. And Amy. Before I met May, I mean," she clarified.

"Yeah, I know Spencer was different from the others for you, it was pretty obvious," a tip of her head acknowledged the indisputable fact.

"Yes, it's extremely life changing to realise that your nature was not one hundred percent what you thought. That one person or encounter can alter the way you see yourself," brown eyes looked up to appraise me and I nodded, encouraging her to continue. This was deep shit but it was helping.

"I don't know that much about you and Amy, it all kind of got pushed to the side when Ash moved in," and it was my turn to receive a nod.

"She- ," a sigh. "I'm still a little bit in love with her Aust, it's hard to talk about sometimes," the confession had me dropping to my knees by my sister's feet, more than a little stunned.

"I knew you were close and that she had feelings for Spencer, but -," nervous fingers picked at the hem of her dress.

"I love her like a friend but there was always that bit more with her, we were close. Before Spencer but that kind of intensified things. She knows me as well as Spencer does which is saying a lot. When Spencer wasn't around, when she was with Kate and Addison or later Ash, we spent a lot of time together."

"Ok, but what does that have to do with me and Annie?" I frowned, not quite getting it. "I appreciate the sharing sis and it explains and awful lot but-."

"Well, you remember the night Amy got punched out by May?" Maggie looked up as I nodded.

"Yeah, it was a while ago but I never really knew what happened. Spencer never talked about it, your business, sis."

"That was the night I nearly fucked it all up with May because she didn't know what I really needed to feel secure in a relationship with her," I opened my mouth to speak but was cut off by her raised hand. "We sorted it and it's been fine ever since. People have needs and kinks, it's a fact of life, Aust," my sister continued. "What isn't good is if it puts a strain on the relationship. May and I work because I talked to her about it, after Amy forced me to which is how she got punched but anyway -." A sigh as she sat back, once again looking up at me. "It can only work if both parties are equally into it or the relationship is flexible. This is why May and I work, and Ash and Spencer. It's a win win for us all. Amy and Thea too." A pause.

"We are at an age where most people are just beginning to have their first sexual experiences, where our sexual psyche is still developing. But, I think the fact that we are all already pretty experienced and have found partners that understand us and push us, in the best ways, has opened up the -. Um."

"Possibilities?" I interjected, helpfully or so I hoped.

"Yes, possibilities and the sexual pathways in our brains, earlier than most," Maggie looked up, eyes narrowed. "Annie has obviously experienced things that have clicked with her, some of us have reasons for such things others don't. It just feels good. But if you're struggling or feeling pressure then it's not good or healthy, for either of you," she paused and I continued.

"I do enjoy making her feel good but we have a lot of sex, I like a lot of sex," I grinned enthusiastically because I really, really liked sex. "But what I don't like is having such a rigid role, I don't know myself well enough to know what I want or how I want it. And at the moment I'm not getting chance to explore that, I feel like I'm missing out," I sighed, relieved to have finally got that out in the open.

"Better?" Maggie chuckled.

"That obvious, huh?"

"A little," she replied, reaching up to tuck a stray lock of hair behind her ear. "My suggestion would be to talk to Addison, if you're talking about what I think you are she's the best one to talk to. Her relationship with Kate is the closest I know to what you and Annie currently have."

"Addy?" I frowned at the suggestion.

"Yeah, she -. She -." Maggie stalled. "Talk to her and tell her what's wrong. She might be able to provide the insight you're missing. I learned a lot when Kate and I were together, but the internet can only take you so far," she chuckled mirthlessly.

"You're telling me!" I grumbled, eyes widening as I realised what I'd inadvertently admitted to.

"I'll email you some good sites to check out," this time she threw a wink to lighten the mood. "Who'd have thought that my awkward little sister was a dom, huh?"

"Bitch!" I growled but my bite was severely lacking. "But that's the problem, I don't want to be. Not all the time anyway. I think that's why I'm so attracted to Alex right now," I admitted, shyly, knowing that the thought of an older, experienced woman was very appealing to me right now even though I doubted Alex was anything but straight, despite the company she was keeping.

"I get it, I do. And I think you're right," Maggie stood and slipped back into her shoes, an affectionate nudge coming my way. "Come on, let's get you back to your cougar. Relax, have fun!" She teased as we went to join the others.


The conversation was idle and the booze flowing until about forty minutes later there was a knock on the door. The security guard poking his head through.

"Jessica, your guests have arrived," he rumbled, holding the door open.

"Let them in," she stood, looking slightly nervous which was a strange look for a celebrated actress.

The door opened to admit Addy, Kate right behind her, scowling as she surveyed the room. Addy's face was set in it's usual mask.

"Hey," I stepped forward to greet my friends and their faces softened as they saw me, both throwing me a smile before the walls went back up.

"Hey Spence," Kate greeted me with a half wave, her eyes still roaming the room suspiciously. The atmosphere was tense and Addy's eyes were fixed on her cousin.

"My god, they fucked you up didn't they?" Jessica murmured so only those closest to her caught the words. Stepping forward towards Addy the actress was blocked by Kate.

"Not unless she says," Kate growled even though she had met Jessica before she was in super protective mode and for once I think Addy really needed her to be. The blonde actress held her hands up.

"Whatever she says," Jessica acknowledged and there was a look of respect in her eyes as she addressed Kate.

"It's Ok, sweetie," Addy placed a light hand on her girlfriend's shoulder and Kate immediately relaxed. "Thanks babe," a kiss was placed on a pale cheek and it was only then that the tension began to dissipate. "Sorry, family reunions are not my forte," Addy commented as her green eyes surveyed the rest of the room taking in it's occupants, she didn't react to the other actresses present, a raised brow the only indication of her interest.


"It's Ok, Addy," Ash stepped forward and addressed me direct "I trust Jess, and these two," she waved her hands in the direction of the other couple. "And they trust Alexis so we're good, right?" She looked around for confirmation and received nods from all concerned. This was surreal, I thought to myself as I aid close attention to the other young women in the room. Austin was sitting with Alexis, looked like they were gaming. Hollywood's best kept secret couple had a couch to themselves and were curled around each other, watching us but trying not to appear too curious.

"You can use my room, to talk?" Alexis offered and Jessica nodded her acceptance.

"We can talk? Please?" Jess urged and I eyed her, still wary. I'd not seen her for years and now she wanted me to open up and have a conversation. We all know that's not something that I do well, don't we?

"It'll be fine," Ash smiled. "I'll come too, Spence as well if you want?" She offered.

"Sure, Ok," I agreed, following my cousin out of the main room and down a small corridor. Kate's hand in mine, Ash and Spence bringing up the rear. Entering a large bedroom I had a quick look around seeing a he canopied bed, two couches as well as an enormous entertainment centre on the far wall. The widows were floor to ceiling but the drapes were closed making the large space feel surprisingly intimate when coupled with the soft lighting.

"So, how've you been? Ashley filled me in on a few things," Jessica began and I looked to Ash who shrugged.

"We're really close, nothing personal, just how Austin's mom helped you out," She explained.

"Austin as in Austin?" Jess pointed back towards the main room.

"Yes, I confirmed with a nod," still not comfortable enough to relax.

"Well I owe them both a lot. If I'd have known, if my parents had -," Jess tried to apologise for not being around but it wasn't her job to look out for cousin she never really saw.

"It didn't get really bad until the end," I interrupted. "They never hurt me until then."

"Just ignored and belittled you," Kate growled.

"Spencer took care of me," I smiled at my friend and received a warm one in return but they memory made me frown.

"I was was outta town otherwise -,"

"Shh," I turned to Kate and placed a finger over her lips. "You did everything you could, sweetie. It's over now," I reminded her, then gave her a soft kiss knowing she still felt responsible for my injuries.

"Well, it's good to see you," Jess held back from the hug she obviously wanted to give me, instead crossing her arms over her chest and toeing the carpet.

"Yeah, you too," I gave her a genuine smile which seemed to surprise her.

"Come on," Spencer took my hand and led me over to one of the couches, Kate following and they sandwiched me between them and I began to unwind a little now I was over the initial anxiety of seeing my cousin. Jess and Ash made them selves comfortable together opposite us, the blonde resting her head on Ash's shoulder in an extremely in gesture of affection. I glared at my cousin.

"Just how close were you?" I growled, defending Spencer's relationship. I knew the two of the had pretty much dated but that had been a while ago now, unless -?

"Very," Ash replied, looking me dead in the eye. "Think you and Spence," I frowned at that but had no room to talk, especially given the way my favourite blonde was draped against me right now. She still had the ability to calm me, make me feel safe, just the way Katie did.

"I'm good babe," Spencer confirmed, placing her hand over mine. "Ash told me everything, it's Ok," she shrugged in that all accepting way she had and I knew it really was alright with her. I sat back, there was not a lot I could say to that. I understood but had never thought that Ash had been that close to anyone except Maggie r maybe that Mac girl I'd heard she'd dated

"I'm glad you have people to take care of you," Jess murmured, obviously finding the conversation awkward.

"Family, I confirmed which earned me a smile from both Spencer and Ashley. "They are my family now and they take better care of me than my parents ever did," I continued somewhat bitterly. "Kate's sister Meg, too," I turned to give me girlfriend a smile. "She takes care of us both," Kate smiled and murmured her agreement.

"Me too," Spencer piped up. "She's a big sister to a lot of us, we're lucky," and I knew she was including Maggie in the equation. They were still very close even though She wasn't dating Kate anymore. Well, you know how I viewed that relationship slash friendship. Maggie was a good best friend for Kate, someone who knew her intimately but also had the strength to hold the love of my life together when it was needed. Even now Maggie and I weren't close but neither was the animosity there that had prevailed before the whole Spencer hurting her debacle. Now there was a mutual respect. The way she had helped me handle Kate during that time -. Well, she knew she now had my loyalty.

"You look great," my cousin complimented, interrupting my thoughts.

"I was a kid when I last saw you," I replied with a non-committal shrug. "I grew up, found Kate." She nodded and it went quiet for a moment, we all know I'm not a big talker.

"I bet you had all the girls running after you?" Jess queried with a raised brow. I shrugged.

"I did, but I used them. Until Kate. I wasn't a nice person then," I freely admitted and locked eyes with Ash. We had that in common with each other, drugs and a lack of care for our conquests. Although I know Ash's past had come back to bite her in the form of Thea, her best friend's girl but I had been just as callous. More so probably given my sexual 'interests' the things I had done to some of those girls sickened me even now. The sad thing was they came crawling back for more.

"We all have our demons, some more than most," she agreed and I saw her squeeze Ashley's hand. It was strange to see Ashley with someone other than Spencer that cared for her so much. Maggie didn't count as that just seemed different. I knew Spencer was cool with it in theory but I had a sixth sense when it came to my favourite blonde and she was getting a little tense. Again, Maggie was different as they were both just as close to her but Jessica was overstepping the boundaries a little.

"Well, if you want to keep in touch that'd be Ok with me," I shrugged, I'd had enough of the bonding for now. "Want to introduce me to the rest of your friends?" I stood and straightened my skirt, holding out my hand for Kate.

"Sure," my suggestion met no argument and I led the way back to the party.


"Think they'll be long?" Austin grunted as she took a second away from gaming to actually talk to me. Since we'd rejoined the party she was trying a little too hard to distract herself from the gorgeous woman sat next to her but Alex wasn't really letting herself be ignored

"I don't know, you know how Addison is," I reminded my sister. I was actually very impressed by the way she was keeping her cool around such hot women. She was actually getting along really well with Alexis, call me Alex, they were laughing and joking and I wasn't he only one giving them sideways looks. Emma and Kristen had settled down together on a spare couch and watching the competitive game being played out.

"So, Ash and Jessica huh?" Kristen commented to me.

"Yep, they were really close, still are it seems," I smiled. I liked Jess, she had been good for Ash.

"You know her pretty well?" Emma followed up.

"We've spent time together," I smirked, letting my expression say the rest.

"Fuck!" Austin swore as she got killed on-screen,"you and Ash fucked with Jessica?" She asked bluntly.

"A few times, you know we like to share," I provided obligingly, feeling very smug as I reviewed the memories.

"I swear you two came out of the womb with sex appeal, seriously what did mom and Ash's mom eat while they were preggers with you two?" She grumbled.

"Well I don't think Ash's mom ate a great deal," I commented quietly and then realised what I'd said and in front of whom. "Sorry, I murmured in apology," that had killed the mood. I can't stand the woman, I qualified with a sigh.

"S'ok Mag's," Ash is eighteen now, mom and dad'll take care of her." Austin chipped in, trying to break the tension I'd caused and I really appreciated it.

"You parents are great, Alex spoke up for the first time in a while, "they're my lawyers," she confirmed to my surprise.

"Really?" Austin squeaked, turning wide grey eyes on her gaming companion.

"Yeah," Alex drawled. "Have been for a few years now," she shrugged.

"News to us," I chuckled. "Shows how seriously they take their confidentiality agreements!"

"Yup!" Alex agreed as she stood from the couch and stretched. "Beer anyone?"

"Whisky, please," I requested, holding my glass out to be refilled. Austin glared at me but I ignored her as Alex reached for the bottle and obligingly topped me up with a generous amount. As she did the others reappeared, Addison leading the way. I received a smile of acknowledgement and Austin received a ruffling of her hair.

"You look gorgeous, babe," Addison complimented my sister.

"Yeah, she's going to be modelling over the summer," I informed her which caused raised brows from more than just Addison.

"Well, hit me up if you need help with anything," Alex offered and I thought Austin was going to pass out.

"Um, thanks but mom's hooked me up with an agency and says she'll hang round with me until I ge the hang of it.

"Do you have a portfolio?" Alex questioned, pausing their game.

"Do ?" Even I wasn't sure, Austin and mom had been keeping this whole thing quiet.

"Uh," ah, here was the sister I knew so well. "Um, only some pictures Spencer took," she replied, almost on the edge of stuttering.

"Can I see?"

"Yeah, please can we see?" Emma also requested and I sensed Austin was close to a meltdown with all the attention.


"Aust?" Spencer queried, taking the pressure off me.

"Sure," I agreed smiling at my bestie. "You have them on your phone?"

"I do, here," Spence passed me her phone, already showing the correct folder and I opened the series of pics and passed the phone to Alex, biting my lip, my nerves showing.

"You took these?" Alex questioned Spencer who nodded.

"Yeah, just at parties or when we've been hanging out," she explained. "Caroline, Austin's mom," she clarified for the 'strangers' in the group, "figured Austin looks so good even when it's not a professional shoot that these would do until she got a proper portfolio together."

"I can see why," Alex murmured, looking up to smile at me, "these are gorgeous."

"Thanks," I blinked, fuck I was crushing bad. Look at those lips -.

"I like the one on the beach and the bikini one the best," Spencer came over and sat on the arm of the couch, I flashed her a grateful look for coming to my rescue.

"Yes, they are the best ones," Alex agreed. What were they talking about? The first one had been taken by our pool towards the end of last summer, I'd been swimming and Spencer had taken a few shots of me lying on a sun-bed. She'd managed to get the focus really tight and you could see the sun reflecting off water droplets on my skin. In this one in particular I was looking towards the camera, my hair was wet and I was wearing my black bikini. "I look like a vampire," I snorted, referring to my paler than pale complexion.

"No, it really works," Alex praised, killing me with another smile. "Great picture, Spencer. You're really talented."

"Thanks, I was just in a real phase back then, I had nothing better to do all summer than take pictures," Spencer acknowledged. "These two were off in Europe and I got sent back to Ohio to stay with my grandparents."

"What about this one?" Alex scrolled back to the beach shot.

"That's taken at Ash's beach house," I supplied. "She lives next to Julia Roberts."

"Not exactly next to, Aust," Ash chuckled. "It's a big beach."

"Next house down then, whatever," I grumbled, re-focusing on the picture. "It was really windy one morning after a party, I had a killer hang-over and was just going for a walk to clear my head, Spencer caught this as the sun was coming up." I stared at the image of me facing the ocean with my hair blowing out to the side, the shadows defining my bone structure and the light tinting my skin.

"Beautiful," Alex murmured, looking back at me. "And you're how old?"

"She's only seventeen, a Christmas Eve baby," Maggie helpfully provided. "If you get started now sis you'll have a hell of a career."

"You will," Alex agreed. "Just be careful, there are some creeps and weirdos in the business," she warned, eyes lit up with concern.

"And drugs," Ashley added bitterly. "Lots of drugs."

"You know that's not what I'm into, Ash. I've been to the same parties as you and never touched them," it was a bit of a low blow but it got my point across, Ash saluting me rather than being offended.

"Cuz you gots smarts, Aust," Ash complimented and I threw here a soft smile to let her know my words had no bite.

"And you, Ms Davies, are incredible," Spencer stood from her spot next to me, crossing the room to straddle Ash, staring into her eyes before forcing an incredibly hot kiss on her girlfriend.

"And that, my friends, is Spencer Carlin," Maggie snorted as the kiss made Ash moan. "I think we'd better leave you guys to it, the only thing that's going to stop these two now is a nuclear bomb!" She gestured towards the couple in question, Ash had her hand on Spencer's ass, under her dress, flashing the blonde's underwear, and Spencer had shown no signs of letting up on the kissing.

"I don't mind watching," Kristen gave a dirty chuckle only to be swatted by Emma who had her eyes fixed on the couple.

"Ash," Spencer broke the kiss of her own accord and pulled Ashley to her feet. "Bed." She commanded in that husky sex voice of hers. "Ladies." A bow of her head as she led a still befuddled Ashley to the door. "You lot coming?" She questioned, noting the fact that we had already slipped our shoes back on.

"Yes," Addison answered, arm wrapped around Kate's waist as they waited for Maggie. "Call me, Ash has my number," Jessica nodded but didn't approach her cousin for a hug. Wise move.

"Nice to meet you, Alex," Maggie offered a friendly smile. "Maybe we'll see you again sometime if you're hanging with those two?" She jerked her thumb towards Emma and Kristen who had stood to say their goodbyes.

"I'd like that, it's been fun," Alex agreed, "you're quite the talented gamer," I was praised with a wink thrown in. Kill me now! No, fuck me first. Death by fucking seemed a great way to die right now, only if it was Alex doing the taking though!

"Aust?" Maggie nudged me and I felt myself blush.

"Uh, yeah," was all I could stutter. Until I met those green eyes and I was a total basket case. Fuck, I was wet.

"Guys?" Emma's soft voice cut through my daze and I blinked, seeing Alex do the same, a smile tugging the corner of her mouth.

"It was great, thanks," I muttered before rushing to join Spencer and the others by the door, trying not to trip as I went and praying that my hormones wouldn't cause me to pass out before I got out of there.


Thankfully, Austin finally pulled it together enough to leave her lady crush so we could get out of there. Spencer was fit to jump Ash in the hallway and only a few well placed nudges kept them moving, plus the looks from the other guests as we left made me uncomfortable. Fucking people.

"Addy, you want to come crash at ours?" Ash offered. "We have a room," she added sharing a quick glance with Spencer. "Unless you want some alone time?" And she wasn't being suggestive, just concerned. The couple had dialled back the heavy petting and looked as tired as I felt, I was emotionally drained more than anything.

"Kate?" I asked my girlfriend's opinion.

"Sure, that would be nice," my girlfriend replied, her tone letting on that she was tired. Staying with them in the hotel would cut out a lot of travelling time, even at this time of the morning. Maggie and Austin joined us a few moments later having made a bathroom stop, arriving just as the car pulled up. The drive was quiet, it had been a long day and nobody said much until the driver pulled up outside a hotel. It was then that Maggie's phone buzzed with a text and she smiled, I could only assume it was from May.

"Come on, I have a woman waiting," Maggie smirked, looks like I'd been correct. Leaving the plush interior of the car Austin's parents had left at our disposal we entered the quiet lobby, a polite nod from the concierge acknowledging us as we passed him and entered the elevator.

"That was, interesting, fun even but I'm exhausted," Spencer commented as she rested her head on Ash's shoulder for the short ride.

"Me too, let's sleep," Austin yawned as the elevator came to a stop on our floor. Our suite was almost directly opposite so we all tumbled through the doorway.

"Hi!" Maggie practically sprinting towards her girlfriend who was waiting in the room. "Hey babe, what about your exam?" She questioned as she stepped forward into May's arms.

"I couldn't sleep so I figured I'd wait for you," we all heard the reply before any more words were cut off by Maggie's mouth.

"Your exam's in the afternoon right? May nodded.

"Sleep later," May gasped as she was pushed towards the bedroom.

"Ugh!" Austin whined. "Seriously! I have to listen to that all night?" She looked truly disturbed as her room was right next door to her sister's.

"Share with us," Spencer offered and Ash nodded. "Ok?" She turned to check with Kate and me, I shrugged.

"I just want to sleep," Kate groaned, already walking towards the bedroom and I was pleased to see a bed that took up half the room, it was enormous and looked really comfy.

"I have some spare shirts," Ash mumbled as Austin disappeared for a moment only to come back in a tank top and panties.

"Sorry, I sleep nude," our lanky friend smirked.

"Us too, usually," Spencer sighed as she rummaged around in her overnight bag for something to sleep in.

"It's Ok Spence, we've seen it all before," Kate husked and I was too tired to reprimand her.

"True," Spencer grinned but pulled on a loose t-shirt.

"No, swap these are gonna be too small for Kate," I gestured towards my girlfriend's ample bosom.

"Ugh! Ok," Spencer lifted the shirt he had just pulled on, flashing us all and damn did we all get a good look. Except Austin who just rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"That does nothing for me," she grunted and launched herself on the bed, all pale skin and long legs as she laid on her back, a sliver of toned stomach showing.

"You're going to make a fortune!" Kate chuckled before she disappeared into her top, she pulling it over her head. We all ogled her, I mean the hell what else were we going to do?

"Austin, you're Switzerland," I decreed, grabbing Kate's hand and pulling her round to the right hand side of the bed.

"I'm what now?" A frown creased her brow, lifting herself onto her elbows she scowled at me.

"You're neutral territory so you get to sleep in the middle," Ashley explained as she and Spencer pulled back the covers on the left hand side.

"Noooo, no fucking way!" Austin sat up and glared at us. "You lot are far too horny to keep it in your pants all night. I need to sleep on the edge so I can make a quick getaway!" She reasoned in the way only she can.

"No, Me, Ash, you, Kate then Addy," Spencer announced her line-up of choice.

"No!" Austin interjected. "That just means that you and Addy can sneak off and do god knows what to each other god knows where!"

"Aust, you're really over-thinking this," Kate groaned, throwing herself down on the bed, "shut the fuck up and go to sleep!" I went as far as to flick the light off before I slipped in next to my girlfriend, arm up to allow her to rest against my chest.

"Night, bitches," my words were met with sleepy grunts and I closed my eyes.


Thanks for reading, please let me know if there is any interest in me posting the sequel that will contain none SoN fandom characters as they main pairing. Who they end up being has not been finalised although they are written into the story (names can be changed) so open to ideas/suggestions although it's currently written as Faberry even though I'm no longer reading that fandom.