Hello, have you missed me? ;) I haven't updated this in so long, I'm sorry! I've been focused on my other fic, Looking Through My Window In Time, so please check that out. Anyway, this popped into my head today and I thought I'd better write it before it disappeared! It's a little rushed maybe, because I'm incredibly hyper after having a wonderful day yesterday, seeing Alex on the teaching awards and joining the SS. Kingston crew on Twitter XD My 'ship name' is Sailor Sonic Me and I laugh every time I type it :P ANYWAY-

This is a much later River/mid-timeish doctor. Basically, she's in an officey type thing, planning a dig with her archaeology team and he shows up to surprise her. She's out of prison and she's a professor. Please read, review and enjoy!

The Doctor was extremely nervous. The most nervous he remembered being in a long while. What if River didn't like his surprise? She was quite prone to slapping him and he really didn't want a slap today. As a matter of fact, what he really wanted was River. It had been so long since he'd seen her, he'd started seeing her curls and her curves every time he closed his eyes. And quite a lot of the time when his eyes were open too- it had led to a very embarrassing situation when he was visiting Richard the Third in the newly built Buckingham palace and couldn't get up from his chair because he'd seen a nude painting that reminded him far too much of his wife. So, because his propensity to sit thinking naughty thought about his wife was increasing by the minute, he'd decided to make a surprise visit. He knew she was planning a dig near the Egyptian Pyramids soon and even though she'd refused his offer to take her back and see them for real, he was proud of her. She was getting on without him. But he didn't get on so well without her. Briefly wondering about the possibilities of office sex, he pressed the buzzer outside her office block. Outside it looked ordinary but he knew that inside they had things well beyond the standards of 21st century technology. Most of River's team didn't quite understand why she'd brought them back, but he did. Even if she pretended she could go it alone, he knew that she couldn't last long without a visit to her parents. When nobody let him in, he sighed in frustration and sonicked the door open, walking through the building as though he owned the place. Reaching the desk where River's receptionist was sat chewing on her nails, he gave her a bright smile.

'Hello!' the assistant looked up at him with a raised eyebrow 'Hello…' he peered closer at her nametag 'Hello Emma! I'm here to see Professor Song' he grinned at her, thinking of his wife.

'Right… Do you have an appointment? Cos she's really pissed off this morning, so she'll probably throw something at you if you go in' the girl shrugged.

'Ahh, I'm used to it. I usually carry some sort of shield around when visiting your lovely team leader' the Doctor grinned at the girl again, trying to get a response. Her eyebrows leapt even higher.

'You know her? Are you like her toyboy or something? Does she like buy you out for the night sometimes? She's that sort of woman, isn't she? Cos she flirts with everyone here. Do you sleep with her? Is she the dominant one?'

'No!' the Doctor managed to penetrate steady flow of the girl's over-excited questions 'I'm her husband, actually. And what do you mean she flirts with everyone?' his grin was replaced with a slight frown but his question was drowned out by the girls shriek.

'Husband? No way! No WAY! She has a husband? But you're like, 12! Does she have you completely whipped? Omigod, I cannot believe this!' the girl gave another excited shriek and the Doctor covered his ears but before he could get a word in edgeways, the girl was calling her co-workers over to come and inspect him.

Soon he was being barraged with extremely personal questions:

'What's she like in bed?'

'Does it bother you that she's like, seven times your age?'

'Does she go on top or do you?'

'I always thought that she was totally frigid, Miss Ice-Cubes?'

'What are you talking about, she tries to get off with practically every man she sees!'

'No she doesn't, it's these 51st century women, they flirt as a way of life!'

'Does she ever try to shoot you?'

'Is it cos of you she has that pair of handcuffs in her desk?'

The questions grew louder and louder and more and more until they all jumbled together and he only caught an odd word or two. Suddenly a door burst open and a familiar voice that he was incredibly thankful for thundered out

'What the hell is going on? I don't think I ordered an extremely loud orgy around my front desk so if you'd all care to get back to your jobs, I might consider letting you keep them- oh' River Song caught sight of the Doctor through the crowd of people gathered around him 'I might have known' she beckoned him sharply and gave a withering glare to all the people round about until they went back to their positions. She walked briskly into her office and he followed, timidly shutting the door behind him. There was a moment of slightly awkward silence while she stared at him.

'Hello' he finally said with a small smile, holding his arms out to her 'Hug?' for a minute, she just stared at him frostily before his hopeful smile melted her and she stepped into his embrace.

'Hello sweetie' she murmured softly into his neck as she rested her head on his shoulder 'Why do you always find a way to disrupt my life, hmm?' her tone was affectionate and he could tell that she was actually glad he had.

'Well, Professor River Song, he turned mine completely upside down, so I thought it was only fair I should return the favour' she could hear the smug grin in his voice and rolled her eyes but, try as she might, she couldn't keep the smile off her face.

'Idiot' River nuzzled gently into his neck, her hair falling in his eyes 'Why are you actually here?'

'I… missed you. I'm finding it incredibly difficult to stop thinking about you and your… personage' he ran his hands down her sides and the smug smile was on her face now.

'Oh is that right, my love?' he nodded, resting his hands on her hips and then sliding them round to cover her bum as she pressed her hips into his. He hissed slightly at the sensation, not having felt it for what was in his opinion, far too long.

River's smirk widened and she trailed a fingertip down his chest, lightly scratching him with her nail. His growl was low in his throat and got lost somewhere in her thick mane of hair.

'So, you flirt with every man who comes to the office, do you River?' his face was pulled back slightly now and though his tone was light and joking, she could sense some real jealousy in there. It made her smile become more genuine and she ran a hand through his hair, her face more tender.

'My darling, that's really not something you have to worry about. And I certainly don't do this with any of them' suddenly, she pushed him back against the wall, leaving a trail of light kisses on his neck 'Tell me Doctor, have you ever made love to me on a desk before?'

Hope you liked it! The middle was a little iffy, I admit but apart from that, I think it was okay. Please review and I'll loan you Alex from my bed to have office sex with ;)