Hey, guys. I know I haven't written a story for JF for a while, but I haven't had any ideas. Now, I have a couple. :) Summary: Carlos, Logan and Kendall are playing pretend.

Carlos, Kendall and Logan were bored, so they decided to play pretend. James was in his room and they didn't want to bother him, so they left him alone. "Oh no! A bomb!" Kendall exclaimed. Logan made an explosion sound effect and they all dove to the ground behind the couch.

Kendall looked at Carlos and said, "We need to get out of the Palmwoods before it collapses, watch out for debris!" Carlos nodded and they army crawled out from behind the orange furniture towards Swirly. The met a stuffed animal, which was a duck. Kendall picked it up. "Where did this duck come from?"

Logan took it from him. "It's a dead duck." he threw it into the air and it landed on Carlos.

"Ahhh! It's a zombie duck!" He yelled throwing it into the kitchen and Logan made another explosion. They crawled faster towards the slide. The boys sat up when they got to it and were panting. Logan looked around and said, "how did we get into the wilderness?"

"I have no idea, but at least we're away from the hotel." Kendall said.

An idea came to Carlos. "Wait, where is James?"

All three boys looked around and Logan replied, "He's at the Palmwoods! James is dead!"

Carlos' eyes widened in surprise. "But, I loved him!" They all burst into laughter at that.

After 5 minutes of uncontrolled laughter, Logan chuckled. "That sounds like some bad romance movie. Let's continue." he took a deep breath and got back into character. "I'm sorry, Carlos. We can't save him."

"No! I won't give up!" he jumped up and ran into the living room. The other boys chased him and dragged him back to Swirly. He protested. "I have to save him! He can't be dead!"

They finally got him to the slide and had to hold him down. Kendall grabbed his shoulders and shook him. "He's gone, Carlos! You can't save him!"

"What is going on?" a voice came from the hallway. They looked up and let Carlos go. James was standing there with his eyebrow raised.

Carlos ran to the confused boy and tackled him. "Jamie! You aren't dead!"

"No? I don't think so. What's going on?" he said looking down at the smaller boy.

Kendall screamed and pointed at the brunette. "James is a ghost! He's gonna kill Carlos!"

Logan was trying not to smile as he agreed with Kendall. "He's gonna make Carlos a ghost, too!"

James wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and replied, "Can someone explain?"

"We're playing pretend." Carlos whispered in his ear. He nodded.

"Carlos is a ghost! Get the vacuum!" Logan yelled. All three boys stared at him and he shrugged. "It's a Ghostbusters reference." They nodded and it was silent. Logan spoke again. "I'm bored. Do you guys wanna play some video games?"

They nodded again and walked to the couch.

This is mostly a true story, we didn't have a James though, sadly. I hope it made you laugh and/or smile. R+R