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"No! Stop it!"

"I won't!"

The naughty boy kept on pulling the poor girl's golden hair and laughed childishly. The girl, Rin, then punched the boy right to his nose and ran away as he cried in pain.

Rin had had enough of Len, the naughty boy. He was her neighbor's son. Ever since he and his family moved next door Len had always bullied Rin even until now when they were fourteen years old. He loved to make fun of her or make her cry. He put frog in her backpack. He ate her oranges. He doodled on her homework. He took her favorite keychain orange mascot. He did everything to make her mad. It seemed it was fun for him. Rin HATE him very much! She just felt like wanting to punch him to her heart content but she couldn't, because somehow Len was always surrounded by his friends. He was just like a boss! Everyone seemed so obedient to him and would beat her off if she ever laid a finger on him.

Recently, Rin just punched Len in the wrong time and wrong place where his friends a.k.a his followers were in present. Now, Rin had to run for her life. Rin hid behind a vending machine and felt relieved when those 'followers' ran passed her. Rin didn't want to think what would happen to her if she got caught.


Someone found her. Rin was so panicked that she ran again in an instant she heard someone speak.


Rin ran to the road, not realizing the red light. She saw a figure with blonde hair tied in a ponytail behind her before her body hit by a high speeded truck.

Being survived from such an incident was indeed a miracle. Rin survived after the terrible accident but in exchange of her life, Rin lost her sight and hearing. Rin could no longer see or hear anything permanently.

In the first night after Rin conscious from one week coma, she cried alone hugging herself on the bed. The doctors and her parents had told her about her disability. Each word they wrote on her palm—the only way to communicate available—stabbed her heart. Each one stabbed deeper than the previous ones. Rin couldn't hear how loud she cried but she knew it must be very loud.

Suddenly, Rin felt someone pat her head. It was a soft and warm touch. But her parents were already long gone home.

"Who?" Rin couldn't hear her own voice asking.

Rin touched the hand on her head and groped through the arm and to the face. Rin touched the hair. It was not too short, just about the shoulder length like hers. A girl? Rin couldn't guess who it was from the shape of the person's face on her fingers.

"Who are you?"

Rin asked for the person's name again but no answer although she already told the person to write the name on her palm.

It was a strange person but Rin really need a friend at this time. She really wanted to pour all her sadness and madness feeling. Before she knew it, Rin already told the stranger everything. She told the stranger how lost and sad she was losing her ability to see and hear anymore. She told the stranger what Len had done to her and how she hated him to hell. Sometimes she cried and whenever she did, the stranger would pat her head gently. Rin did all the talking while the stranger responded to her by holding her hands or pat her. Slowly, the burden in her heart ceased and Rin felt more comfortable. Too comfortable that she finally fell asleep while the stranger stroked her hand gently.

The next morning, Rin woke up. She thought everything that happened the previous night, the stranger, all the crying, and all of those outpouring of her heart were just a dream. But she doubted it because she felt her heart was much lighter than the previous day and she was proved right when the night fall and the stranger came again.

In just a short time, Rin and the stranger became so close. Every night, in mid night, the stranger would come and visit her and they would talk about lot of things, well, actually, Rin the only one talking. She didn't just talk about her misery which most of them caused by Len, she also talked about other kind of fun things. She told the stranger about her hobby, what she likes and dislikes, her fun and good life that was taken from her whenever Len was around and whenever this topic was brought up Rin would talk about her misery again around Len. Sometimes Rin even got so mad when remembering Len that she would say horrible things like saying that she wanted him to replace her place now, he became blind and deaf. It was not like making one lost their favorite doll or making them got a cut by playing with a knife, it was the ability to see and hear the world that was taken from her. For Rin, it was a right thing if Len would just die for making her in such a state.

Whatever Rin was talking about, the stranger would respond by patting her head or stroking her hands. But it wasn't like the stranger didn't paying attention to her. Each touch the stranger gave was full of expression. Rin even wondered how such a touch could fill with so much feeling. When she was sad, the touch was full of soothing feeling. When she was mad, the touch was filled with calming feeling. When she was in a good mood, the touch made her wanted to laugh in joy. Rin felt comfortable and happy the stranger was always there to hear her but only one thing disturbed her.

"What is your name?"

No respond.

"Who are you?"

No respond.

"Tell you what? The doctor said he will open my bandage tomorrow! Then I can finally walk again! Tell you, broken bone is so painful! I'm glad it'll soon be over now!"

Her head was patted.

Whatever she did, Rin could never learn who the stranger really was. Rin thought maybe the stranger said the answer but she couldn't hear it or the stranger didn't know how to write on her palm. But it was in the middle of the city, just who couldn't read nor write? And in the end, Rin still wouldn't able to learn anything about the stranger.

The next day, the doctor fulfilled his promise and opened Rin's bandage. Rin was so happy. Both her legs were broken from the incident and she couldn't move for weeks. She cursed Len for that.

Rin was about to try walking, the doctor told her to be slowly because she was just healed so she did. Rin lowered her legs from the bed and touched the cold floor. She got up imagining she finally could walk again thought her eyes and ears were ripped from her. The moment she concentrated her weight to her feet, she fell. Rin tried again thinking her feet must be stiffed after not being used for weeks but she fell again. Tried again, fell again. Rin got so confused. The doctor and the nurse helped her sat on her bed again and the doctor asked her to move her toes. Rin tried moving her toes but nothing happened. Tried again, still nothing happened. Rin felt panic as the doctor examined her legs and told her the worst and last thing she wanted to hear; Rin's feet were paralyzed.

I hope you die, Len. I wish you dead. I pray I can kill you my own.

That night, the stranger visited her again maybe hoping Rin would greet by running toward. But Rin was crying. Rin might not realize that she was crying harder and louder than before. The moment Rin felt a pat on her head, Rin grabbed the hand and groped until she found the stranger's neck and hugged it. She cried hard on the stranger's shoulder while sobbing and telling her worsen condition.

Rin didn't realize the stranger stopped patting her back and went all silent the moment she said she was now paralyzed and when she did realize, she knew the stranger was as shocked as her, she could tell from the silent movement.

That night was spent in tears and Rin cursing Len, wanting him to be dead and all. If it wasn't because of him, she wouldn't be in the hospital now. If it wasn't because of him, she wouldn't lose her sight. If it wasn't because of him, she wouldn't lose her hearing. If it wasn't because of him, she wouldn't lose her feet.

I want to see again!

I want to hear again!

I want to walk again!

Rin couldn't help but to yell those three sentences over and over again between her crying. Rin wept harder while the stranger held her tight like feeling her depression too until it was dawn and Rin fell asleep.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining. The wind was blowing. The flowers were blossoming. The birds were chirping. And Rin finally allowed to went back home. Her parents pushed the wheelchair in which Rin was now sitting. Rin could tell from the warm and comfortable air that it was indeed a very beautiful day. If only she could see the flowers and hear the birds.

Rin was so desperate wanting to hear the birds chirping but she heard nothing. She couldn't hear anything that she opened her mouth and sang for herself but she couldn't hear her own voice and dropped crying again. She could feel her parents—probably her mother—wiped her tears away and the other—probably her father—wrote on her palm that she sang beautifully just now. But just how beautiful it really was? Singing was the only thing she loves to do. Rin used to compose the music, wrote the lyric, and sang it herself. Rin buried her face on her hands and some words slipped unheard by her from her lips in front of her parents.

"… Why me? Why not just him?"

That night, Rin sat on her wheelchair near the window in her room. Hospital ward never gave her inspiration for a song, so she never sang there. She hoped when she got back home she could write some songs again, but now she was home, the atmosphere was not much different from the hospital. Moreover, it was even more depressing. Ever since she was home, her tears never stopped. She really wanted to write songs again but she couldn't and could never ever again.

All of the sudden Rin felt a pat on her head. It was impossible but the stranger really was coming again although she was home already. Rin found comfort and her burden being taken by the stranger's presence and hugged tightly. Although everything left her, only this person stayed.

Days passed by Rin now home schooling. She couldn't manage to go to the same school with her friends again for now she was a disable girl. But she was glad none of her friends forgotten her. Every day there would be one or two of her friends alternately visited her. Len was actually her classmate too, but she was glad he never came because she didn't know what she would do herself if he did. Maybe strangle him to death. Her parents didn't like him too, so entrance was not possible for him.

One day, Rin's parents told her that they found a donor for her eyes. Rin was overjoyed by the news. The donor couldn't make her able to write songs but she still very glad. She missed seeing the sky, the trees, the flowers, the rainbow, everything. She would finally able to see them again. Of course she would still trapped in a silent world but colors finally would come back to her, so it was okay.

That night when the stranger came, Rin told about the news and she got a loving pat on her head. Rin now had grown to love the pat on her head. Actually she always loved her head to be patted but she never told anyone about it and somehow the pat the stranger's gave, she loved it much more. From the way she felt the stroke on her hand, she could tell the stranger couldn't wait until the surgery too. Rin got another loving pat on her head when she said she would finally able see the stranger's face.

The day of her surgery finally came. If only she didn't get a loving gentle pat on her head the previous night, Rin might be very very nervous right now. She was now ready for surgery and entered the surgery room as her parents and friends waiting hopefully outside. Rin could feel the anesthesia in her mouth tasted strange and then she fell unconscious.

When Rin awoke it was night and her hands were being held but not by the stranger but her parents. They told her the bandage around her eyes would be taken off in a week and around that time her parents would stay with her in the hospital. Rin was happy her parents would accompany her, but she really wanted them to go home or the stranger wouldn't visit her. Somehow the stranger wouldn't visit her if she wasn't alone. Rin passed through the week in boredom not being able to feel a pat on her head.

Finally, the day had come of Rin taking off the bandage. The bandage was removed and it was now on the table, Rin was ready to open her eyes. Slowly Rin opened the lid but closed it again immediately. It was too bright.

Bright? How do I know it was bright?

Rin opened her new eyes again. The light from the window fell to her new eyes. After she adjusted with the light she saw her parents, doctor, and some of her friends. They looked so nervous.

"Rin, how many is it?" The doctor wrote on her palm, bringing some fruits in front of Rin.


"What are they?" He wrote again.


And then all of the sudden she was hugged by everyone. They looked so happy, Rin herself cried out of happiness. Being able to see was much better than trapped in the world of darkness and silent alone.

To congratulate, her parents took Rin and her friends to a park. A beautiful park where flowers blossoms, good thing it was spring. Rin went with her wheelchair across the flower field looking so contented. She didn't realize that she was having fun by herself and when she did she went back to where her friends were. When she got back, they seemed discussing something serious.

"What is it? What are you talking about?" Rin couldn't hear her own voice.

A friend wrote on her palm. "Teacher said Len is moving. His father got a new job in other city."

At the word 'Len', Rin felt her blood boiled inside her vein. Len was success in ruining her beautiful time even if he was not there.

"Moving? Why moving? Why doesn't he just die?"

Rin went again to a bush of roses smelling the sweet scent while happily enjoying the pretty flowers. Before, she wasn't really attracted to roses but after being trapped in the darkness for so long, everything was beautiful in her new beautiful blue eyes. If only her hearing would come back and to be able to walk in this beautiful field. If only…