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"No! Stop it!"

"I won't!"

A blonde haired boy tied in a small ponytail pulled the golden hair of a girl, or so it seemed. Len at first was only wanting to touch Rin's hair but the girl realized of what he was or he wasn't about to do and she tried to avoid him but resulting in what she thought but not he thought he would do; pulling her hair.

Ever since he and his family moved next door to Rin and her family, he was attracted to her. Her smile when she introduced herself, her friendly attitude, and when night fall Len could hear her singing by the window frame of her room across his own. Her voice was beautiful. He loved to eavesdrop from his own room every night.

When he first came into the city, Len was submitted into the same school as Rin, even the same class. He was glad and even well prepared because he knew first impression is important. He wanted to friend Rin and show her the best him. Too bad it didn't go as he pleased. Len saw some boys were playing with a frog and wanted to play a prank by putting it into one of the girl's backpack and Rin's backpack was chosen. Len took the frog out of the bag but Rin who just entered the class saw him and presumed him wanting to put the frog in her bag instead. Ever since then, she didn't want to talk with him. Whatever he did, she didn't want to talk with him. Until he—not knowing they were Rin's—ate her oranges and she was very mad. She, finally, speak to him although the method was very wrong and ever since then Len would make her angry so just she would speak to him. He simply only wanted her attention. He was still kinda childish.

Right now, Rin was yelling Len to let go of her hair but he was only giggled out of happiness hearing her voice to him. But then, Rin did something he didn't expect; she punched him on his nose. While Len was crying in pain, she ran away. He felt someone, or there were a lot of them, rushing passed him, his friends were running after Rin.

"No! Everyone! Don't! I'm okay!"

Len tried to stop them from catching the poor girl but they didn't listen. Somehow Len himself wondered how they got them to be very care of him. He was friendly, yes, the type that you want to make as a best friend. Everyone liked him so much to the point not wanting him to be hurt. All but Rin. She hated him.

Len ran after them still holding his nose, Rin sure was strong. He found a spot not realized by his friends by the vending machine near the main road and walked toward it hopefully. There she was, Rin, crouching so she couldn't be found, unfortunately, Len found her.

"Gotcha!" Len said.

Rin was so surprised that she got up and ran away quickly even before she saw Len. She was that so afraid. Rin seemed so panicked that she headed to the road unnoticing the coming truck and ran till middle way.


Rin turned a little. Her sparkling sapphire eyes met his not even for a second before she got hit by a speedy truck.

"NO! RIN!"

Len rushed toward Rin who flew feet away and held her. Blood was running from all part of her body and she was unconscious.

"No... No, no, NO, NO! Rin! RIN!"

By the ambulance, Rin was taken to a nearby hospital. Len was along, never left her side, never let go of her hand. His hands were trembling and tears fell on them, his mouth never stopped whispering prayers for her.

Please. Please, please… Don't take her. Don't take Rin away. Please… Just take mine. Please, take my soul. Just don't hers. Don't Rin's.

Between prayers and sobbing were already mixed within Len as he waited outside the operation room. His friends came later and tried to sooth him, but they couldn't, his tears couldn't be stopped by anything but Rin's survival. Her parents arrived a little late from their work. Her mother looked so much shocked. She kept on crying and crying while calling for Rin's name before finally kneeling on the floor weeping. Len, who saw this, approached the poor mother. He didn't sure what to say as he himself was as shocked and sad as the mother, but before he could reach her, her father was already in front of him. Without any warning, he slapped him. Len was pushed and fell from the hard slap on his cheek. A very red mark left on his cheek and his lips were bleeding. His friends immediately came to his aid.

"Have you done now bullying her?"

Each word stabbed Len's heart deeper than the previous one. It was true. If only he never bully her, she wouldn't get in the accident. If only she wasn't scared of him, she wouldn't get in the accident. If only he wasn't what he was to her, she wouldn't get in the accident. But the fact told different story. Len bullied her. Rin was scared of him. He was an enemy to her. He ruled her to the truck.

I did this to her.

"I… I'm… Sorry… Sorry…" Len's voice was trembling with tears. "I'm sorry… Rin… Rin… I'm sorry…"

"Go away, you!" Her father grabbed his neck. Although Len was in desperate need of air, he didn't do anything for his shock was greater than the pain inflicted by Rin's father. Len didn't notice his life was in stake in Rin's father's hands. "Don't call her name! Never show your face again in front of me or my family! Never show your face again to Rin! Disappear!"

With another slap, the frustrated father let go off Len roughly throwing him to the floor. He stood facing the operation room and his back to Len. Len saw the man's shoulder trembling as he tastes another rusty wound on his lips and blood dripped to his shirt which was already almost completely stained by Rin's blood. Tears shortly joined the blood on his shirt.

"I'm sor-"

"Go away! Your sorry can't safe her!"

"I… I'll do anything…"


But Len couldn't hear the yelling on him. His ears were already filled with the memory of Rin's voice yelling at him and his sight blurred from the tears. The image of smiling Rin from their first meeting when his parents brought him along to get along well with the neighbor over flooding his mind. He remembered what she said when he and his parents was about to left her house for another short visit to the next neighbor houses. That smiling face was so warm and sweet.

Good bye, Len.

Rin's surgery couldn't be said successful. Yet. She was in comatose state now and her life was depended heavily on how fast she could wake up. And should she wake up, she would live in the world of silent and darkness forever as she was now blind and deaf. The accident had injured her eyes and ears permanently.

Len might have been banned from seeing Rin, but knowing Len, he wouldn't let anyone stop him from meeting the girl of his life. Every night, at midnight, he would sneak in and check on her. He would stay until it was almost dawn, holding her hands, praying she would open her eyes while whispering his sorry over and over again into her ears although he himself knew she wouldn't able hear him. When he got the news that Rin would forever walking alone in the dark and silent, his friends had to tied him up so that he wouldn't banging his head to the wall any further even after blood already dripping from his forehead. Len cursed himself. He never stopped cursing himself.

"Rin… Rin… I'm sorry… I'm sorry… Don't forgive me, Rin… For making you live like this, I truly am sorry but don't forgive me, Rin…"

Len carefully lifted Rin's full of bandages body and brought her to his embrace. Tears didn't stop dropping to her cheeks. Really, Len was no different to Rin. He was now living in the darkness and silent too since he couldn't see anything if there was no Rin in the view. He couldn't hear anything if there was no her voice blended in the noise. A week passed by Len crying embracing her tightly every night.

One day, he got a news that Rin had finally opened her eyes. Upon hearing it, Len was… He felt like the blind covering him had been removed. He was so happy that he forgot everything happened around him. He thanked God over and over. He really wanted to go and see her even if that meant he had to skip school but then he remembered her parents must be there and he wouldn't be allowed to see her. The day went too slowly as Len impatiently waiting for the night to fall.

Len was finally able to sneak into the hospital. His mind was full with the image of Rin smiling to him but what he found was the crying Rin and then it all came back to him. To Rin, he was her enemy. Rin had only smiled to him once, their first meeting. Because of him Rin got into accident.

Rin is… Rin is… blinded and deafened by… me…

The world had never been fair, hadn't it? When Len knew Rin had opened her eyes, he was so happy that his blinded eyes finally could see again. But, Rin's could never see again. On the way to the hospital, Len could hear his happy humming. But, Rin could never hear her beautiful voice ever again. Everything had come back to him; his sight, his hearing, Rin. But nothing came back to Rin. Len bit his lips so hard until it bleed while tears forming in his eyes. Slowly he approached the girl and patted her head.

"Who?" Her voice was different. Not from the tears she shed but… the accident, no, Len took her beautiful voice too. Len could only gasp and stare blankly when he realized he had took the beautiful voice he always listened to singing every night.

Rin took his hand and groped until she almost reached his face. Len opened his tied hair and let it loose to his shoulder so when Rin touched the kinda long hair, she would think he was a girl. He didn't think she would want 'Len' to visit her.

"Who are you?" Rin asked again with her unfocused eyes.

Rin pointed her palm signing him to write his name there but Len didn't do anything. He didn't want Rin to cast him away just because she knew who he was. Rin looked disappointed not knowing who he was but she didn't mind it too long. In just a short time Rin already talked a lot to him while he held her hands tightly and sometimes patting her head. It was like a dream came true for Len as Rin was now talking to him a lot. But the situation was so wrong. Len cried seeing her unfocused eyes. He cried hearing her husky voice. He cried knowing she couldn't hear his sobs.

All she talked was about what Len had done to her and how she hated him to hell. Each word she spoke stabbed his heart hard and he took it all because he knew he deserve it. He really wished he could replace her becoming blind and deaf like she wished. Then she went quite all of the sudden while staring blankly. She gripped his hand tighter.

"It's dark…"

Len replied her grip.

"It's quite..."

Tears started forming again in both the boy and the girl's eyes.

"I'm scared!"

Len hugged Rin tightly and patted her head as both wept together. Rin fell asleep short after when Len was stroking her hand gently. Ever since then Len would sneaked into her room and Rin did all the talking. She didn't always talked about her hate toward him she would also talk about her hobby, what she likes and dislikes, and any kind of fun things so she could forget her misery but the darkness kept on lingering in her eyes and silent haunted her forever. She told him how fun and good life she would had if only Len never came into her life. The boy in talk only responded by patting her head while struggling to held back his tears. He didn't have any right to shed tears. He was the cause of all of these after all. Whatever Rin say, he would take it all.

"What is your name?" Rin suddenly asked. Len gave no reply.

"Who are you?" Len still didn't respond. His hand which held Rin's didn't make any move and he looked down.

"Tell you what? The doctor said he will open my bandage tomorrow! Then I can finally walk again! Tell you, broken bone is so painful! I'm glad it'll soon be over now!"

The new news lifted up Len's face. It was a very good news! Rin had stayed on the bed for too long. Len was as happy as Rin and he pat her head. Rin seemed to like him patting her head. Her smile was very beautiful. How Len though she would never gave him such smile if she knew who he really was. If only he wasn't what he was now.

The next day, Len couldn't concentrate at school at all. His mind was on Rin, imagining her finally able to walk and remembered the warm and soft smile she gave the previous night, it was even prettier than the only smile she gave Len when they first met. It was a content smile like she smiled from her heart. But that smile was not for Len who always bully her, it was for the stranger who always comfort her.

That night, Len sneaked again into the hospital imagining Rin would greet him by jumping to him. But imaginary is imaginary, if it were to come true, it isn't human to decide. Len instead found Rin crying harder and louder than before. Len's heart missed a beat, maybe more. He prayed nothing went wrong as he approached her and patted her head.

Please… Let everything be okay. Please, let me worry of paltry things. Don't let her suffer anymore… Please…

Feeling a pat on her head, Rin immediately hugged the boy and cried on his shoulder. Sobbing and huskily she told him about her worsen condition, about her paralyzed feet…

… That night was spent in tears and Rin cursing Len, wanting him to be dead and all. Len knew he should be dead if it were to come to this. If only he never alive, Rin wouldn't lose her sight. If only he never alive, she wouldn't lose her hearing. If only he never alive, she wouldn't lose her feet. Everything and each of Rin's misery were his responsibility.

"I hate him! I hate, Len!"

"I love you, Rin."

"If only he just die! I hope he died!"

"I really love you, Rin."

"Why can't he just die? Why can't he leave me? Why he always give me misery?"

"I love you with all my life."

Tears shed by Len were as much as Rin's wetting his shirt in his embrace but he tried not to let his tears touch her. He whispered the unheard confession to her ears over and over again along with his sorry. But just like what her father said to him before, neither things he did could safe her.

"I want to see again! I want to hear again! I want to walk again!" Rin kept on repeating until she fell asleep with the tears still in her eyes.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining. The wind was blowing. The flowers were blossoming. The birds were chirping. Len peeped from behind a tree as Rin's parents pushed the wheelchair where Rin was now sitting. Rin was finally able to go home. The beautiful day seemed like congratulating her but she couldn't see it and it was because of him, he recognized it very well. Rin was singing. Len heard her voice was not suitable to sing any kind of song anymore. It was husky and hard. Then Rin cried, her mother wiped her tears while her father wrote something on her palm and from the situation, he probably told her she sang beautifully, of course it was a lie. Len banged his head to the tree trunk. It was his fault that even her father had to lie about her voice. Once the family went away, Len entered the hospital and met Rin's doctor. The only thing he could do.

"Doctor, is it possible to donate my eyes for Rin?"

Len went back home very late that night and when he got home he was welcomed by his parents, looking so worried. They told him that Rin's parents had sued him for the accident happened to their daughter and they brought the case to the court. Len, upon hearing, was so shocked. He never though her parents would even go to the court but he though he deserved it. Taking away one's ability to enjoy color and sound and even as far as to paralyzing them is crueler than killing them. Len had now gone lower than a cold blooded killer.

Len went to his room very depressed over his unforgivable sin. The court was nothing to him even if he should go to jail, they really were nothing to him compared to his guilt over Rin, the girl he loved and also the one he made blind, deaf, and paralyze. And that girl, Rin, was now staring into emptiness near her opened window. Len saw her as her room was just across his. Rin was all alone in her room. Len really wanted to hold her tight right now. He climbed off his window to the tree in front of the window and crossed to Rin's room. He patted her head.

A few days later, the trial on Len was done. A trial that not attended by Rin. Len wasn't really paying attention on the court although it decided his future. To him, his future was no longer important, it was Rin's that was. He didn't care how Rin's family's lawyer tried to corner him and how his lawyer did his best to defend him. He didn't care what the witnesses said. He only wanted him to be proved guilty so that he could, even a little, soothed Rin if she knew the Len who always bully her went to jail. He only hoped he could go to the hospital one last time before he went to jail, but…

"Kagamine Len is acquitted of all charges."

After sitting for hours in the court, only that last sentence by the judges and knocked sound afterward heard by Len. He was acquitted just because the witnesses saw him did nothing when Rin crossing the road. His family and friends were all hugging him in relieved but he didn't feel any relief at all. He felt even more guilty. He saw Rin's parents walked away in tears, silently went passed him without even meeting his eyes. Len shook off his family and friends and ran to the judges who were about to leave the room.

"I did it! It was my responsibility! I'm guilty!"

Len's shouting was so loud that the whole room fell silent. The judges looked at him in confuse.

"It's pure accident."

Without wanting to hear any other of Len's words, the judges left.

Len was shocked that he couldn't hear his family and friends cheered for him. He had fail on atoning his sin to Rin and her family and it made him felt far more guilty. His friends invited him to go with them partying over his win in the court but he rejected them, there was other place he wanted to go. If that day was his lucky day—or his bad day from a different point—he prayed it might last a little longer until he reached the hospital. There was where he wished for the real miracle to happen the most.

"Your eyes matched hers. You can become a donor."

Len couldn't believe what he just heard. Him! To Rin! Tears once again forming in his eyes but this time, it was tears of happiness.

Thank you… Thank you…

Len couldn't stop thanking as he hugged the lab report with the result that he was a compatible donor for Rin.

Rin, I could pull you out from the darkness now. I could show you colors again. Wait for me, I'll come for you. I'll definitely will come and save you. Please wait for me. I'm almost there…

Len wiped his wet eyes and looked at the doctors who somehow seemed quite nervous. They might had realized his love toward Rin and the request he was about to made.

"I want to donate my eyes for Rin."

"You can't."

Len's heart skipped a beat. "Why? Aren't I compatible?"

"You're still fourteen. You still have a long way to go before losing your sight."

Rin is too.

"Besides, you have to be dead to donate your eyes or at least dying. It's not like donating your kidney or…"

The doctor hadn't even finished his words. Len grabbed a pair of scissors on the table and pointed the edge to his throat.

"I'm dying."

The day of the operation had been decided. Rin's parents had been informed—carefully not to mentioned who the donor was and the doctors and surgeons were all had swear to never tell anyone until their last breath. Len would take the lifting operation in the morning and Rin would take the transplant operation in the afternoon. Len only told his family about the surgery. They were shocked and tried to stop him but nothing could get in his way. He loved Rin more than his own life. He loved her smile more than anything else. Eventually, his parents accepted his decision. They understood his love for Rin and how he didn't want her to know he was the donor. His parents then decided to move away from the city, a choice Len appreciated very much, that way Rin would never know about the donor.

Len couldn't wait for the surgery day to come and Rin could felt it from his movement that night when he visited her in her room. She was also as hyper as he was. That night, she told him about a lot of places she wanted to see with her new eyes. What Rin and her family were told was the donor was dead so she could take the eyes. Rin told him she would see a lot of beautiful things in honor of her donor. Len patted her head lovingly and Rin smiled happily from it. She said she was happy she would finally able to see him.

"I always love you, Rin. And will always love you."

Len patted her head again.

The day of the surgery finally came. If only Len didn't see Rin the previous night, he might be very very nervous right now. He was now ready for surgery and entered the surgery room as his parents waiting outside. Len could feel the anesthesia in his mouth tasted strange and then slowly he lose his consciousness.

I'm saving you now… Pulling you from the depth of darkness…

A drop of tear formed at the corner of Rin's future eyes right when Len entered the unconscious state.

When Len awoke, it was afternoon. Bandages were covering his eyes. He could feel something missing in the sockets.

"Has Rin received them yet?"

"They just started the surgery." His father answered, he patted his son's shoulder. "You did good, son."

A smile formed on the son's face. The color of the bandages on his eyes slowly went darker and wet.

"I'm saving you, Rin. Don't be afraid of the darkness anymore, I'm saving you."

Len stayed in the hospital for a week and so was Rin but they never bumped to each other because they were placed in the completely opposite wing of the hospital building. But Len went home a day sooner than Rin because he and his family were moving away the next day. It was strange for people who saw him, but really Len was okay. He was still the same Len as usual even without his sight. Maybe a little calmer, but he was still as cheerful as ever.

The next day, Len and his family move away silently without telling anyone. They were moving to a faraway little town. A nice place surrounded with trees. The new place attracted Len so much. It seemed to be very a wonderful place. Len opened the car's window and felt the strong wind hitting the bandages on his eyes.

"That's Rin!" His mother shouted all of the sudden.

Len felt his heart beating many times harder than usual in the mention of 'Rin'.

"Where is she? Where?"

Len begged his mother to tell him.

"She's in the flower field across the road."

"What is she doing? How does she look like?"

Len went all hyper all of the sudden.

"She smelling the flowers and looked so contented." The mother chose her words wisely. "She looked so beautiful with your eyes."

Len looked very happy and it could be described from his blushing face and a big smile on his face.

"Do… does she still had that wheelchair?"

The mother needed more time to answer him. "… yes."

Len went all silent and facing the strong wind again from the opened window.

"Poor, Rin. If only hearing, voice, and legs could be donated too..."

Len's family car moved faster leaving the field where Rin and her friends were to a place faraway from there. Never to return again. Never to meet again.