These are the perspectives of the stars of future novel Merged—Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson, Inspector Geoffrey Lestrade, Mary Watson, Kathleen Stewart, Professor James Moriarty, and Richard Stirling. What you are about to read is Merged: Shards of Existence, the online version digging into the minds and hearts of these characters.

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==Merged: Shards of Existence==

==1. The Time-Traveler==

Even after getting a detailed debriefing from my stepbrother, I was skeptical. Really now: a time machine? Seriously? I'm a sci-fi buff, and time-travel is one of my favorite literary themes. I'm open to the idea of it being possible, but even I have to balk a little at the thought of it being a doable reality.

But Richard Stirling was convinced enough to steal it, so I had to treat it as a matter of international importance. After all, if time-travel with that machine was indeed possible, then Stirling effectively controlled the history and future of our world. As the woman who's been looking to net the Napoleon of crime of our own century for the past nine years, I well understand the implications… and they terrify me.

And then, Stirling just had to flaunt his newfound power, albeit with purpose. He used the machine's awesome abilities on me, sending me back to a time in which we're both devotedly interested: the late Victorian period. We're both Sherlockians—flipsides of the coin, if you will. He looked at Professor Moriarty and decided that crime pays; I looked at Sherlock Holmes and decided that I could use my own genius the exact same way he used his.

To get me out of his way, Stirling sent me back to London, 1890, and here I am, effectively stuck exactly nine decades before my own birth. My only hope was to enlist the aid of my hero and role-model. Stirling and I already knew that the Strand stories were real—it's a very closely-guarded secret for reasons that even I don't completely understand, but it's true. Sherlock Holmes was real.

Is real.

Thanks to a Providential meeting with Wiggins of the Baker Street Irregulars (now in his early twenties and quite the charmer), I journeyed quickly to Baker Street and met Sherlock Holmes, John and Mary Watson, and Geoffrey Lestrade. Can we say, major fangirl moment? Oh, don't worry—I contained myself. The others had nary a hint of the excitement rushing through my body like an adrenaline high.

It's late evening now of my first day in Victorian London, and, come morning, I have an appointment with Mrs. Hudson, Mary, and a new wardrobe for myself. But before I close, I have one more thing to add, something I have to get out of me before I burst into an embarrassingly immature squeee.

Jeremy Brett got it right.

I could shout with joy to the whole world—Jeremy Brett got it right.

Ever seen My Fair Lady? Jeremy as Freddie Eynsford-Hill? That's how Sherlock Holmes really looks. He's in his early thirties, like me, and that is really how he looks and sounds. I could kiss him just for living up to my fondest daydreams.

And he's so very young. I mean, he's every bit as experienced as I, and even, I suspect, more than a bit jaded. But he's just so young. You Sherlockians will know what I mean. You're used to Basil Rathbone or Jeremy Brett or Vasily Livanov or even Robert Downey, Jr. as the Great Detective, right? Actors who were all forty-ish or older when playing the role. Well, think more Benedict Cumberbatch tempered by Jeremy Brett, and you have a better idea of what Sherlock is like at this point in time. I can't wait 'til tomorrow, when I can hang around him more and study him once again.

If it weren't for the fact that we're both of us cast into this, the deadliest challenge of our lives, I would relish this opportunity to live and work alongside the man who has inspired me since early childhood. Come to think of it, I think I do, anyway. I'll take each moment as it comes and thank God for it. I might be here because Stirling wants me here, but I'm still in the palm of my Maker's hand, and He's sure not letting go. So with the true Lord of Time on my side and the Great Detective at my side, I'm ready to take on Stirling and Moriarty.

The game is on.


Under secret construction for many years, a super-weapon has just been completed for the CIA. It is more powerful than an atomic bomb, more devastating than a nuclear missile.

It is a machine that can create rips through time to send a person into the past. Whoever controls this machine effectively controls the fate of our world.

And it has been stolen.

Enter Kathleen Stewart, a private investigator hired to retrieve the machine or, failing that, destroy it. The perpetrator is none other than the man she has been trying to net for nine years: Richard Stirling. But before she can come close to accomplishing her mission, she is propelled back through time…

To London, 1890.

Stirling has doubtless already used the machine to send himself back to meet his own role model, Professor Moriarty, and Kathleen decides to do likewise. It is time to enlist the aid of the man who changed criminal investigation forever…

As two very different worlds merge, the game is on, and the stakes have never been so high. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are in for the adventure of their lives.

Author's Note:

So, what do you guys think? Yes, this is the same universe as "Counting My Blessings," and this is all character-based stuff as I experiment with plot concepts and relational dynamics. (And it's all to get you revved-up for the novel when I finally write and publish it so that you'll buy it. ^_^)

Yes, this was Kathleen's perspective. Hurray for a hardcore fangirl getting to live out every Sherlockian's dream of meeting our hero! …Lucky dog. =) Btw, blog update yesterday, specifically about Merged, analyzing similarities between it and other girl-time-travels Sherlockian stories.

Next Saturday, two certain detectives' perspectives on morning coffee and relationships. Make sure to bring your own mug. ;-) (Warning: updates will be subjected to the same rule governing the rest of my fanfics.)

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