Jealously Killed the Cat

Prologue: The new Kitty.

"Sasori Danna!" the blonde whined as he ran up to catch up with his Danna. The redhead sighed ignoring the desperate cry for attention.

"Danna… C'mon… Just a cuddle un… Please un!"

"I already told you. No."

"Please Sasori Danna! I want a hug un…!"

"No… I want to get back home. I have a lot of work to do Deidara and I want to finish it by tonight."

The artist sighed and followed quietly beside his Danna, until he felt a warm furry brush against his ankle.

"Un?" Deidara looked down and saw an adorable fluffy kitten. It had messy reddish-brown fur and the brightest hazel eyes the young blonde had ever seen. It had white-fur paws and ears, making it have a striking appearance that embraced its cute figure.

"Danna! Isn't this the cutest thing ever!" the clay artist cried holding the wood colored kitten in front of the puppeteer's face. Sasori glared at the inferno fur ball as it stared back at him with its innocent, wide, hazel-brown eyes.

"No. Now let it go Deidara. We can't keep it."

"B-but why not un?"

"Because… I do NOT want that furry thing to be in OUR house."

"I want to keep it Danna un! PLEASE?"

The scorpion stared at his lover as he held the kitten to his chest and both were making their extremely sad puppy-dog eyes.

"I said-"


Deidara gave out his extremely cute face, making the redhead eyes twitch.

"Fine! Fine! Damn you and your adorable tactics…"

"YAY! Thank you Sasori Danna un!" the happy uke squealed, glomping his Danna.

The puppet-master groaned as he walked on, his beloved blonde skipping along beside him.

"What am I going to name it Danna un?"

"Name it yourself Dei…"


The puzzled artist looked at his new pet cat and then looked at his Danna. Wild and messy red hair, brownish-hazel eyes, that cool looking gaze, this kitten reminded him so much about his Danna.

"I am going to call you… Sori un!"

"Sori? What type of name is that?"

"You have it in your name yea!"

"It is Sasori Not Sori…"

"Part of your name un! By the way, he is a cat."

"He? It's a guy?"

"Yea, the kitty has balls Danna un…"

The redhead scoffed as Deidara nuzzled his nose with the kitten's.

"Aww… You are so cute un!"

"Yea yea… Come in already."

The blonde smiled as he entered the house with his new little companion.