Jealousy Killed the Cat

Chapter 4-

It was a whole day of fun and games as the famous gang hit the sun-kissed beach. The particular thing was that the blonde did not utter a single word about the forgotten cat that was locked up in the Akasuna's basement. Sooner or later, evening arrived, turning the once hot and yellow beach into a beach colored soft hue of pink and purple pastel with traces of orange and yellow from the setting sun. A perfect romantic sight if you ask me, many people had left the beach for dinner but the group of ten were still there, spread across the beach in their pairs. Sasori and Deidara sat on a piece of dry driftwood at the edge of the beach, staring at the sun as it slowly sets. The clay artist felt a blush crawl onto his cheeks, this was too romantic and sweet to be true. The puppet was also looking away, afraid to come in contact with the blonde's sparkling blue eyes. But without them noticing, their bodies were edging closer and closer together.


"Yes Dei…?"

"I noticed that you have been unhappy with Sori coming in lately un…"

The redhead's eyes widened, did he hear correctly? Why wasn't he like panicking that he hasn't fed Sori?

"I…never liked cats…"

"You're lying Danna… You can't lie to me un."

'Damn uke instincts!' the puppeteer growled in his head. He looked at the sweet blonde's face.

"Do you hate Sori because he destroys your things? Or is it because you're…Jealous?"

That word pricked Sasori's heart. He was jealous…Very Jealous. But it was a competition wasn't it?

"Yes… I am VERY jealous…"

With the look of his master's serious face and pissed tone, the younger artist edged over, wrapping his arms around him, cooling the hothead a little.

"I'm sorry Danna… I am just insensitive un… I should have paid more attention to you and your feelings… I promise to give you more attention okay?"

The scorpion looked at the apologetic face of the younger man. He smiled softly, kissing his lover's forehead.

"But what if you forget Deidara…?"

"I will…send Sori to the pet adoption centre un. If we can't live together happily with Sori then I will send him away."

The sweet words poured into the redhead's ears like music. He could win this…or so he thought.

Soon, the gang left the beach and headed to their respective homes. Sasori unlocked the door, letting the blonde into the house.

"Sori-kun…? You home~?"

A small kitten's head popped up from the kitchen. Sasori growled. 'Did that cat chew a hole through the wall or something? I swore I locked that door nice and tight…' There was a smirk on the cat's face as he was held by Deidara which poured out a bowl of cat food with a number of treats. Thinking that the blonde would cuddle him and shower him with affection, Sori waited. But to his surprise, the sculptor didn't even look at him.

"So Danna, what do you want for dinner un?"

"Do you want to go out Dei…?"

"Naww… I wanna stay home and spend time with Danna un!"

The puppet smiled with satisfaction and looked at the jealous cat's face twist with anger. The blonde gave his master a seductive pout. It was on tonight. A grin glued itself on the puppet master's face as he led his uke to the bedroom, locking the door shut behind him. The cat let out a low growl as he changed into his normal form, glaring at the innocent mahogany door.

"Oh it is so on Sasori… You are asking for it…"

Dawn approached and the morning sun came up. The uke yawned and got up. Sasori was not in bed and he smelt French toast and bacon. He smiled, Danna was making breakfast again. He got and let out a yelp, his back ached like crazy. He shouldn't have coaxed Sasori to thrust in that hard last night… He sighed and made his way to the toilet before jumping down the stairs to the kitchen.

"Morning Danna, what is for breakfast un?"

The redhead turned and smiled.

"French toast, a sunny side up and fresh bacon Dei-chan…!"

Deidara blinked. Something was wrong with Sasori… He felt…different. There wasn't this same feeling that the artist always felt when his Danna was around. He looked at his master; he was a little pale…

"Sasori Danna…? Are you feeling okay? You don't look too like yourself today, is there something wrong un?"

The puppet gave the creepiest smile the blonde never seen his lover make.

"I'm okay Dei-chan, don't need to worry about me, I may be a little tired though."

The sculptor didn't ask anymore. He ate his breakfast in silence before turning to Sasori , who was washing the dishes. Then he looked around the floor. Sori weren't around…weird… Then he spoke up.

"Danna, can we go over to Hidan's place today? I promised him a DDR match un."

"Okay Dei-chan, I'll follow you too."

That smile… It just was not right. It was not his Danna's smile. His Danna was not there. He looked away, leaving the kitchen to go upstairs to change up. 'This is so weird… Sasori Danna is definitely not himself today… He is so…cold. And he doesn't call me Dei-chan often, lest I am angry… This may get worse…I need to get help from Kakuzu and Hidan. And secondly… where is Sori?'

"Hey Sasori Danna, have you seen Sori? He has been missing this morning and I couldn't find him anywhere un."

The blonde then noticed the redhead look away with a troubled face.

"Ouh… ehh… He might have went out to play… since I left the back door open last night!"

The artist arched an eyebrow, he doubted that nervous answer.

"Okay… If you say so Danna…C'mon lets go to Hidan's place already un!"

As the innocent teen hopped out of the door, an evil smile placed itself on the scorpion's face.

"Sure… Let's go… Master…"

Writer's Comments

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