Little Blonde Brat- Prologue

Sasori's eyes rolled back into place, his stiff wooden body regained itself and the wrecked puppet stood up from the debris. He growled as he pulled out the two Kanata's that were stuck in his heart cylinder. Pushing aside the other puppets he pulled out the damaged and broken parts of his two favorite puppets, Hiruko and the 3rd Kazekage. The redhead packed the broken bits into one of his remaining empty scrolls and soon dragged his way back to base. Deidara should be back at base prancing and jumping around, worrying for him. He couldn't wait to reach home and embrace the young blonde.

The puppet master reached the entrance of the Akatsuki base, breaking the chakra lock; he walked inside, first seeing the zombie twins, preparing to head out.

"Sasori! Fuck man, you're still alive?" Hidan exclaimed looking at the puppet.

"Yes, I'm still alive… Where's Deidara?"

Silence followed after, Sasori looked at the Jashinist and then Kakuzu.

"Where is Deidara? Did you hear my question?"

The twins looked at each other. The miser nodded his head for the zealot to speak.

"Well Sasori… He… Didn't make it…"

Sasori let out an uneasy laugh but his expression changed when he saw Hidan's serious face.

"You're kidding right?"

The albino shook his head sadly and grabbed the banker's arm.

"Don't take it too hard Sasori…"

With that, he left the base with his immortal partner, sealing the base. Leaving Sasori in darkness, the news was too shocking; the puppet didn't know how to react. He just stood there, eyes glued to the ground. That was not possible. Konan soon came in and saw the missing puppet. She smiled happily and hugged him.

"Welcome home Sasori! I can't believe you're still alive! How-"

Her sentence was cut short when she saw tears falling out from the puppeteer's face. She sighed, looking at the sorrowful face.

"Come on, let's get you settled in."

The kunoichi brought artist up to his room and began to tell him that Deidara's body was never found after the fight with the nine tails. And there was a large crater at the battle scene, so they presumed that he exploded himself. Sasori didn't take this too lightly and broke down. Konan shut the door and gave the redhead some privacy. She sighed yet again, hoping that a miracle could happen.