Little Blonde Brat – Chapter 4

"Do we have to take care of this…thing?"

Sasori growled at Kakuzu as Hidan hugged the adorable blonde which was happily clinging onto him like a monkey. The miser rolled his eyes as the kid crawled on top of the zealot's head, draping his arms over the albino's face like bangs.

"Aww c'mon Kuzu', the kid isn't much of a fucking problem anyway. Give Sasori a break."

"He may be like himself but he has a mind of a kid. So he may be playful sometimes, so keep an eye out for him."

Hidan nodded and place the child on the floor of their room Kakuzu just stared at the little brat as he sat in the room.

"Hey Kuzu' I gotta go get Deidara's toys so keep an eye on him bastard."

"Yeah, yeah I heard you."

Jashinist walked out with Sasori, leaving the boy with the immortal. The child stared at the albino's cupboard, evil smile crawling onto his face. The curious man just stared and arched an eyebrow as the kid toddled over to the closet. He managed to pry the heavy wooden doors open and pulled out one of the lower drawers. Even Kakuzu himself had not touched Hidan's closet. He respected privacy, until the blonde helped him out. The cheeky child laughed as he dug through the forbidden drawer. He began throwing out a few boxers, Blue, grey, purple, white, red… All the colors popped up as the kid dug. A small rainbow appeared around Deidara as he pulled out a number of assorted color underwear. With a playful glee, he pulled out a pair of loose pink boxers and pulled it over his head. The banker could help but snicker and smile at the adorable yet epic sight.

"Ku-zu un…!"

The mini artist was calling him over and he was pointing at the open draw.

"What is it that you find so amusing Brat?"

The miser was a loss for words when he saw lacy lingerie within that wooden draw. His blush was so tremendous, it matched Sasori's hair. The blonde kid couldn't help but laugh at the banker's face.

"Shut up brat, it is not like you're any better."


The child stuck his tongue out at him. And then the albino appeared.

"Hey Dei, here are your- WHAT THE FUCK! Why the SHIT is my stuff on the fucking FLOOR? Kakuzu you dick! You were supposed to keep an eye on that brat!"

"Well…he was bored and why didn't you tell me that you have a taste for this kind of stuff Hidan…?"

The albino was loss for words when his lover pulled out the lingerie he bought a few years ago. His mouth opened and closed like a fish until his attention was turned to the blonde which was still wearing his pink boxers as a hat.

"Fuck you! When I get my hands on you Dei I will fucking strangle you!"

"There will be no strangling of the brat, he helped me out today. YOU will wear this tonight."


"No buts Hidan."

The zealot was put to silence as he pouted. Kakuzu smiled and picked Deidara up, walking over to his uke, he planted a kiss on his cheek and handed the kid over to him. Hidan scoffed and held the kid, glaring at him.

"I blame you Dei."

A small and cute smile appeared as he hugged Hidan. The albino smiled softly, you can't get angry with a kid like this. He pulled the boxer off the kids head and set him on the floor as he went to pick up all the undergarments on the floor. The child looked at his toys and shook his head. He poked the albino in the side asking for something.


"What the hell do you want now brat?"

"Ice-creeeeamm un…!"

"Ice cream, you want Ice cream?"


The albino blinked and wondered. Itachi had a sweet craving lately, Tobi seems bored and Konan doesn't seem that busy lately. Deidara turning into a kid had turned the Akatsuki into a low profile, everyone wasn't given any missions. So maybe bring the kid out for sweets and treats isn't that bad. The Jashinist smiled and picked Deidara up.

"Alright then, we're going out!"

Soon enough the group of four adults and one kid set off to the small village south off base. They kept disguises on as a regular shinobi from an unknown land. There in the village, there was a small but sweet old-fashioned café. They all sat down to chat and eat sweet treats.

"Awwz…! Tobi thinks senpai is nicer this way."

"I can agree with that he is just so cute!"

Konan smiled with glee as the blonde managed to smother his cheeks and mouth with chocolate sauce as the he ate his chocolate banana split.

"So is Pein-sama going to teach him to fight like a genin?"

"I doubt so Itachi. But even so, Deidara still has his mature mind, he can walk and run even, but since he was changed to a fucking kid, he has the mind of his kid self which apparently is like a fucking irritating and lazy brat."


The kid stuck his tongue to the albino who did the same thing. Deidara laughed and giggled, causing all of them to sigh.


"No shit! He is fucking adorable."

The blunette cleaned the kid's mouth and gave the kid a dango. The kid blinked and stuck his tongue out, handing the sugar dough to the Uchiha beside him.


The raven haired man smiled and took the sweet from the tiny kid, patting his head. The happy group laughed with joy and laughter as the bright summer sun set itself, turning the day into dusk…

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