Hi everybody! Okay so this Idea has been rattling around in my head for a few months now, but I've only just been able sit down and get it all out. It was inspired by a dream, like many of my stories seem to be, I do not own Legion, and I am making absolutely no money from this.

~Lest the World Be Full of Souls—

It was dark. But then again, these days it's always dark, weather the sun was out or not, light had nothing to do with it, only the dread.

Marie used the butt of her shot gun to break the store window's glass, before reaching in and opening the door. Looking at the shelves she found a ton of cans, some bread mix that hadn't begun to mold yet, and a whole self of bottled water. She motioned for the others to follow, keeping her eyes on the windows.

Watching for those black eyed, winged bastards.

The group loaded the rations into the van, and she waited until they had set off before slinging her gun over her shoulder, and getting on her motor bike to follow. She kept a lookout on their tail end, and kept up well. Half an hour later, they pulled up to the penitentiary. Marie got off her bike, and radioed up to the gate men. They opened the doors, and were immediately swarmed. Marie, and the other armed patrol guards shot off round after round until the group had, for the most part, safely backed themselves into the gates, and into the prison yard.

Everyone, was checked for possession, before being taken to the med wing, or began toting off the goods to the storage, and assessment rooms. Marie rubbed her brow, and slung her gun, heading to debrief with 'the warden'.

She greeted the other citizens of their small colony, as she passed them in the hall. The greetings she received in return varied depending upon the amount of respect they had for her, many were happy she could do her job so well, and respected her for what sacrifices she made to do her job, while others envied and looked down on her for her youth and higher rank that they believed she did not deserve.

She often wondered herself, but Michael believed she did, so she believed him.

He was an angel, after all. Well that, and the warden.

She came up to his door and sighed, tired. She knocked on the steel door and waited. The door buzzed, and she turned the handle, and went in. Michael sat in his desk, going over security revisions, and emergency evacuation plans for when they eventually had to leave the prison, after exhausting the surrounding resources.

She smiled; he worked so hard, with little time for himself. After allowing to become an angel again, Michael watched man picked off and wiped out, one by one or twenty by twenty, being able to do nothing. So, once again he descended to earth and tore off his wings to gather and help any people left ; that was two years ago.

He looked up, and smiled slightly, obviously tired.

"how did the mission go? Any prospects?"

Marie nodded, "yes, sir. There was a great deal of bread mix, and three generators in the back. We think they can be salvaged, sir." He nodded and motioned to the seat in front of him, Marie took a seat.

"Marie, the scouts have been gone for a month and a half, with no radio contact for a month; it's time we called it a failure. We'll send another in three months, when we will hopefully have more man power." Marie bowed her head, sighing; Ivan's friend Tera had been part of the scout party.

"I will inform the others, and have their rooms readied for reassignment." He smiled, "thank you Marie, you are very responsible for your age, and have seen more than your share of the outside. I can only assume it is your continued faith, I respect that; even more so given the other's criticism."

Marie's hand went to her silver cross on a leather band around her neck. Though the world was being wiped clean, by God, she couldn't help but cling to him even more. She was no saintly spirit, she sinned as much as the next person, but it helped knowing there was a person who loved you anyway; even if he was currently trying to exterminate the human species.

Marie nodded, "Is there anything else sir?" Michael shook his head so, Marie stood and left. She thought about the scout party that had disappeared, like the four before it.

The scouting party, was a team of people, who left the prison on a mission to find a place to go after they exhausted the resources around St. Luke's. none had returned so far, most likely due to the fact that if you left the prison too long, you were hunted down and picked off by 'The Dogs of heaven'.

Marie knew that she would have to be on that next mission, as they had to be led by the current head of guard, so to help survive. That was how she rose through the ranks so quickly, boosted on the shoulders of the dead, her mom said.

Marie and her family had come to St. Luke's a year ago, and when they were having an even harder time surviving and keeping the dogs out. Marie's sister Rachel was a nurse and, her mother was a registered midwife, so she helped organize the shambled med wing.

Marie's father was a mechanic and general engineer, so he became the all-around handy man, and helped fix doors and such. Marie's older brother David, was a child's pastor, and her 20 year old brother Ivan, was a security officer, and weapon specialist. Both him and a 19 year old Marie knew how to, shoot a gun and still kill people with it after it was empty; they handled security.

Both Marie's younger sister Verona, and Daniel's wife Saline could cook, so they went to work in the stockade and the kitchens.

It had been a hard four years, but it would have been even harder if they hadn't been found by a group of scavengers, out looking for food.

Marie's weakening faith had been revived, to an unshakable wall by that, sheer act of god that must have been; Especially seeing as they had all been buried in a pile of rubble.

Marie sighed, and continued to the guard wall, where they made sure nothing came to close to the outer walls. Another guard from the scavenger's troupe and her climbed the ladder, her red hair blowing into her face.

She stood at the top, relieving her brother and another from duty, so they could go get some much needed sleep. About a half hour went by, it was mostly silence, which despite what one might think was a good thing, wasn't. Suddenly a figure rose up, over the horizon, and Marie's eyes widened and she radioed up to Michael to send re-enforcements.

Gabriel, general of the angels, was making a personal appearance.