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Chapter 5 ~ A Walk Around The World

Marie struggled slightly under Gabriel's weight, but the weight she could deal with; the silence was what bugged her.

"So…I don't suppose you happen to remember that time you almost knocked me off the high wall?" She said with a wary humor. He looked down at her, and frowned as though personally insulted that she had attempted to initiate a conversation. The small red head rolled her eyes, thinking to herself Sor-ry your highness, Excuse my attempt at civility.

Suddenly Verona came from behind the corner as though she had been waiting for Marie, "Hey M! Guess what David said-" but she froze when she saw Gabriel. Marie could almost see the cogs turning in her little sister's mind, deciding what to say to the giant that was currently leaning on her older sister.

"Wow, You're REALLY big! Did'ya eat a lot of broc'ly?" She said neck craning to look at his face.

Marie bit the inside of her mouth to keep from laughing, as Gabriel's face screwed up in a confused manner. "What would my Diet have to do with my muscle structure?" Marie just shook her head, "Gabriel sir, this is my younger sister Verona." Gabriel glanced at her briefly and nodded.

They carried on like this, Verona walking beside Gabriel and Marie asking really mundane questions, but at a hundred miles per hour. When they finally got back to Marie's room, Verona looked at her little Pokémon watch, "Uh, oh! I've gotta get to the kitchen, we're making bread for ta'marrow and Saline'll skin my butt if I'm late again. Bye!" Marie waved as her little sister took off like a flash, before noticing the horrified look on Gabriel's face.

"What's up big guy?" He looked at her like she was insane for not feeling the same, "I hardly think that removing the skin from that child's rear end is an appropriate punishment for tardiness!"

Marie almost dropped Gabriel she was laughing so hard, "Sir, My sister in law has no intention to skin Verona's backside, it's a metaphor meaning she'll be very angry."

After Marie had put him down on the bed in her cell, Gabe calmed down slightly, but still didn't understand why Verona would say something like that. Marie tried to explain it, but couldn't without sounding horrific in Gabriel's eyes.

"Look, I'm going to go get you some food; Do not under circumstance open this door for anyone other than your brother, or myself, Got that?" He nodded, and picked up Marie's copy of The Call of the Wild, off the small table next to her bedopening the very dog-eared book. She noticed, nodding "Feel free to read it, It's a good book."

She left, heading towards the clothing requisition office first. A small crowd had gathered at the door way, as it tended to be the gossip hub of the colony. They quieted when she approached; parting so she could get through. At the small desk inside, Quincy the man in charge of the office looked up, and smiled his weird nosy neighbor smiled and stood. He was easily 70 years old, but had the aura of a man still in his trouble making days.

As to say, annoying and full of unnecessary flattery.

"Ah, Captain Wilder! Always a pleasure, how are you feeling after your little…ruckus with that angel fellow?" a smattering of chuckles and mocking laughter went through the crowd.

Marie rolled her eyes, and faked a smile, "Quite fine Quinton, I assure you. I am here to requisition a set of clothing for our guest; I believe he would be rather on the large side." Old Quincy and his group of chuckle buddies quieted down.

"Really, captain?" the elderly man said hesitantly, hands wringing nervously.

She met his eyes with a stony demeanor, "Did I stutter? I requested clothing for the general, and I expect it by the time I return from the mess, understood?" Quincy nodded, while he was mischievous, he was not and idiot. Marie nodded and turned sharply in the direction of the mess hall, ignoring the rising voices of the gossip mill behind her.

Soon, she came to the mess hall door and pushed it open. She let herself relax a bit in the familiar surroundings, and casually approached the counter and grabbed a tray.

"Hey M! I didn't expect to see you for a few hours, Verona said you were in a meeting with Michael, and those tend to run on a while." Saline greeted her younger sister in law, and Marie smiled pleasantly. "Heya, Saline. I'm here to get some food for our newest inmate; he needs something to help break down the narcotics in his system." Saline nodded, and loaded the tray with sweet bread and fruit.

On her way out of the mess hall, Marie was intercepted by her least favorite people and they smelt like alcohol.

"We-ll, well, well If it ain't the good cap'n whore!" the ring leader of their group stepped –or rather hobbled- directly in her path, closely followed by his lackeys. The group smelt heavily of alcohol, the origins of which she did not know. She narrowed her eyes, and set Gabriel's tray down on a table nearby.

"Is there a reason you backwoods birdbrains smell even worse than usual?" They just grinned at her and the group leader stepped into her personal space, and spoke, breathing his stank breath into her face.

"Ya'know cap'n, there's a lot that goes on 'round here ya don't know nothing about…and ain't nobody gonna tell ya."

Marie scrunched up her face, and turned her head trying to avoid the hillbilly's stink. She pulled her fist back and whipped it forward, nailing him straight in the nose effectively breaking it. As the idiot tried to stop the blood gushing from his nose, a set of Marie's guards came over to subdue his gang.

"Gentlemen, put these sorry sonsabitches in the tank, and search their quarters for any kind of still or alcohol manufacturing devices. Then alert the warden, I intend to petition for a group expulsion."

The guards nodded, "Yes ma'am, Captain Wilder."

After the red necks were escorted out, Marie grabbed the tray and dropped by the clothing requisition office before making her way back to her cell block. Marie knocked on the door. "Sir, It's me you can open the door."

She hears a small scuffling sound and then the door opened, revealing an unbalanced Gabriel. "Oh, for goodness sake, sit down before you break something!" He made his way back to the bed, and sat looking unsteady even in such a reclined position. She tugged her small bedside table over to the bed and sat the trey down. She handed him his silverware and instructed him to eat, while she pulled up a chair and sharpened her army knife.

After he was done he watched her silently, and thoughtfully. Ten minutes of silence passed before he said anything. "I do remember." She looked up from her knife, and raised a scared brow.
"Excuse me?" He sits back on the cot, "I remember nearly knocking you off the wall. Your hair is quite a memorable feature."

The captain of the guard cracked a grin which quickly morphed into a belly laugh, and Gabriel couldn't help but crack his own small grin.

Maybe this little arrangement might actually work out.