Summary: Rosalie like likes her best friend's sister Bella Swan, but there's something about Bella that doesn't seem quite right.

Chapter 1: there's something about her…..

As I walked in I saw the one beauty I'll dream of. God, there she is. Sitting on the couch. She's beautiful without even trying. No make up no nice clothing; just natural skin and sweats. Nervously I say, "Hi, Bella." Oh god, I hope she didn't think that was dumb.

Looking up from her book she gave a nod. Great, not even a 'hi Rosalie'? Nothing. I just wanted to hear my name roll of her tongue in her beautiful voice. I want her so much I really do. But that would be wrong, because she's my best friend's sister her younger sister anyway.

I felt a thin arm link to mine and tug me towards Bella. "Come on Rose, we're watching a movie." Facing Bella she yelled, "Bella, get your little ass out of here!" You might think that Alice is being mean to Bella but she was smiling as she said so. She was just joking around.

Bella looked back at us but I felt like she was only staring at me but I knew best. It was only my imagination. She would never think of me like that. Even if she is a lesbian she would never like me. She would only see me as Rosalie Hale her sister's best friend.

As Bella smiled at us she yelled over towards the kitchen where Mrs. Swan was making us dinner; pizza, "Mom, Alice is kicking me out of the living room!"

"Alice, let your sister watch the movie with you guys or I'm going to pick the movie for you guys," Mrs. Swan yelled back.

Alice glared at her sister and just mumbled a 'okay' before plopping down next to Bella. I sat down next to Alice.

As the movie started I couldn't even concentrate on it, I could only glance at Bella from the corner of my eye.

Then something very odd happened, Bella abruptly stood up rubbing the place on her shoulder blades. Then ran out of the house. I looked over at Alice with a questioning look.

Alice just replied with a simple, "She just needs a run once in a while."

All I could think of was, 'there's something more than just a run.'

Watching the rest of the movie I waited for Bella to come back. But nothing happened. She didn't come back when the movie ended either. What happened?