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Chapter 7: It's the fly!

Bella's Point of View

With my arms around Rosalie I jumped up in the air and started flapping my wings. I always feel so energetic when I'm flying. I just feel so free, as free as a bird you could say. Since Rose isn't very fond of heights I'll have to get her into heights. Maybe skydiving would work well, no, that's just a joke. She'll get used to it as we do it more often, I bet she just loves it right now. From what I've heard the first flight with your marked one is always the best.

I looked down at Rose and saw that her arms were over here eyes. Never mind about enjoying herself, she looks so terrified. Lifting my head back up I said, "You don't have to worry Rosalie, you can uncover you're eyes and see the world from a birds eye view." Ha, bird.

I felt Rosalie shifting. That means she has finally uncovered her eyes. Another good thing is she's gripping onto my arm. Oh those soft, warm, lush hands just feel so nice gripping my hand. Feeling how good it felt made me forget about flying for a minute and we almost swerved into a tree, so a not so good thing is we had to swerve fast. Let me just say it wasn't so good for Rosalie.

Her hands flew back to her eyes and she said in a very nervous voice, I might add, "Did we hit the tree yet?"

Giggling, I don't giggle by the way, I said, "No, Rosie-Posy," I could feel her relax as I said the nickname that I just came up with, "We would've crashed into it by now, don't you think?"

Taking her hands away from her eyes she gasped as I lowered down so we were only a few inches above the long lake I was flying above. Rose unclasped her hand from my arm and lowered it so it brushed against the water. I felt little sprays of fresh water as it bounced off her fingertips and into the air we are flying.

"This is so beautiful, Bella," She said lovingly as she took her hand back to her sides. "Flying must be so amazing to you, you can fly anytime you want."

Smiling I said, "And sometimes not anytime I want. Sometimes I just have to go for a fly, know what I mean." Of course she doesn't know what you mean. She doesn't have wings for crying out loud. "Right, sorry, no wings, I forgot." How could I forget? I have to carry her in order for her to fly.

"What do you mean by 'Sometimes I just have to go for a fly," Rosalie said making sure the word have stuck out from her sentence. I knew it.

As I looked ahead I said, "Sometimes my wings get a little restless, so I have to let them out for a breather."

Putting the puzzle together she said, "Aha! That's why you stood up holding your back. You had to go for a fly!" It sounds weird, even to me, and I have wings!

Turning to go back home I saw a glimpse of something shiny. Then I felt this pain in my wing. Gasping in pain I fell to the forest ground probably getting sticks and junk in my hair. The only good thing was my weight didn't hurt Rosalie, because I had turned before I could fall onto the ground.

"Ow, ow, ow, damnit that hurts!" I said trying to look at my wing, which was as successful as a dog trying to catch it's tail.

Getting all worried and girlfriend like Rosalie pulled on my wing making me whimper out, which made her even more concerned.

"Babe, do you think you can fly back?" With this wing I don't think so. "Because who ever shot you is getting closer."

Oh perfect, this is just some perfect fly huh?