Getting to Malibu didn't take very long, as it was the next state over so the flock hung out close by until I gave the signal. Dylan wasn't happy about letting me go in there alone with Fang, but he didn't have a say in this, I wasn't doing this to spend some personal time with my ex, I was doing it to get my Mum the heck outta there. Of course being side by side with Fang like the good old times was a bonus.

By 3pm I had waited for Fang in the exact spot he had mentioned in his email and right on time he gracefully flew in from behind some old aspen tree and landed in front of me.

"Glad you came." He said short and sweet. A typical sentence from Fang.

"Like I'm gonna miss this!" I boasted peering through the large steel bars of the gate that led up to the house we would be dining in. Soon others began to crowd around the gate and I turned to Fang.

"Oh we're a little early, wanted us to be the first ones here just to be safe." He said looking around at the genetically enhanced super humans as a lack of words.

A woman with short white hair tied up neatly on top of her head came waltzing down the path on the other side of the gate. She looked important and very strict, I wondered if she was one of the True-One Lights top dogs.

"Good evening everyone, I'm very glad you could all make it here today. Before I let you through I would like to introduce myself as Lady Francine. But you can all call me Ms. Francine.

Now, through these gates lies over 4 acres of meadow with stunning rock formations, decorative trees and a wide range of hiking, biking and riding trails which has been here for generations. This is private land only so you are very lucky to be given a chance such as this so don't mess it up! More importantly don't touch anything and keep yourself to yourself at all times." The old crow squawked, standing up straight with her arms behind her back like she had been in the military for the past 60 years. Everyone looked positively scared out of their skins all except Fang and me of course. We couldn't help a snicker or two when she pronounced her letters with a high pitched squeak.

As soon as the old hag opened the gate everyone slowly moved forward and began to follow behind. We walked for a while and I felt like I was on some sort of safari tour, but without all the animals. Then again…

"This place is too quiet." Fang whispered in my ear and a shiver suddenly danced down my spine making me rub my arms my body to keep me warm, even though it wasn't even remotely cold.

"Here." Fang whispered again, handing me his sexy leather jacket and putting it over my shoulders.

It was incredibly warm and for the rest of the walk Fangs alluring scent filled my nostrils and made my heart beat ten times faster.

"As you can see, the house is built upon a layer of rocks, making it look smaller than it actually is." The old woman recited.

The house looked way bigger than old hag Francine was letting on, its windows were about 20 foot of pure double glazed glass with several balconies that I could see just from down here.

The dark wooden steps that swirled around leading up to the house was just perfect in itself.

If I could picture my dream home, it would probably look something like this.

"This house is incredible!" Someone behind me shouted and I rolled my eyes. Took you long enough, I could see this house from all the way back down the path. Call yourself a mutant?

I felt Fangs eyes on me and I turned to look at him. He was grinning his sexy half grin that I loved so much that I felt my heart begin to do backflips in my chest.

"Why are you grinning?" I whispered and he leaned in closer, his scent re-filling my nose.

"Because you rolled your eyes at the kid behind because he couldn't see what you apparently could." Fang replied. I would have been pondering on the fact that Fang had said such a long sentence but he was actually right and it bothered me. He knew exactly what I was thinking and he knew exactly what the face I made meant.

Fang knew everything about me because we'd been together for so long we could practically read each other like books. Well, he could. It was always difficult for me to read exactly what Fang is thinking or feeling because of how un-emotional he is.

Suddenly I felt my mood turn sour and for some strange reason all I could think about was how happy we used to be, before Dylan, before Angel had told us her premonition of Fang dying first and before Dr. Hans nearly killed him. I felt pathetic at how down I was feeling right now and remembered what Dylan had told me; I shouldn't dwell on the past, just live for the future. But how could I forget the past if it was standing right next to me and all I could smell was Fang!

"Max are you okay?" Fang asked putting his hand on my shoulder. I quickly nodded and turned away, but then I remembered something else. This was Fang. You might be able to fool Dylan with that crap, maybe even the flock, but it sure doesn't fool Fang.

"Right this way please. But remember; don't touch anything!" The Hagster boomed spraying the kids on the front row with her spit.

As we entered the house we were shown around and told where we will be eating and where we can change and shower for dinner. The floor in the main entrance was wooden and shiny and I felt like I was being rude just by walking on it. Of course we were all told to wipe our feet at least five hundred times before we walked in but yet she still shouted at anyone who made a squeak on the floor with their shoes.

"Everyone pair up and I will show you to your rooms." She said more calmly this time. Then it hit me; me and Fang in a room together. Alone. I started to get butterflies in my stomach at the thought of showering and changing in the same room as him, but I couldn't let him see I was this nervous so I forced myself to act as normal as I possibly could.

"Up the stairs now to your rooms." Francine demanded giving us each a key to our rooms. I took ours and began searching the long modern corridor for room 23.

"Max, here." Fang called pointing to room 23.

"Nice catch." I said and he smiled warmly at me. I put the key in the lock and turned it. As I opened the door, inside was the largest king sized bed I had ever seen. Great, I hope I don't actually have to sleep in that with Fang. I blushed and began searching for the bathroom. There was three doors in the room, one which was the bathroom, one was a towel cupboard with soaps and robes in and the last one was a closet for clothes, not that we had any.

I sat down on the bed next to Fang and he looked won at his hands and played with his nails. I took of his jacket and realised it actually was cold in here.

"Jeez it's freezing in here!" I said to Fang putting his jacket back on.

"That's because the air con is on full blast." Fang explained pointing above us to the A.C. In normal rooms you could just flip a switch somewhere and its off but you would need to be Spiderman to get to those buttons. The ceiling was too high for even Fang to reach. He stood up and began turning his gaze to the ceiling then back to the walls. Just as I was about to ask him what the heck he's doing Fang took a running jump at the wall and bounced off grabbing on to a strange metal bar that just so happened to be on the ceiling for some reason.

He hung there for some time before trying to find the right button. I couldn't help but laugh at him hanging like that. Then the door burst open and the Old Hag appeared with her arms cross.

"What the devil do you think you're doing?" She exploded at Fang spitting like a Llama.

"I'm turning the A.C off cause its freezing in here." He replied calmly dropping himself onto the bed.

"Don't touch a single thing is that clear? Dinner is at 15.00 hours I suggest you shower and make yourself look presentable!" She screamed throwing us piles of clothes from out of know where.

"But how am I meant to shower if I can't touch anything?" Fang asked with a serious look but I could tell he was joshing her around.

"Don't talk back to me, just DO IT!" She exclaimed and slammed the door shut. I laughed at Fang and he began laughing back.

"She seriously needs a chill pill." Fang laughed. I had never seen Fang act this way before. He was so different; the old Fang would never have talked back to her.

"I guess having your own flock has made you more talkative huh?" I smiled.

"Yeah guess so. They won't listen to me if I don't tell them whose boss you know?" He told me and I nodded.

"You can shower first if you like." Fang said looking through a pile of clothes we were given. Didn't look like there was anything black either. Fang wasn't going to be happy.

"Okay sure." I said picking up a white top with the words 'Bossy' on it and a faded pair of jeans.

"Great nothing black. Stupid old hag." Fang muttered to himself as

I headed into the shower. It was then that I realised how much I still really loved Fang. How I longed to kiss his lips and touch his bare skin. No! I shouldn't be thinking these things! I shook my head and stood in the large bathtub under the power shower hoping that all these feelings would just go down the drain. Fang left me remember?

I quickly washed my hair and body and got dressed and put a comb through my knotted hair.

I wanted to get out fast because I wanted to talk to Fang some more. I didn't want to waste any time being with him, even though I knew that it probably wasn't a good idea. After brushing my hair I opened the door and he walked in.

"Is the shower any good?" He asked.

"Oh yeah it's great." I replied unable to stop staring into his dark mysterious eyes.

He smiled and placed his clothes neatly on the floor. I checked my phone to see if I had any messages from the flock. Zero. I turned back around and the bathroom door was still open slightly and through the gap I could make out Fang taking off his shirt and throwing it to the floor.

Then he reached for his belt and began pulling it off. I felt hot all over at the sight of Fang shirtless that I couldn't pull my eyes away.

He slowly looked up and saw me looking and I blushed like crazy.

He walked over to the door and I half expected him to slam it shut or something but instead he opened it up even more and smiled at me.

"Sorry." He apologised and then shut the door. Unbelievable.

My heart beat began to get back to normal after a few minutes until my phone rang making me jump 50 feet in the air.

"Hello?" I spoke into the phone pacing myself for another one of Nudges rambles about how Gazzy has let one off or how Iggy isn't letting her do something she wanted to but it wasn't Nudge.

"Hey it's me. I just wondered if you're okay? How's it going?" Dylan's voice calmly echoed through my ear.

"Yeah I'm okay, I haven't spotted my mum yet, but Fang and myself will be going to a dinner or something in a few minutes so I'll see if she's around then." I told him.

"Oh so where are you now?" He asked which was another way of saying what are you and Fang doing right now.

"Just waiting in a room until we're told to come out." I said knowing that if I told him I had just showered in the next room to Fang he would probably flip out and get all jealous so I tried to save myself the headache.

"Okay, well as soon as you have Dr.M ring me and I'll help you or something." He said in a sweet caring tone.

"Alright thanks I might need it. This place has it's own drill sergeant and she's a tough cookie." I laughed and I heard him laugh too. His voice was so beautiful. Just pretend I didn't say that.

"Okay talk to you soon. Be careful. I love you." Dylan declared making my eyes suddenly grow wider. I had never actually heard him say that to me before and even though I knew he loved me, hearing him say those awkward three little words took me by complete surprise. I hung up the phone and began searching through draws and cupboards to take my mind off Dylan.

"Your mind will never wander far from the thought of Dylan, Maximum. No matter how hard you try, you will always be thinking about him." My voice stated. Brilliant, just what I needed. An irritating, uncanny voice to tell me what I should be thinking. Please go away before I scream.

"You have to understand Maximum that Dylan and yourself were always meant to be. Soon enough you will realise this and your history and love for Fang will be nothing but a fond memory." The voice explained. I had trouble believing such crap but I suppose I should know by now that anything is possible and anything could happen. But I doubted it. Fang would always be more to me than just a 'fond memory' to me. Saying that I suppose I couldn't deny that Dylan and I had become more… what's the word I'm looking for?

"Close?" The voice asked. Close was definitely not the word I was going to use but sure if you want to put it that way then yes, perhaps, but there was still no way… Fang was here and….

"And he would be leaving again? He would go back to his flock and you yours? I'm very sure that in this small time you've had with Fang he isn't going to suddenly drop everything and come running back to you. Even if he still loves you." The voice spoke making my bottom lip quiver. Do you really think I don't know all this! I can't help but wonder. Sometimes I like to think 'what if' but most of the time I just try and take it as it comes and just be happy with it. It's hard but I try and I knew that being here with Fang today was going to push some of my buttons but I risked it because I thought it might help. Obviously I was wrong. Sorry for being 98% human.

The voice was silent and I struggled to hold back the tears. I found a box of tissues and wiped my wet cheeks before Fang saw me like this. I couldn't have him think I was pathetic too.

I sat on the bed waiting for Fang to be ready, waiting till we could find my Mum and be done with this place. I couldn't hear the water running any longer and assumed Fang was almost done. The handle on the door moved down and out appeared Fang with a grey shirt with random black designs and a light pair of denim jeans. I completely forgot with all that happened just now that Fang wasn't wearing any black. I had to admit he looked super hot!

"Who was on the phone earlier? Let me guess…Your new lover?" Fang said rather sinister and I knew he had heard me talking with Dylan.

"It was Dylan yes. Just wanted to make sure everything was all right. As for the new lover thing, I don't think so." I replied not taking my eyes off Fang's 'new look'.

"I see. Well what do you think? Be honest, do you think I look…Gay?" Fang asked with a worried look and I nearly burst out with laughter.

"Are you kidding? You've never looked better. In my opinion, you look amazing." I told him watching his cheeks go pink. He walked slowly over towards me and placed himself next to me on the bed. There was complete silence for a few seconds and I had a bad feeling something was about to happen.

"Max, don't go out with him." Fang said rather sudden and out of the blue. It took me a few moments to interpret what he meant.

"I'm not I swear." Was all I could say.

"Good, because I don't want you too. I know that's selfish of me to say so but I really don't want you to go out with him." Fang had a sad look spread across his face and I could tell he was really serious about this.

"Well it's not like I have plans to date him. Why this all of a sudden?" I asked and he paused for a while as though trying to think how he could begin to explain.

"I can't bare the thought of you dating that… that clone." Fang began angrily. "It just doesn't seem right to me and I think you deserve better than him Max." He told me which confused the hell out of me. Why did Fang think Dylan wasn't good enough for me?

"I don't quite understand. At what level do you have the right to tell me that someone isn't right for me, when you're the one that left me with nothing but a stinking note and decided that I'm better off without you, when you know all too well that it's total garbage!" I argued getting more worked up than I had wanted. The last thing I had wanted to do was argue with Fang when we could be enjoying what time we have together alone. Even if we shouldn't.

"I know how you feel and I can't tell you how sorry I am for that. But I just don't understand what you see in that fake experiment!" Fang raised his voice.

"Well, I can tell you a little something about fake experiments. Take Maya for example. What's with that! Explain to me how she is any different from Dylan?" I folded my arms and waited for a reply but I didn't get one. Fang lifted his head from the floor and looked at me. I could see the pain in his eyes and I knew how strongly he felt about Dylan.

"I'm sorry Max. I just don't want you ending up with a guy like that." Fang trailed off.

"I suppose you want me to end up with a guy more like…you?" I asked in my stubborn tone.

"No I didn't mean…"Fang sighed and put his head in his hands. "Even though I know what I did was completely wrong to you and believe me I regret it. I just always imagined it would be us together." He mumbled into his hands.

"Well I don't know if that's the case anymore." I told him and he looked even more hurt than before.

"Just promise me you won't go out with him. Promise me you won't do what Dr. Hans told you to do. Don't… y'know." Fang pleaded seeming desperate.

"I doubt that's gonna happen but I've learned anything can happen so I guess I can't promise anything."

"Max please. Don't breed with him. If you need an heir that bad, then pick me. Don't pick him!" Fang was practically begging now. Fang never pleaded or begged in his entire life. He really had changed. He was still a complete stranger to me. I felt like I hardly knew him now.

"Fang what are you saying?" I exclaimed with wide eyes.

"I'm saying that if you need an heir to carry on after you, to save the world when you're not around then I'm your guy. Just remember that. It would have ended up that way if I hadn't of left you anyway." Fang responded as though he knew how everything was going to plan out. I never knew he felt that way towards me.

I guess if he hadn't left us then we would probably end up getting married and having our own children one day but hearing him talk like this is just hard to take in.

I mean, who does he think he is saying these things to me? Dylan has been there for me and saved my life and he's only been here a few weeks. He's risked his own life for me and he doesn't deserve to be badmouthed by Fang in that way.

"Please tell me you'll think about it? And we will get back together Max. One day in the near future I hope." He squeezed my hand before getting up and reaching for the door.

Now what was I supposed to do?