The Sometimes Spectacular, Sometimes Sucktacular, Dates Of Klaine

AN: So this idea came to me as I was sorting through lettuce at work, 'the dates of Klaine!'. I've got about a dozen ideas right now, but I'm up for, and encourage, suggestions.

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Late June

When Kurt had suggested they go bowling, Blaine hadn't expected this.

He'd expected Kurt to own his own bowling shoes, the boy was very picky about his shoes, but he hadn't expected the bowling ball, snazzy glove, or the maintenance kit all stashed away in a designer looking black bag that perfectly matched with Kurt's black, purple and gray ensemble and similarly coloured 10 lb ball.

"How often do you go bowling Kurt?" Was the only thing Blaine could think to say when Kurt ignored the rental counter and went straight to a locker in the far corner of the alley and pulled out his gear.

"I don't know." Kurt shrugged and led Blaine back towards the rental counter. "Hi, Mark."

"Kurt." The bored looking guy behind the counter nodded. "A family of five's using your usual lane, but 12's open." Mark blew a gum bubble that popped loudly.

Blaine got distracted from the words 'usual lane' by the wild thought that only stereotypical bored girls were supposed to do the gum popping thing.

"That's alright. Two," Kurt looked Blaine over. "Maybe 2 hours."

"That's shorter than usual." Mark shrugged but started clicking away at his keyboard. "Fifteen. Will this one need rentals?"

"Blaine?" Kurt asked. Blaine shook his head surprised to be spoken too. His head had gone back to 'usual lane'. How often did Kurt come here? He has a locker, and a 'usual lane' and knows the guy behind the counter by name, and the guy knows how long Kurt bowls for! "Do you need shoes?"

"Oh…yeah." Blaine answered stupidly. "Size 10."

"That's two more." Bored Mark said and turned behind him to fish the shoes out. Kurt pulled his wallet out and Blaine snapped too enough to try and stop him.

"No." Kurt said firmly. "I get ten percent off. Otherwise I'd complain but let you pay anyway." Blaine retracted his hand. Kurt likes me buying him things? He always complains…but maybe he just likes the show of it. Blaine thought happily.

"Here." Mark banged the ugly red, yellow and brown shoes on the counter. "15.30." Mark said and held out his hand for Kurt's money. Kurt handed him a twenty. "4.70, have a good game."

"See ya later, Mark." Kurt waggled his fingers and tucked his money away. "C'mon Blaine."

For whatever stupid reason, Blaine hadn't put two and two together. Kurt had all his own stuff, a locker, knew the people who worked here, and they knew him. Kurt had made an offhand comment about having three bowling balls in different colours and weights to match his mood and outfit. Kurt had bowled a strike his first ball without even a warm up.

All that, however, still didn't prepare Blaine for the 225 Kurt bowled and the measly 77 Blaine managed their first game.

"You're amazing." Blaine said as he stared in complete shock at the board. "You're one hundred percent amazing."

"Glad to see we agree." Kurt laughed.

Blaine tore his eyes away from the board that proclaimed just how amazing his boyfriend was. Kurt was standing there, one gloved hand held out like he'd just waved it, a smirk on his face that was slowly slipping into that self-conscious look he still sometimes got around Blaine, like he wasn't sure he was supposed to have said or done that. "Me too." Blaine agreed. "Can we go to the bathroom so I can kiss you?"

Kurt's mouth fell open slightly, his eyes widening. Blaine supposed it was because he'd never really been that forward about this before. Kurt nodded slowly, then sat down and began to take his shoes off and put on his slip ons. [He'd told Blaine before that he'd specifically worn them today so he wouldn't have to go crazy over two pairs of shoes.]

"Why are you taking your shoes off?" Blaine asked.

"It's bad to get them wet. You're should be fine 'cause they're rentals, but you should take them off anyway." Kurt answered, his voice a little higher than normal.

"I'm sure a lot have people have taken them into the bathroom." Kurt was putting on his other slip on and Blaine didn't want to wait anymore to kiss him. "I wish I could just kiss you out in the open."

"They might not let us back in." Kurt shook his head and led the way into the bathroom. Luckily it was empty so there was no one to see them go into the handicap stall together.

"Kurt." Blaine said once the door was bolted. Said boy turned around and Blaine attacked his face. "You're amazing." Blaine said between kisses. "Amazing." He backed Kurt up slowly, until he was pressed against the stall door.

"I love you." Kurt whispered.

"I love you, too." Blaine pressed his lips more gently to Kurt's. He breathed in Kurt's unique smell. He wasn't a very good olfactory identifier, i.e.: he had a sucky sense of smell, but Kurt always smelled so good. "We have about an hour and a half left right?"

Kurt looked at his watch. Blaine was struck by how easily Kurt read the analog clock that Blaine himself wasn't able to figure without pointedly thinking about it. "A little less. You were slow your last few turns, and our detour didn't help. Shit, we just left the stuff!" Kurt remembered suddenly and was out of the bathroom before Blaine could even think to stop him.

By the time Blaine got back to appropriate lane, Kurt was finished lacing his bowling shoes back up and was setting up the board for the next game. Blaine watched Kurt's swift fingers, moving almost before the prompt and which definitely took a lot of practice. "You come here a lot."

"Dad was on one of the leagues here for a few years when I was younger. It got to be too much though, something about one of his main guys at the shop quitting and needing to take on more hours to compensate." Kurt explained as he typed 'Blaine Warbler' into the first name slot. "He couldn't find a sitter he liked when I was little, so I went a lot of places with him. It's why I know so much about cars. He'd have me dropped off at the shop by the school bus after school and put me in the office to do my homework till closing. When he joined the league he figured why not just take me too. The latest they ever went was ten and I was about that old by then, so I could stay up if I was occupied. I got bored of the arcade quickly, and just started bowling too. I like it, so I still come whenever the mood strikes." He typed his own name in as 'Kurt Blackbird'.

"I guess the mood strikes often?" Blaine asked. The pins reset so he could throw. "We're birds today I see."

"For now. That's one of the fun things, messing up people's names so nobody knows who goes when. It works better when there are a lot of people though." Kurt smirked. "Go, throw your infamous gutter ball."

"It's no infamous! And I don't throw gutter balls that often." Blaine defended and got his borrowed alley ball.

"You threw three in a row, and then another three throughout the game. There are only ten frames." Kurt deadpanned. "You, Blaine Warbler, suck at this."

Blaine narrowed his eyes, then thought of something. "Then teach me, sensei."

"You're the oriental one." Kurt raised just one eyebrow. "But whatever. You have to do this." Kurt proceeded to take his own ball and, in slow motion, execute a perfect strike. "It's about where you aim and how you release. Let me see what you do, you can take my frame, I'll still beat you."

"Thanks so much, you're the best boyfriend ever." Blaine glared for a second but then did what he always did.

"Okay, so that's where you're going wrong. Your swing is all crooked, and I bet you're looking at the pins to aim aren't you?"

"Well yeah." Blaine nodded.

"They're too far away. C'mere, you see those arrows. Aim at them. We'll work on your throw and then we'll figure out your sweet spot. Mines just to the right of the second right arrow."

For about half an hour all Blaine heard was "PENGELEUM!" and "NO, you're doing it WRONG."

By the time they were done Blaine was absolutely sure of two things. One, he was never asking Kurt to teach him something again. Kurt got really frustrated when Blaine didn't understand what he was talking about, and he wasn't very clear when he explained things. Two, Blaine was actually a pretty decent bowler when he ignored Kurt's advice and just sang to himself under his breath instead as he threw the ball. Who knew why?

Kurt beat the crap out of him point wise, but it was alright. After Blaine had convinced Kurt to stop trying to teach him anything, they had a good time. Blaine had the pleasure of watching Kurt eat cheese fries and nachos while drinking a chocolate shake. The other boy didn't even once mention what it would do to his skin or figure. Blaine wasn't about to bring it up, he liked Kurt however Kurt wanted to be.

"Our time's up." Kurt sighed as he bowled his last strike. Blaine was jealous of how little Kurt actually had to pay attention to do that. Blaine had only managed two the entire night.

"Wanna play in the arcade?" Blaine asked hopefully. "I think I saw a pinball machine in there, or a racing game. I love racing games."

"It's a Need For Speed type thing, yeah." Kurt nodded. "You really want to play?" Blaine nodded. "Alright, but I'm really bad at videogames. Let's return your shoes first, and I'll put my stuff in the lockers."

It took them five minutes to be sitting in the hard plastic driver's seats for the racing game. Blaine fed it some quarters for them both and let the game go. Within thirty seconds Kurt's screen was blowing up. In another minute, it was blowing up again. Every few minutes Kurt died, having to feed the machine another quarter. Blaine was a bit distracted by Kurt's utter fail at this and only managed to get in third at best on all his races. "You don't have to keep playing, Kurt." Blaine said after Kurt blew up for the eighth time.

"I want to win now." Kurt complained.

"Let me see what you do." Blaine abandoned his own game for a moment to watch how Kurt played. Kurt drove, jerking the wheel too hard and too often. "No, babe, you can't do that. Let me show you. Watch." Blaine started his own game and put his attention into it. He almost forgot Kurt was watching him by the time the finish line was looming. He pushed the gas button harder, even though it didn't do anything, and rocketed across the finish line in first. "See what I did. You can't be so rough with it. Or too gentle, you have to find the balance. And turns are the hardest, so don't expect to get that right off the bat. So you try now."

Kurt fed his machine more quarters and Blaine watched as he went from too rough to too gentle and back to too rough, it was an endless cycle and he twisted and turned out of control. His game car smashed into three other cars and the wall, blowing up instantly.

"Maybe pinball." Blaine suggested, unease with the fake screams and slightly creepy laugh the game over screen was making.

Kurt glared at him and pointedly put in another quarter.

Nearly five dollars later Kurt finally conceded defeat and let Blaine lead him to the pinball machine. Kurt was just as fail at that, but so was Blaine so they at least evened out. As the ball dropped between the keys as Blaine accidently hit the button too late, Blaine realized something. "Kurt!"

"DAMN IT, BLAINE! You made me loose the ball!" Kurt snapped and glared at his machine. "What?"

"We both suck at this." Blaine explained. "It's the first time all night we've both been sucky at the same thing."

"O…kay…and this is supposed to be a good thing?" Kurt asked, clearly confused.

"Yes. We're on equal footing." Blaine nodded. "Which seems like the perfect segue to us leaving and making out in your car."

"How is that the perfect segue?" Kurt asked, but he was already moving away from the pinball machine and towards the door. Blaine trotted slightly to catch up.

"Well Porcelain," Blaine began, using one of the many names they'd come up for the bowling board. "Because if we're on equal footing, then it's making out. If one of us is being better at something, the other is getting kissed. Don't ask who made the rules, they're just the rules."

"You totally just made that up you liar. That's not a real thing." Kurt laughed. "You just want to make out."

"Damn straight I do." Blaine answered. "Or rather, damn gay."

"Why do I like you again?" Kurt shook his head at Blaine's admittedly lame joke.

"Because you think I'm sexy?" Blaine answered. "Oh my god, I have to sing that to you one day. The Rod Stewart song."

"How do you even know that song? It isn't Top Forty." Kurt stared, completely ignoring the other part of what Blaine had said.

"I listen to more than Top Forty." Blaine defended. "And my mom loves Rod Stewart, she blasts his CDs whenever she's cleaning."

They stepped outside, and Blaine was surprised to find the sun almost done setting. "How long have we been in there?"

Kurt checks his watch, impressively quickly again. "Almost four hours."

"Wow." Blaine shook his head. "Oh this means it'll be dark enough with your window tints that we can make out in the parking lot instead of some random shoulder off a random back road near a random field." Blaine jumped a little excitedly.

"But I like our random back road shoulder fields." Kurt said and Blaine had to stare. He was pretty damn sure Kurt had just successfully pulled off coy.

"We can still go there if you want." Blaine put a hand on Kurt's arm briefly, wishing he could hold him properly in public like he wanted too.

"No." Kurt watched Blaine's hand as it slid off his arm. He licked his lips and Blaine wondered if Kurt knew he did that. "We can be in the parking lot."

Blaine smiled. They walked the last few feet in silence, and both got in the back without prompt. Once the door was shut Blaine was on Kurt. "You smell so good." Blaine said as he put his face in Kurt's neck. He wasn't very good at keeping his thoughts to himself when he was kissing, or about to kiss, Kurt. "I don't even know like what, just good." Blaine closed the distance between their lips and felt Kurt's happy sigh.

"Probably lemons, it's what my moisturizer smells like." Kurt said against Blaine lips.

"I don't really care, so long as you keep being amazing." Blaine smiled. He liked talking against another person's lips. It tickled vaguely, but the intimacy of it more than made up for that. "Now, less talking, more making out."

"I like that idea." Kurt laughed and the puffs of air did things to Blaine. Luckily, he was in a position to take care of it to an extent.