The Sometimes Spectacular, Sometimes Sucktacular, Dates Of Klaine

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Six Flags
Late July

Blaine had a late shift that day, so they'd decided to have a little fun before he had to go up on stage. They'd roam the park, getting in free with one of Blaine's free guest passes and his employee pass, and then Kurt would sit and watch Blaine perform. Overall it seemed like a perfect plan. Kurt had even decided that he'd wear short sleeves and shorts. Of course he had mega-strength sunblock, but that was beside the point.

"What's the biggest roller coaster here?" Kurt asked as they walked in.

"Oh, um…I think it's the Batman one, or the Boomerang." Blaine answered. "Why?"

"Because I want to go on it." Kurt responded, barely containing the 'duh!' that wanted to come out of his mouth.

"Wouldn't it be better to work up to that?" Blaine asked, sounding genuinely confused.

"Hmm, true I guess, makes it more fun if we save the best for last." Kurt nodded. "So let's go. Where's a little coaster to work up on, or the swings? I love the swings."

"That-a-way." Blaine pointed. "But let's go this way first, I want to show you where I'm performing later, that way you can find it. I have to go in fifteen minutes beforehand, so this way you don't have to just sit and wait."

"Alright." Kurt nodded. It sounded…reasonable, but also a bit unnecessary. He fully planned on walking Blaine to work; he'd see the stage then. But this was what Blaine wanted, so he shrugged. Why not? "Lead the way."

Blaine laughed at him and patted his shoulder. "C'mon." They walked through the park quietly, not really needing to talk. Kurt took in everything, marking off in his head all the rides he wanted to go on. The last time he'd gone to Six Flags it was for a field trip in sixth grade, he couldn't really remember it too much and a lot of things had changed since then.

"Blaine," Kurt stopped suddenly. "Blaine, we have to go on that." He pointed to the large Ferris wheel that loomed behind a string of food vendors and carnival games.

"You really want too?" Blaine asked.

"Are you kidding? It's so romantic, I've wanted to go on one forever, and now I have you." Kurt explained. "We're going on that right after you show me the stage."

"Oh…okay." Blaine agreed. "Um, the stage is this way." He pointed and his other hand twitched like he wanted to take Kurt's. Kurt knew the feeling. He wasn't such a tactile person like Blaine was, but sometimes the urge to just be able to touch his boyfriend was overwhelming. It was another reason he liked the Ferris wheel. This one had mostly enclosed cabs; they'd probably even be able to kiss without anyone knowing.

With daydreams of all the things they could get up to in the semi-privacy the Ferris wheel cab, Kurt didn't notice Blaine had stopped walking until he ran into him. "Ow." Blaine complained as he caught himself on the side of the building.

"Sorry." Kurt apologized. "I got distracted. I'm soooo sorry, honey." He whispered the endearment, all too aware of where they were.

"It's okay, just…watch out next time. I know you have a hard time seeing me from up there, but…"

"You're not that short." Kurt laughed, resisting the urge to ruffle Blaine's hair. Blaine was almost as picky about his hair as Kurt sometimes. If they had nowhere to be, Blaine couldn't care less, but if they had plans, those curls were shellacked down and anybody who disturbed them was going down.

"Why thank you." Blaine laughed. "Anyway, this is the stage."

"Alright." Kurt nodded. "It looks…good." What did he want him to say? "So can we go on the Ferris wheel now?"

"Uh, sure." Blaine smiled for a second and then walked off.

"Hey, wait for me." Kurt chastised and followed after him. "I don't know my way around, you know."

"Sorry, I thought you were right behind me." Blaine apologized.

"It's alright, just…you know, check next time." Kurt rolled his eyes. "How far away is the entrance for the Ferris wheel?"

"Are you sure you want to do that right away?"

"Yes…? Why, don't you?"

"I want what you want." Blaine grabbed Kurt's hand briefly.

"Okay…" Kurt said to even out his breathing. The things Blaine said sometimes… "So, where's the entrance?"

"Just over there, it's that line by the Dot's." Blaine pointed.

"Oh, and it's really short. C'mon." Kurt tugged on Blaine's short sleeve and picked his pace up.

"Somebody's eager." Blaine chuckled.

"Yup." Kurt agreed and dodged a group of girls laughing loudly.

When they got there the worker was opening the entrance gate to let people on one group at a time. "Perfect timing." Blaine said with an odd smile.

"I want a green one." Kurt said. "I hope we get it."

"I think we can just ask for it." Blaine shrugged.

"We'll see, we're next." Kurt smiled happily. He wanted to kiss Blaine on a Ferris wheel while holding his hand, he'd been thinking about it since Blaine got the job. "Can we get a green one?" Kurt asked the worker.

"Sure." He shrugged. He probably heard requests all day. "There you go."

"Thanks." Kurt thanked him and speed walked through the gate before opening the door for Blaine. "After you."

"Thank you." Blaine said and climbed in. He sat the farthest from the door as he could manage. Kurt sat next to him.

"You don't have to squish up so much, there's plenty of room." Kurt pointed out as he closed the little half door. They could see out in front of them, like they were sitting in a little carriage.

"I'm good." Blaine assured him and leaned further back into his seat.

"O…kay?" Kurt shook his head. The cab began moving so the next set of people could get in. "Hold my hand?" Kurt held it out to Blaine.

"Sure." He grabbed for it without looking, missing once before he got it, and gripped it tightly. The cab didn't stop moving up.

"Guess we were the last ones who wanted to get on." Kurt shrugged and scooted closer to Blaine.

"Yeah." Blaine nodded jerkily. He tipped his head back.

"Is something wrong, Blaine? You're acting really weird."

"I'm good." Blaine said, but his voice was shaky. The cab swung in the wind and Blaine's free hand suddenly had the edge of his seat in a death grip while his head snapped forward and he stared straight ahead.

"No you're not." Kurt moved to face him.

"Oh my god, Kurt, stop moving." Blaine snapped.

"Are you…scared?" Kurt asked, it was the only explanation he had for Blaine's behavior.

"No." Blaine shook his head, his entire body joining in as they reached the top of the wheel. "I'm terrified." He squeaked. "I hate heights."

"Blaine…" Kurt was confused. His boyfriend was afraid of heights? His boyfriend who routinely jumped on furniture and on and off the stage was afraid of heights? In what universe did that make sense?

"I don't mind it so much when it's only a few feet." Blaine said, had Kurt spoken out loud? "I can do those without fear, the stage is still a little scary but I'm used to it."

"Why didn't you just tell me?" Kurt asked. "I wouldn't have dragged you on this."

"I thought I'd be okay?" Blaine answered, still shaking. "I thought…it seemed important to you…I just want you happy."

"And you think making you a terrified pile of goop makes me happy?" Kurt asked. "I want you happy too, Blaine. If you don't want to do something, tell me."

"Okay, okay, I will in the future. Right now can you just talk to me though? I really don't like being here." Blaine whined.

"You want a distraction?" Kurt asked, Blaine nodded. "Kiss me." Maybe he could get his fantasy out of this anyway, even if Blaine wasn't exactly like he'd pictured.

"I think that'll work." Blaine chuckled. "But, um…I'm kind of afraid to move so could you…"

"Yeah…" Kurt nodded. He hadn't kissed Blaine much, hadn't instigated the physical side of their relationship often. It was somewhat of a daunting task when he had too. "Of course." Kurt said more to himself than Blaine. He used his free hand to put Blaine's face at a better angle and then pressed his lips to his boyfriend's.

Any time Kurt had started a kiss in the past Blaine had responded, taking over almost immediately. He didn't this time, instead he just continued shaking. The vibrations felt different from anything Kurt had experience before.

"I'm sorry." Blaine pulled his head back. "I can't do this right right now."

"It's okay. I still like it." Kurt assured him and kissed Blaine again. "You taste good."

"You too." Blaine whispered against Kurt's lips.

"Let me taste you then." Kurt said and worked his tongue against Blaine's lips. He usually had Blaine's tongue in his mouth, but Blaine's mouth tasted amazing too.

Blaine didn't answer in words, just merely opened his mouth and let Kurt in. They kissed happily for a while longer, until another gust of wind swung the cab a little harder than usual and Blaine ripped himself away. "Oh my god." Blaine hyperventilated, kissing and fear stealing his breath.

"The ride's almost over, baby." Kurt petted Blaine's hand. "We'll be off soon." Sure enough the ride stopped. "See, they're letting people off now."

"Okay." Blaine nodded and took in a deep breath.

"I guess this means rollercoasters are off the table now." Kurt sighed. He loved rollercoasters, he'd really been looking forward to them.

"No, I can do some of them. They go by fast enough that I don't always freak out. I don't like really big ones or the ones that go upside down though. I can't really handle those." Blaine contradicted him. "I actually kind of like the wooden one. It's…not as scary. Only if I have somebody with me though, I wouldn't ever do that alone."

"Well, lucky you, I'm here." Kurt joked.

"I am lucky." Blaine said seriously, staring into his eyes. "Now, when do we get off? We have to be close now."

Kurt leaned away to look out the door, ignoring the freaked out noise Blaine made. "I think we're next."

"Get back in here, Kurt!" Blaine grabbed his arm and pulled him into his chest. "Don't scare me like that."

"I didn't even have my hand outside the cab, Blaine." Kurt pointed out. "I do like the hug though. I wonder what would happen if I did put my hand out."

"Don't joke about it, Kurt." Blaine complained and stuck his face in Kurt's shoulder. "I don't want to think of bad things happening to you."

"Alright." Kurt petted the arm Blaine had around him. "I won't go near the door 'till we're getting out."

"Thank you." Blaine sighed. "I love you."

"I love you too." Kurt tugged himself away a little so he could turn around and face Blaine. "Kiss pookie."

"KURT!" Blaine laughed. "No quoting Rent when I'm scared. And at least pick an Angel or Collins line."

"But I like Maureen." Kurt sighed. "She gets Joanne."

"Can we talk about this when we're on the ground?"

"Sure, pookie." Kurt smirked. "I do want my kiss though." Blaine leaned in a little to acquiesce.

The cab stopped moving and the door lock popped open. Blaine kissed him once more before practically pushing him out of the way so he could get out. "You're terrible." Kurt rolled his eyes.

"Land! I love land!" Blaine cried and looked about ready to drop to his knees and kiss it.

"Let's go." Kurt grabbed the front of his shirt and dragged him to the exit. "I can't take you anywhere."

"You love it." Blaine pointed out.

"I do." Kurt sighed. "I do."