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10. Lock Edward and Jacob in a school closet.

"Well… this is awkward."


"Yup... Can't you just break through the door?" Desperation colors Jacob's voice.

Edward leans back on the janitorial supplies, trying to distance himself from Jacob as much as possible, which is hard in a four foot area. "No, it's a school door. They'd get suspicious."

Jacob snorts and sits down on some cardboard boxes. "She really thought of everything, didn't she?"




"Wanna arm wrestle?"

Edward stares long and hard at Jacob, saying nothing at this absurd request.

Five minutes later…

Throughout the hallway, yells, moans and groans echo across, causing students to stop and flinch at times.

"I WIN!" Edward finally yells, throwing his hands in victory.

Unfortunately, he'd forgotten where he is, and hears a sickening crunch near his upheld arm.

"OW! Dude, watch it!" Jacob readjusts his bleeding nose, grimacing.


Just then, the door swings open in front of them.

"Freedom!" Jacob screams.

They race out, once again forgetting their surroundings and ending up tripping over each other on the way out.

They stumble and fall, their arms and legs tangled together, and look up to see a crowd that had apparently gathered around them. Cameras flash as students giggle and exclaim, "They just came out of the closet!"

"…I hate that kid," Edward mutters, while Jacob blushes redder than a tomato.