Ch.8 Nightmare

Leo's eyes flew open. He was in a dark room. The only light was coming from the glowing numbers of a digital clock, and some leaking through from under the door. The eldest ninja looked around the room, there was a lamp, a book shelf, a swivel chair, and a desk. 'this must be Donnie's room' leonardo guessed. There was a soft moan, Leo's eyes darted to the bed, where his little brother laid asleep. Donatello was tossing and turning, with a distraught look on his face. 'I wonder what he's dreaming about'

*he was running down a tunnel, being chased. His breathe was shaking, sweat pouring down him. He came to a dead end, a tunnel that had been closed off. He tried to tear the boards down. The nails not allowing him. He hears an evil laugh. He spins around to see the sark figure standing in front of him.

It was tall and lean, with bright glowing red eyes, and a wicked grin. He shrieked as the monster crouched, and took a leap, landing behind him and in front of the Woden boards. He turned tail and ran in the direction he came from. The evil creature was quick to follow. It ran after him, gaining in on him quickly. He skidded to a stop when he noticed where he was. He was at the south condor tunnel, standing in the middle of the bridge.

He looked down at the water below him, it was rising quickly. He snapped his head up as he heard a noise. The figure was standing in the shadows, grinning darkly at him. He yelled and tried to run, but he was frozen there. The creature reached behind itself and grabbed it's weapon, a bo staff. It stepped out into the light, revealing itself. "wha-? That's not possible! I'm-" he sputtered, staring at an evil looking Donatello. The evil Don threw his head back and laughed.

The creature snapped his head back in place and pointed his bo staff at a puddle in front if him. Taking his eyes of the monster for a quick second, he looked down at the puddle, at his reflection. He saw a scared, bruised Leo. "what?" he asked, confused, looking up at the smiling Don. It's eyes turned from red, back to his normal light chocolate color, everything looking the same except for the evil grin he wore.

Before Leo could take his swords out, Don swung his staff at the back of Leo's legs. Knees buckling, he fell to the ground. Wincing in pain, Leo looked up to see Don kicking him in the side, pushing him off the railless bridge. Grabbing hold of the thin metal with one hand, he hung over the side, unable to pull himself up. Don stepped towards him, pulling a leg up, "good bye fearless leader" he said menacingly before slamming his foot down on Leo's hand. "NOOOOOOOOOO!" Leo screamed, falling and submerging into the deep, dark water.*

"NO!" Donnie jerked up in his bed, sweat running down his face. Donatello placed one hand onto his pounding head and shook it slightly, trying to clear his mind. The nightmare was still flashing before his eyes. Piece by piece, Don had to watch how he ruthlessly killed his brother. He pulled his legs up to his chest and buried his face into his knees, trying to get rid of the pictures. The nightmare had felt so…real. That was a little bit too much to handle for the sensitive turtle.

Don felt a presence. He lifted his head and looked to the side. The purple clad warrior's eyes widened as he saw the dark figure standing in the corner of the room, his breathe quickened. The tall, lean shadow creature took a step towards the shaking turtle.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" Donatello screamed darting from the room. The eldest brother stared in shock, "Don! Wait!" but the younger was already gone.