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I felt as if everything was slipping from my fingers. Once I had a great grip on my world. I had dreams and plans. Fate had other ideas. The man I loved left me holding my foolish young dreams for the only sister I ever had. I was broken into a million pieces. The woman I thought I was quickly proved to be a mirage. I only knew what I didn't know.

"Leah?" Seth called. His large form was above me in a matter of seconds. A frown on his face when he noticed the tears falling from my eyes.

"Lee…" he whispered gathering me into his arms. I sobbed softly onto his shoulders. I know I should be over this. I know I shouldn't be holding on. But my heart was heavy with scars and I felt completely shaken.

Not only did I have to deal with the fact that my fiancé left me for my cousin Emily. I also had to deal with my father's death. Not to mention that now I was some sort of freaky teenage wolf. A genetic dead end. That's why Sam imprinted on Emily. I was broken.

"Don't do this to yourself," Seth whispered tilting my head to look in my eyes, "It will be alright."

I wanted to believe him. I bit my lip and nodded my head. But there was no belief in my soul. I was overwhelmed sadness. My body felt heavy. My spirit was broken. The only thing left in me was anger. I was angry at Sam and Emily. Angry at my dad for not taking better care of himself. Angry at whatever stupid gene I carried that turned me into a monster. Already I felt my muscles trembling. I felt the wolf inside of me fighting to get out.

"Go outside Leah," Seth said noting how close I was to losing control. I barely made it out the back door before exploding into a mountain of fur. I heard Seth calling out to me as I ran toward the woods. I didn't want to be bothered right now. I wanted some time to think. I padded my way along the damp dirt ground. Letting it get between my paws. I made my way toward the border. The Cullen's had left town a few months ago but it still felt weird to pass the line my ancestors made to keep us safe. I wanted to blame them for my change. If they hadn't come back I would have never changed. My dad would still be alive. And Sam would still be with me.

But if I learned anything about fate. Somehow it would have all come to play one way or another. If it wasn't the Cullen's it would have been another vampire that made us phase. And I would still be what I am now.


"What do you want Jake?" I asked not really wanting to be interrupted. I froze. The wind tossed my fur lightly. It took a second for my mind to catch up.

"Jacob Black where in God's name are you?" I screeched.

"Geez Leah calm down I can still hear that vibrating in my skull."

"Where are you Jacob?" I asked again.

"Turn around."

He stood there. A large mass of russet fur, his pointed up and his snort sniffing the air. He looked down right wild standing there with the wind tossing his fur about. I phased not caring about my nakedness. Not caring about the twigs poking my feet as I made my way over to him. He phased as I got closer. His hair was longer then when he left. So were his nails. His eyes black it was as if his wolf was still here between us. Under his skin waiting to come back out again. He inhaled deeply taking in the scent of his forest.

His eyes met mine. A jolt ran through me. Primal Jake was turning me on. In a way I've never experienced. He body long and lean. His stomach ripped and packed with muscles. He stood hovering over me a good foot. I tried to keep my eyes on his face and not his manhood. That was hardening the closer I got to him. He looked like an ancient sex god.

"What made you come back?" I asked my voice heavy.

"It's time," his voice was rough and scratchy from not being use for so long.

"Time for what?" I asked trembling slightly as he closed the distance between us leaving a few inches.

He cupped my face with his hands his dark eyes searching my face for something, "Do you recall spirit quests?"

I nodded my head not trusting my voice with him so close to me. He nuzzled my face with his. An action that both unnerved me and put me on a slight edge. My body was responding to him in a confusing way.

"My wolf understood my anguish on losing Bella he took me on a spirit quest so to say," He said, "He showed me the true meaning of it all and why you are part of the pack."

He ran his lips along my jaw placing soft kisses on my neck. I was lost for words. I wanted more. He was touching me like no one has even Sam touched me like this. I should stop him. I shouldn't let him touch me in places no else has seen in months. He dropped to his knees and lifted his head over his shoulders exposing my wet sex to him.

I started to protest. Started to pull away. His tongue sweep the length of my sex. I froze. His tongue continued his assault on my sex. I wiggled my hips like a wanton. I begged and pleaded for him to continue. I begged and pleaded for him to stop. My finger gripped his hair like he was my anchor. I cried his name like it was a prayer. It was my salvation as I came.

He pulled away from me licking his lips. I thought it was over. Part of me wanted to cry and the other part wanted to shout with joy. But he wasn't done. No not in the least bit. I screamed in ecstasy when he plunged his fingers deep inside my heat. He growled deep in his throat and pulled me down before him on all fours. I purred I'm sure I did when he moved behind me his fingers still in my sex. He pulled them out and I looked over my shoulder back at him. Lust slammed though me as I watched him suck my juices off his fingers. He placed his large manhood against my tender sex lips. I was quivering with excitement.

He entered me in one swoop. I hissed at the intrusion. He laughed deep in his throat. He was almost too much for me to handle. But I wanted it all. I needed it all. I pushed back on him. He growled and slammed deeper into me. His hips pumped deeper and deeper with each stroke. His hand gripped my hips holding me in place as his strokes became more frantic. I felt myself reaching the edge. I felt myself coming apart at the seams. I screamed as my orgasm hit me. I felt myself clench around his hardness. He came seconds after me.

It was the most mind blowing sex I've ever had and the most spontaneous I've ever been sexually. I was still trembling from the throes of my orgasm I collapsed on the ground trying to catch my breath. Jacob fell to the ground next to me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and rolled me on top of him.

He was hard and ready again. He placed me over his sex. Hovering me until I was all but begging to be filled again. He let go of my hips and I slid right onto him. I gasped still tender from our last session.

"Take you fill Leah," he purred flexing in muscles in his belly causing his sex to reach places in me I only dreamed of ever being filled. His hands traveled up my sides and cupped my breast. His thumbs rubbed over my nipples. A sensation of pleasure ran through me.

"Jake," I gasped when he lifted up and caught my nipple in his mouth. His hot tongue rolling around the tight bud. I grunted deep in my chest.

"Ride me Leah," he ordered and I did just that.

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