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"Jacob… Leah," Emily said wide eyed holding her front door open, "I wasn't expecting you."

"Emily," Jacob replied with a nod of his head, "Is Sam home?"

"He's out back."

Jacob turned to me, "I'll go back and talk to him why don't you spend some time with Emily."

Emily was still staring at me with a deer in the head light expression. I squeezed Jake's arm letting him know I was okay with it before stepping into the house with Emily. She had a smudge of flour on her face. I watched as she nervously wiped her hands in her apron. Something I noticed she really only done around me. As if I put her on edge. She looked like a scared mouse trapped in a corner by a viper. This was the first time we've truly been alone since I've phased. I could smell her fear. Once I've might have gotten a kick out of that.

It was different being around Emily since I've been with Jacob. Before I was just angry, hurt, and confused. But it was like something clicked in me. Sam and Emily they completed each other in a way I am only beginning to understand with Jacob. It was like I had to be hurt… as stupid as that sounds… to be with Jacob. I was broken by Sam and Emily and he was broken by Bella and somehow the pieces of our broken hearts fit perfectly together.

Was it even possible to fall completely irrevocably in love with someone so quickly?

"Yes it is," Emily answered a knowing smile on her face. And for once since she received then her scars didn't mare her face they seemed to highlight her wisdom. I hadn't even realized I had spoken out loud until she answered.

"Leah…" She started. I knew what she was doing usually when she tried I would just walk away from her only to receive a lecture from Sam later about how it's not her fault. I always knew it wasn't her fault. Well not the very beginning but after I phased I understood what happen. I was never mad at their imprint. I think I was more upset at how quickly they had both casted me aside. I was the extra piece in their lives that didn't realized it had gotten cut off until it was too late.

She chewed the bottom of her lip nervously and part of me wanted to walk away to just save her from what she was trying to say to me. She opened and closed her mouth a couple times before looking away and shaking her head. Yeah I know the feeling. The ding of the oven bell saved us from what was leading up to be a truly awkward conversation I don't think either one of us was ready for.

"It's okay Emily," I whispered.

She pressed her lips together and looked away. I could sense the regret in her actions. One day she might get whatever it is off her chest, and maybe one day I'll be more willing to hear it. She threw me a soft smile and headed toward the kitchen. It was strange seeing their place empty. I don't even know how I missed the fact that the place was so quiet. I guess once I looked passed the tension in the air it was hard to miss. I half expected to find some of the younger wolves lounging on the couch joking and laughing.

"Where is everyone?" I asked as I stepped into the kitchen

"No one has come over since Jacob took over as the alpha," She whispered with a shadow of a smile.

I paused at the thought. It wasn't like I had made a habit of coming here before Jacob took over but still it was strange that the pack would just abandon their place.

"From what I understand they've taken over your place since Billy doesn't really cook," Emily said with a chuckle.

They have? Why haven't I noticed? Oh that's right because I've been holed up with Jacob have wild crazy animalist sex. Not that I was complaining it was completely worth it. No wonder my mother looked so frazzled last time I saw her. I made a mental note to stop there when Jacob and I left here. It was time for the pack to see their alpha. Time for me to step and help my mother. After all I was pack mother now. The term seemed so foreign to me. So strange to even contemplate it since I've always assumed it would be Emily's job for as long as the pack phasing.

"So tell me?" Emily said icing a cupcake, "How are things with Jacob?"

"It's absolutely mind boggling," I said grabbing a cupcake to help her ice it. "There are some times when I don't know where he begins and I end… I've never felt anything like this before in my life."

"I know the feeling," Emily said handing me another cupcake to ice.

"What feeling?" Sam asked coming in through the back door. He walked over and placed a kiss on Emily's cheek before nodding at me.

"Don't worry about it," Emily said with a smile, "Did you guys get things worked out?"

For second the old feeling of remorse began to rise in me as I watched them together, but then a warm arm wrapped around my torso and the feelings were crushed. I had my Jacob. He kissed the side of my neck letting his lips linger for just a second to long. And a sigh of relief escaped from my lips.

"What have you ladies been up to?" He asked plunking the cupcake out of my hand.

"Oh you know," Emily said with a smile.

I leaned back against Jacob letting his heat mingle with mine. He casually placed a hand on my waist as he reached for another cupcake.

"Sam had some interesting ideas on who should be beta," Jacob said taking a huge back of the cupcake.

I raised an eyebrow and looked over at Sam who was currently in the middle of stuffing a cupcake in his face. "What idea was that?"

He struggled to swallow the bite in his mouth coughing slightly in, "He should make you beta."

Jacob didn't word he just picked up another cupcake. I never imagined Sam would suggest something like this. Never even imagined it. I knew I could do it. And in a way it made sense. Jacob was my mate. My alpha. My other half. Why wouldn't I complete him in the same way he completed me? Together it made sense now. Why hadn't I seen it before? I knew why stupid now that it seemed my anger at Sam and Emily and Bella. But without them I wouldn't be here. I glanced back at Jacob. We wouldn't be here.

"The alpha pair," Jacob said kissing me sweetly.

Sweet and tender were still new to me about us. Part of me wanted to drag him out of Sam and Emily's place and rush back to his room. Rip his clothes off and have my way with him. Let myself fall head first into his ocean of passion. He stiffen beside me his eyes slanted and a glare trained to Sam, who was staring at me with interest. An interest that seemed so unsettling in his eyes. I recognized the look from the man he was before. Sam was staring at me with sexual awareness. Once I would have done anything to see that look in his eyes again. But now… now it seemed so wrong.

"Why don't you pack some of those cupcakes for Jake and Leah to take babe," Sam said to Emily. He nodded at both me and Jacob before turning and leaving the room.


"Don't worry about it Em," I said with a smile trying not to break delicate peace we created moments ago.

"Nonsense it will save me the trip anyway," She already had a container in her hand, "They're for your mom anyway."

Jacob grabbed the container as soon as she placed the lid on it, "See you Em," he called already out the door.

Nodding my good byes I followed him out wordlessly. We've made progress but we hadn't reached the level we were before Sam phased. And part of me knew we would never be. But that's okay I had Jacob now. I had him and for some reason he made more sense than breathing to me.

"What was that about?" I asked wrapping my arm around his bicep when I caught up to him. I had to touch him. I felt like was going crazy by not touching him.

He snorted, "It was probably the first time Sam has smelt you arousal since he phased… its good thing he left I was tempted to rip his head off."

Ah. I wanted to be embarrassed. But I couldn't even muster it. I was amused. So Sam finally got a reminder of what he left behind and I hadn't even intended it. How ironic. I barely suppressed a chuckle when Jacob pressed his lips to my forehead. I noticed that about him. The little subtle things he did. The reason I felt the need to always touch him was because he was always touching me.

"What do you think about being beta?" He asked pulling me closer to him.

"Isn't that more of a question for you?" I asked.

"I told you already you were mine," he answered, "We are a pair in every sense of the word. You are my mate so that makes you more than a Beta. I said it already we are the alpha pair. Sam will stay beta."

I paused. Was he still giving Sam so much power of me? Could I continue in a pack where I still had to answer to Sam?

"I can tell you're not getting it," He said cupping my face, "You are already Alpha along with me. From the moment I took you in the woods and you excepted me we were a pair. Sam is not above you in the pack. No Leah now you are the alpha same as me."

His mouth was on me then. And once again I was drowning in the passion called Jacob Black. He poured himself into his kissed. Branded me with him lips. I was on fire. My body was a blazed with lust. But something more. Something harder to understand. But there was a change happening in me. And I knew that with Jacob I was willing to ride it out.

"You two plan on making me a grand baby out here?"

"This old man is going to be the death of me," Jacob murmured pressing his face into my neck.

"What do you want dad?" He asked pulling away from me.

"Nothing I was just taking a stroll and happened upon you crazy love birds," Billy said with a smirk."

"You don't stroll anywhere," Jake said looking at his wheel chair pointedly.

Billy huffed and started to wheel past us, "I'm on my way to Quil Sr. house any chance my son would find it out of the kindness of his black heart to help me out.

Jacob stared at his father for a second, "No."

"I'll help you Billy," I said pushing Jake away from me, "Ignore the brute."

Billy snorted, "I've been doing that for seventeen years now."

I paused. Damn I forgot how young he was. Our bodies went through so much changes since phasing. I guess age is really just a number with us. I smiled to myself as I pushed Billy along. Too bad I'm a wolf already otherwise I would be a cougar.

"I was hoping to get some alone time with you Leah," Billy's gruff voice breaking my train of thoughts.

"When you first phrased we were worried about the reason but now it's as clear as day."

"What is?"

"You and Jacob," he continued ignoring my shuffle of embarrassment, "The alpha pair."

He didn't say anything else after that. Once we got to Quil Sr. he told me to go head and meet up with Jacob he would have Quil take him home. I started to head toward my house but decided against it Billy had given me much to think on and I haven't phrased in a few days. A run would do me good.