1. You want a pet raven.

2. You think ravens are friendly.

3. You suddenly think that men with swirl tattoos around their eyes are more attractive.

4. You consider getting a tattoo of a small insect.

5. You want to name your next son 'Cathal'.

6. You wonder if such an island exists to get your sons trained in battlecraft.

7. You dye your hair red to look like Fainne or Niamh or Clodagh.

8. You begin imagining that the Old Ones talk to you.

9. You think that people with light coloured eyes are seers.

10. You suddenly like men with depressing and complicated pasts.

11. You start buying herbs.

12. You start thinking sticks have special significance, and that there are tree people.

13. You want a blue gown with butterflies sewn around the bottom.

14. You want your fiancé to give you a green glass ring, or a ring made from an oak tree.

15. You've memorised the rhyme to get you to the Otherworld.

16. You want to live in the nemetons and get some peace.

17. You name your twins Cormack and Conor.

18. You start speaking with an Irish accent when you read the book, trying to pronounce everything right.

19. You start saying, 'Blessed Brighid', or 'Morrigan's curse', or 'by Dagda!'

20. You look for men with dark red hair and mulberry coloured eyes.