At first I wrote this for a contest, but then i didn't like it, so I wrote a different one.

Hope you guys like it! Yes, I know it is short.

I do not own Twilight.

Edwards POV

We were on the plane, on the way back to Forks, Washington. Bella was leaning on my shoulder, trying to fight sleep. But she failed, the Voulturi must have made her really tired. Oh, and also diving off a cliff.

Why Bella did that, I have no idea.

I stare at her, cherishing her face, herself. Bella is so beautiful, I think. Then I hear her start to talk in her sleep. Oh, I can't believe how much I missed that.

"Edward... love you..." She murmurs. My heart, forever frozen, seems to almost warm up. Only Bella can do that.

"Love you too." I whisper.

"Did dangerous stuff..." Dangerous stuff? What for?

"to hear you..." What? I didn't do anything, I didn't even look at her. Bella continued to have a conversation with me in her sleep. Was she dreaming that she was explaining to me in her dream?

"Don't go..." She gasped. I pulled her into a hug. And right then, the plane landed.

"Bella, sweetie, wake up." I whisper in her ear. She stirs and opens her eyes. God, don't I love her eyes. Warm chocolate brown.

She looks at me in shock. I don't think that I am back, has settled in her system yet.

"We have to get up. The plane landed." She nods numbly, and stands up. She looks at me, waiting for me to get up. I got up and pulled her into a hug.

"Missed you so much. I love you." I murmur. Bella looks up at me.

"Love you more."