"How long have you been awake?" Rachel asked as she stared into hazel eye, a soft smile shining in them.

" Since five."

"You've been laying here since five?"

"Not exactly. You ready to get up?"

Rachel pressed a chaste kiss to Quinn's lips before standing up out of the hammock. She pulled the blonde with her towards their bedroom, stopping when she saw everything layed out on their shared bed.


Quinn closed the distance between them, hugging the brunette from the back.


"Ok, get dressed. Your hair is perfect as always, so don't worry about that. Open that Tiffany bag after you get dressed." She pressed a kiss to the side of Rachel's neck and let her go, took a few steps back, and started pulling off clothes, grinning as she went.

"What...ugh...what are you doing Quinn. I'm standing right here." She gasped as a lacy black bra fell to the floor and the blonde reached down and undid her belt, reaching for her button.

"I know you are. Which is a problem. You should be getting dressed. It's already 6:30. The driver is expecting us in 15." She undid her button and stepped out of her pants; pulling down her black lace panties and reaching for the black thong on the bed and slipping it on. Slowy, she reached for her strapless black dress and slipped it over her head. She reached for her strappy heels and pulled those on, watching as Rachel finally started shedding clothing and putting it on.

"You look beautiful, Luce." Rachel pulled her black, knitty dress over her head and reached for her gold shoes. Quinn had put in wavy looking earings, a bracelet, and necklace. Her hair was full and flippy and beautiful.

The blonde stood up and reached into the Tiffany & Co bag and pulled out three boxes, handing the first, square shapded one to Rachel. When she opened it, her eyes fell on breautiful gold mesh earings and she grinned.

"This is becoming too much Quinn. I can't let you spend this money on me. It's not enough."

"The earings are from your dads. I just went and bought the bracelet and pendant. Graduation presents." She said as she took in the appearance of Rachel with ensemble fully assembled.

"Let me guess. You told them about the earings?"

"I...may have. The point is, you look beautiful." She looked down at her phone.

"I know, time to go. Let's do that." Rachel leaned down and picked up her clutch with her left hand, grabbing Quinn's with her other.


Love never dies. Quinn had taken her to see Love never dies! Rachel smiles infinately bright over her wine, which she sips, then sets down to eat a forkful of vegan rasberry cheesecake. They're back at Manna for the vegan wines, atmosphere, and delicious food.



"We were early. Half an hour early" She grins when she says it, a eyebrow high above a coffee hued eye.

"True. But we barely got to the car on time."

"Very true."

"Oh. I meant to tell you, I've been thinking about the Marvel thing. And i have it narrowed down. Angel, or Dazzler."

"Two very appropriate characters, Luce. Why those two?"

"Angel because you fly so high above us all. Dazzler because you're a star, and you hypnotize people with your voice. But if you talk too much people turn to vegetables!" She laughed loudly, opening her mouth as a rasberry came flying towards her and into her mouth.

"You're alot like these too. So sweet, and just a little bit sour. And you're a Berry."

"Well I think I like Angel. Quite eloquent."

"Angel it is, raspberry. Angel it is."

"I love you." she spoke ernestly.

"I know, Rach. I love you. Now, let's retreat to the hammock." She said as she stood, dropped five 20 pound notes on the table and pulled Rachel to her and kissed her lips softly.

Rachel put a hand on Quinn cheek before breaking the kiss. "Yes. More Hammock."

They walked out of the Restaurant and got into the back of the Bentley that had pulled in front.

"Home, James." Rachel said.

"Yes, Ms. Berry. 5 minutes."


Rachel stepped out of the car as James pulled open the door and pulled a blonde behind her. Said blonde gently placed several bills into the Drivers hand and watched as her girl spoke.

"Thank you very much, James. I'll see you tomorrow night at 7:15."

"Goodnight, Ms. Berry."

Quinn smiled as the 60 plus year old man walked around and got back into the car. Maybe it was too much. It seemed to be going to Rachel's head.

They were in the hammock in pjs in 10 minutes, watching the city layed out infront of them.

"He didn't deny it, Luce. What are we going to see tomorrow? Chicago? Les Miz?" she inhaled sharply. "Wicked. Ok. You're taking me to see Wicked. I know you Quinn Fabray. I know how you feel about me. And-"

The blonde shut up the brunette with a kiss, a soft tongue in her mouth. She straddle the smaller's hips as she kissed her, release a breathy moan as Rachel accidently set her knee straight up and brushed against her. She slowly broke the kiss and locked her dark eyes on those before her.

"How do I feel about you?" she pulled her head back as Rachel tried to close the distance and kiss her again.

"You're in love with me. So...say it." She raised her knee up again, watching hazel eyes darken again as she brushed against the blonde again.

The words fell out as a moan. "I'm in love with you."

Rachel connected their lips and tongues again, she was still enjoying the moans falling into her neck as a result of her knee.


The two of them made their way to the door that led from the veranda directly to their room and pushed it open, falling into their bed. A pair of lips belonging to a blonde found their way to the pulse point of the brunette, sucking, nipping with bright white teeth, licking, then sucking again. Her hands splayed out over tight, tan, abs and up the other's back. She pulled her shirt off slipped out of her shirt and shorts, soon standing in nothing.

"Quinn...I never-"

"I know. I know, me either. We'll figure it out together. And if we can't, we'll sleep. Is that okay?"

Rachel slipped out of her last peice of clothing and nodded, pulling the blonde to her again falling back onto the bed. She pressed a kiss to her lips before wispering in her ear.

"I'm in love with you, Quinn Fabray. So yea, that's okay."


Quinn awoke to bright brown eyes surrounded by tan skin, a hand in her hair and a kiss on her lips. She sat up, seeing Rachel fully dressed and holding out clothes for her. Skinny jeans, converses, a yellow victorian peasant blouse, and a messenger bag.

"Will you put that down and get into bed with me, Raspberry?"

"But lunch. I'm so hungry, Quinn." She put the clothes down and sat at the blondes feet, touching her stomach for emphasis.

Quinn rolled over, grabbed the phone and pressed a button.

"Can I get the vegan burger and fries, and the vegan pasta with garlic bread please? Yea...okay...no..with spinach. Ok." she hung up the phone and smiled.

"One vegan burger and vegan sweet potatoe fries on it's way. 15 minutes, Rach. And yes, i'll get in the shower." After a quick kiss to to Rachel's temple, Quinn grabbed her clothes and ran into the bathroom.

15 minutes later on the dot, there was a knock on the door and Quinn went and came back with food.

"Your burger and fries." she handed over a silver tray and opened her own, grabbing a fork and digging into the pesto and radiatore before her.

"How'd you know what I wanted, Luce?"

"Something about heavy workouts always makes you crave burgers and fries." She said with a flirty smile.

"That's very true. I'm going to make sure you order pasta again tomorrow, Quinn."

A/N: Sorry guys. Thinking this may be the last chapter for this one. I'm having trouble writing it now. Maybe I'll think of doing a epilogue or something to make it seem complete.