"Annabelle." She heard a familiar male voice say in disgust. "Yes, Joseph?" She gave a small smirk, turning around to face a tall, tanned male. "You know what." He gave her a small glare as she walked closer, until she was only inches away.

"Come back again, hoping for an apology? A mere, 'I'm sorry?' " She smiled, poking him on the nose lightly. "Oh, Seph, you know I don't do that bullshit. What's done is done, I didn't mean to kill her."

He glared, pushing her back roughly. "Don't. Touch. Me." He hissed, "and you know damn well that you meant to kill her. No, I'm not here for an apology. I'm here to kill you." He said, his eyes meeting hers.

"Oh come on-" She was cut off, by him pouncing on her. "Bitch, I'll make sure you pay for what you've done." He hissed, taking a swing at her face, and reaching into his pocket for his stake.

Her eyes turned pitch black, she snapped the leg off of the table that was near, pressing the sharpened end against the mans' neck.

"You're smarter than I give you credit for, blood sucker." He growled, jumping back. "The stupid one here is you, you flea infested idiot." She glared, her eyes going back to their normal crystal green.

"I tried to be nice, and you try to attack me." She chuckled, standing up once again. "Wrong move." She said, and with that, she was gone. "Shit." Joseph mumbled.

"Annabelle... Annabelle, NO!" the blonde screamed, running as fast as she could. Annabell smirked, "You know, I can easily catch you. So you might as well just make this easier on yourself. You took what's mine, so I'm going to take something of yours - your life." She gave a wicked chuckle, running with a speed that no one could possibly out run. "No... no no no!" She screamed louder, "Joseph! Joseph!" She cried; She was at a dead end. She didn't have anywhere else to go.

"I've got you now." the vampire smirked, slamming the girl against the wall. "Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn." She laughed, tightening her grip on her arms. She was whimpering, struggling. "Your boyfriend can't hear you, he's no where to be found. I made sure of it." She grinned, and with one swift movement, she snapped the bone in her arm in half. Crack. The sound was disgusting, you could possibly hear Carolyn's blood curdling scream from miles away. "Annabelle... Annabelle no! Please let me go!" she screamed and pleaded. "Hmmm. no." she smirked, quickly moving her hands on her neck, snapping it before she could even utter another one of those irritating screams.

Joseph takes a seat in his living room, his eyes are closed and his breathing is slow, and deep. He's calmed down, after running the nearby forest at least 10 times. He wasn't tired, but all his anger was ran out, and that was good.

"Seph." He tensed, hearing that familiar voice, and that familiar nickname. "Abey." he said in a light tone. His eyes opened, and he saw Annabelle. He pursed his lips, looking at her carefully. "I just... I just want to talk, okay?" Annabelle said, her head cocked slightly. "Fine." He stood, moving closer. She could see the hurt in his eyes, the hurt that she caused. She took a step back, looking at the wall behind him. "Why did you do it?" He asked, slipping his hands into his pockets. "Hmm?" She murmured.

"Don't Hmm me. Why did you kill Carolyn?" he asked, his tone more firm. Annabelle stiffened, biting her lip. "She... She's a human, Seph. That was all she was- She was getting in between us."

Joseph gave out a short, humorless laugh. "Just a human? Just a..." He shuffled his feet, turning slightly, looking out the window. His anger was boiling up inside him again. He exploded, let it all out. "SHE WAS MORE THAN THAT, ANNABELLE." He roared, facing her again. "Look at me. Look." He noticed she was looking away from him, this only pissed him off more. She looked at him, and now saw a new emotion in his eyes, and on his face. Rage.

"How the FUCK was she in between us, Annabelle?" this whips all emotion off of Annabelle's face, and she remained quiet. He was seething, "Why aren't you fucking answering me? WHY ARE YOU JUST STANDING THERE STARING AT ME?" He swung his arm, sending picture frames and a lamp off of the bookshelf. "Tanner gets in between us, and you don't see me killing him!"

This made her perk up, an actual emotion on her face - confusion. "Wh-" She was cut off. "What's happening here?" They both heard a familiar voice call from the hallway out of the room. Tanner stepped in, along with Lyle, Alaric, and Heath. "Nothing. Nothing's happening." Joseph moved out of the room, shoving Tanner on his way out.

Tanner looks out the door, then shrugs one shouler, looking at Annabelle, "We heard glass shatter, yelling and things fall. Is everything okay?" Concern painted his face, and he stepped closer. "Y-yeah, everything's fine, Tanner." She smiled. "Just an accident." She made her way out of the room.

Lyle looked at the mess in distaste. "Someone, clean that up. Meeting downstairs!"