(A/N: This was inspired by a friend of mine. We were talking about NMH, and he said, "I bet Bad Girl is one of those people who are really violent when they're drunk but really nice when they're sober." I thought it was a crazy idea at first. I mean c'mon, OUR Bad Girl? But I gave it some thought, and this was the result…)

Sweet, Mild, and Bitter

You're an assassin, aren't you? Then you've probably already met me. And if you haven't…Well, I am Holly Summers, sixth in rank. I'm not sure if you have met my assassin friend yet, but if not, then you are probably lucky. Her name is Bad Girl, and she is the second ranked. That's right. She's ranked higher than myself, and she's my best friend.

…Oh? What's that? You are aware of this already, yes? Then you must think rather poorly of her. After your experience…I suppose I cannot blame you. However, you are wrong if you think Bad Girl is a total nut-job. Well, somewhat wrong.

I know, hear me out. She isn't really as bad as she makes herself out to be. At least, not when she's sober. As an assassin, it goes without saying that she's going to need to be a little cruel and malicious in order to defend her rank. She's violent. She's twisted. Sick and crazy. She's an 'angry bitch'. She also has a serious drinking problem, and the only time you'll ever see her act so inhumane is when she's intoxicated.

Bad Girl and I have been friends for years. I can't exactly pinpoint when she first began consuming alcohol, but it wasn't too long before she became obsessed with the substance. It's the worst I've ever seen. This drunken Bad Girl is absolutely nothing like the best friend I know when she's clean. She's like a completely different person when under the influence. She becomes sadistic. It's the only time she actually enjoys killing and ravishes in the grimy act of manslaughter. I've never seen alcohol warp a person like it does her.

It's rare when I come across a sober Bad Girl. And when she is clean, she's wonderful. She's back to the way she's supposed to be. She's friendly and caring, and if you're close to her – she's supporting and willing to lend you a hand if you need her to. I can hardly count the number of times I've relied on her for help, or emotional support, or anything. She's that girl who if you passed her while walking down the street, you'd see nothing but warm smile.

There's more. She's also quite a lot of fun to be around. When we were younger, we've always spent time together and gone out. And she actually doesn't live down in that basement with a refrigerator full of cheap beer. Although Bad Girl is only a waitress, she makes a great living out of it, and actually has a decent apartment of her own. She's completely independent. She's my best friend.

There isn't a day where I don't worry about her though. It's truly a miracle that she hasn't died of alcohol poisoning. I wish she would get help, but she's just too stubborn to listen. I hate the person she becomes when she's drunk. That side of Bad Girl that you know…that is not my best friend. She's a monster.

Unfortunately, I doubt you'll ever get to see Bad Girl for whom she truly is. You'll probably be dead before you get the chance.

Yes, she's the girl with the warm smile while walking down the street…But I guess a warm smile doesn't suit a bad girl…

(A/N: Part one – done! There will be two more chapters after this.)