(A/N: Last chapter…told in the point of view of…wait a second, Travis Touchdown? Onwards…)

Okay, okay, hold up!

Forget everything you just read!

Bad Girl, an actually decent person? This is bullshit! Let me tell you from a firsthand experience – This bitch is fucking crazy!

I narrowly made it out alive from that fight! I was literally this close to taking a flaming bat to the face! I mean, she was even on top of me! Not in the good way…but I almost freakin' died!

Look, I really don't give a shit what you might think of her. I know what I saw. And I know that there's no way in hell that this crazy bitch could have ever turned out to be a nice person. She's nothing but a perverted killing maniac!

You're a complete moron if you actually believed for a second that she might actually be nice. Don't let that sweet lolita exterior fool you. Just remember – true nature or not, if you fight her, you're going up against a bad girl.

Shit…that was way too close for comfort.

(A/N: Aaaaand Travis totally kills it. Good job, Travis. I actually wasn't originally planning on adding him in, but I just had to.)