DISCLAIMER: I do not own 'California Dreams' nor anything attached to them. I only own this plot and the character of Kelsey.

SET UP: Kelsey is Jake's cousin, who he treats like a sister. She's been living with Jake's parents since the series started, but always attended school with the gang. Jake attended a different school because, at the time, his family lived in a different school district. When the Sommers' family moved, Jake and Kelsey attended the same school. (I may write some early stories showing how everyone reacts to Kelsey's relationship with Jake since no one really liked him in the beginning.) Kelsey started dating Matt, but when he moved, she was upset and almost quit the band. Mark helped her get over Matt and they began dating and have been really happy for the last few years. This takes place during the middle of their senior year, so prom and graduation haven't happened.

PREMISE: Kelsey hasn't been feeling well lately, but it's nothing serious. Or is it? What happens when a big secret is revealed? How do Jake and Mark and the gang respond?

Chapter 1

The Dreams sit around the loft, having just finished practice for their gig Saturday. School was only half days this week because it was midterms. The group was enjoying a bit of a break from all the school work when Sly decides to comment on the practice session.

"That was great guys, but I have one little complaint," Sly said. Everyone glared at him. They'd all been working hard and still had a lot of homework to do.

"What's your problem, Sly," Tiffani asked, taking a seat next her boyfriend, Jake.

"Kelsey, you're not as peppy as usual," he said.

Kelsey shoots a glare at Sly. She knew she wasn't as peppy as usual, but she was really tired. She looked at Sly and said, "Sorry. I've been really busy. I've had cheerleading, volleyball, writing that term paper with Mark, working with you on the AV project and writing a new song with Jake. But, if the great Sly wants more pep, I'll see what I can do."

"That's more like it," Sly said, which resulted in a slap across the back from Jake.

"Lay off, Whipple. She's been busy. She'll be find for the gig Saturday night," Jake said. He glances at Kelsey. "You will, right."

Kelsey looks at Jake and slowly nods her head. Mark, who has been sitting next to her watching the whole ordeal, put a protective arm around her. Kelsey leaned back into his embrace, grateful that he knows what she needed at that moment.

"Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I have a ton of homework to finish. Jake, you want a ride back to your house," Tiffani asked, picking up her car keys from the table along with her backpack.

"No, I'm riding back with Mark and Kels. They're working on their paper this afternoon," Jake said.

"OK. I love you and I'll call you tonight," Tiffani said.

"I love you, too," Jake replied.

She and Jake share a sizzling kiss before she headed out the door.

Kelsey bus herself with the papers on the coffee table. Lorena, who had been in her room, entered the loft. "Hey, Lorena," Kelsey said.

"Hey, Kelsey. Sam and I are going to the mall. You want to come with," Lorena asked Kelsey.

Kelsey shook her head. "Maybe Friday. I have a ton of homework to do, like Tiffani," she said.

"OK, Friday it is. You coming Sam," Lorena asked.

Sam nodded and grabbed her boyfriend, Tony, by the hand. "Come on, you're coming and you're going to hold our bags," Sam said.

Tony's face visably paled at the news. "You aren't going to by out the whole mall are you," he asked.

"We just might," Lorena said, smiling and headed out the door.

"See you guys later," Tony called back as he followed his enthusiastic girlfriend out the door.

"I don't think those two will EVER tire of shopping," Jake said.

Kelsey and Mark smile in agreement. Sly started putting away the instruments. Kelsey and Mark flipped through papers while Jake is jotting down lyrics to play around with later.

"Sly, you do have the tape for our project, right. You're going to do the sound tonight and give it back to me so I can finish the editing," Kelsey asked Sly.

He looked up from storing the amp cables. "Yep. It's in my room. I'm going to work on it tonight when I get home," he said.

"Great, that's one thing I can cross off my list. Provided you don't screw it up," she said.

Sly gave a wounded look. Kelsey laughed at him. "Some things never change, Sly," she said.

Jake came over to Kelsey and started staring at her. "What? You're making me really nervous. Do I have marker on my face," she asked, laughing lightly.

"I just noticed that you're looking really pale," he said.

"Well, with all the work I've been doing, INDOORS, it's no wonder my tan has been suffering. I'm sure a day at the beach will be called for, once all this homework is finished," she said, turning back to the papers in her hand.

"No really, Kelali. You look...sick," Mark said.

Kelsey looked at Mark with a shocked expression. "Gee, thanks a lot, Mark. Remind me when you decide to write that book called 'Sweet Sayings For Your Girlfriend.' I want to make sure the rest of the material is better. Look, I've been really busy and I just need a map and I'm sure I'll feel better," she said.

"Cuz, you sure have Kelsey eating out of your hand," Sly said. He checks his watch. "Oops, gotta run. I'll have the tape in your hands in the morning. See ya." Sly grabs his jacket and heads out the door.

Jake and Mark look at each other, while Kelsey, clueless, continued looking through the textbook on her lap.

"You ready, Jake? I think Kelsey should take a nap this afternoon. We can work on our paper later," Mark said.

"That sounds like a great idea," Jake said.

Kelsey slammed the book back on the table. "Will you two stop talking about me like I can't hear you? Look, if you guys will stop babying me, I'll go." She didn't want to admit it to anyone, but she really felt bad and crawling into her bed sounded like a great idea, despite it being 3 in the afternoon.

Jake and Mark started packing up their stuff. Kelsey stuffed her papers and books into her backpack. Jake started to head toward the door, while Mark offered Kelsey his hand in getting off the couch. As Kelsey started to stand, she began to feel off balance. Mark grabbed onto her. Jake rushed down the three steps to his cousin's side.

"Kels, are you OK," Jake asked.

Kelsey gripped Mark hand tightly. She didn't understand what was happening.

"Kelsey, answer me. Are you alright," Mark asked his girlfriend.

"I don't understand...I'm...rea..ly...dizzy," Kelsey said. Then Mark felt her start to go limp and he wrapped his arms around her, catching her before she hit the floor.

Jake rushed to Kelsey's side. He helpedMark place her on the couch. Mark pulled his keys from his pocket. "Get my car. We're taking her to the hospital."

Jake took the keys and, with one last look at Kelsey, he headed out the door. Mark sat on the floor by Kelsey's head, stroking her hair and whispering to her.
"Kelsey. Kelali, wake up. Kels, come on, wake up. I love you," he said to her while stroking her hair.

Kelsey started to stir. Mark breathed an audible sigh of relief.

"Thank God," Mark said.
"Mark, what happened. My head is killing me," Kelsey said.

"You passed out. Jake's getting my car and we're taking you to the hospital," he told her.

Kelsey nods in understanding and closed her eyes again. Her head was pounding and the light in the room was making it worse. Jake rushed back inside.
"Kels, you're awake," he said. "Let's get her into the car and take her to the hospital."

Kelsey started to protest, but Mark and Jake cut her off.

"You are going to the hospital. Passing out is not normal," Mark said.

Jake picks Kelsey up, bridal style and started to walk out the door. "Don't argue with me, missy. You're going to the doctor and we'll let them tell us you're just exhausted," he said.

Jake carried Kelsey out of the house with Mark following close behind.

***That's chapter 1. What happens at the hospital? What's wrong with Kelsey? I have written more and will post that soon. Let me know what you think. - mereditholiver