How was I to react?

Authors Note:

Okay for you readers out there (doubt there are any) I am sorry about my other story 'Obi-Wans point of view' as it stunk. I was just getting used to the system… Anyway I hope this story will be better. I don't own Star wars or any of these characters…

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Chapter 1

Ahsoka POV:

I never expected myself to be here. Then again I never expected to be the padawan of 'The Chosen One' or ever to have my first kiss. But this was unnatural, this couldn't be. How was I supposed to react to this? By the look on Obi-Wans face I can see he is more hurt than me, he was in a lot more pain than me…

Obi-Wans POV:

Why? Out of all the people and out of all the Jedi. Oh my force, I just… it just… I looked at Ahsoka and remembered now was not a time to cry. Now was a time to think. Now was a time to walk away so I patted Ahsoka on the back and lead her to the speeder in silence.

Authors Note (again):

So whatch think? Am I going to get a review someone actually reading this paragragh? Anyway next chapter will be on