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To say that the Uchiha brothers were close would be the understatement of a lifetime. To say that they were romantic would be... accurate. Still, it didn't seem exactly correct to refer to the relationship with a concept as simple and common as romanticism. It was really the combination of the closeness and the romantic nature of that closeness that made them the way they were. Well, either that or their tendency to have passionate butt-sex when their parents weren't looking... actually, it was probably the latter - because to say that the Uchiha brothers were sex-crazed, would be a true observation.

"Aniki! Not right now!" The younger giggled out, adoring the ticklish feeling of his brother's soft kisses and caresses. He was pressed against his bedroom wall, his hands resting softly against the firm chest of his brother, in a playful and very pathetic attempt to push him away.

"I need you..." The elder whispered huskily, taking in the soft skin of his Otouto's ear lobe and giving it a harsh suck before being brutally shoved back into reality by his mother's voice.

"Boys! Your father and I need to go meet up with some potential buyers, will you be okay home alone?" Mikoto called, waiting for her son's reply. She caught the sound of a very frustrated groan, before her first born child answered her.

"Just go already, Mum! You guys go meet these people every weekend, we're used to it!"

Fugaku smirked. 'We're used to it' was clearly just the teenager-ish way of saying 'don't pester us about this again.'

"Right, then. We're off!" Mikoto called, excitedly tugging her reluctant husband to the car.


Izuna shifted slightly in his sleep, groaning against his brother's chest when he registered that the abomination that had woken him was more formally titled; the doorbell. The accursed thing was ringing annoyingly and persistently at... what the fuck time was it anyway?

"Uncle Madara! The doorbell's ringing!"

Izuna smirked, cuddling up to the pillow on his other side, in lieu of his original position against Madara's sleeping form. Surely enough, Madara woke up from the lack of warmth. He didn't open his eyes, settling instead for the option of blindly searching for - and sleepily trying to pull Izuna back to him.

"Maa, Mada-Nii! You heard that, they're calling you." He said playfully, before he applied a very forced, fake looking frown and made himself sound very stern. "Now... Go get the door."

The elder growled under his breath and opened his eyes, looking at the angel that had blessed him with it's presence every morning from the time he was seventeen years old. He reached out and stroked Izuna's cheek, frowning when his little brother closed his eyes in an effort to go back to sleep.

"Hmph... the only reason they're calling me specifically is because we all already know that asking you to get out of bed and do something productive or remotely helpful to others with your day will be a complete waste of words."

Izuna simply sighed and smiled happily as he pressed farther into his pillow. "Okay, Koibito- whatever you say..."

Madara frowned suspiciously. "What's that mean?"

"Nothing.. It's just something that I've noticed, that I find interesting."

"Uncle Madara!... Ugh! Fine! I'll get the door!" Both brothers ignored their nephew's outburst and continued on with their discussion.

"What did you find interesting?"

"You're always the one who wants me to come to bed... I guess that if you're so anxious for me to be up and about then I should cut down my time here on this mattress in general - after all, it wouldn't be fair to just slim down my extra nap time in the morning. How about, we just don't use the bed at all during the day. Since it seems to bother you so much." He said in a light and innocent tone of voice, which is something to instantly be suspicious of when it's coming out of the mouth of Izuna Uchiha.

Madara scowled at Izuna with temperamental eyes. He was clearly quite opposed to the idea of not using the bed at all during the day. "Hn. Fine. Take your naps."

Izuna smiled sweetly. "Goodnight!"

With a roll of the eye, Madara slipped on a pair of loose jeans and was just walking out of his door when a smallish body crashed into his chest.


Madara watched the flustered boy as he ducked around his uncle and openly entered the older man's bedroom, without knocking or requesting entry in any way.

Izuna knowingly scooted over and let the young teen climb into bed with him. Madara turned back.

"You're getting too old to hide out up here. You need to come downstairs and talk to them." Madara said, taking in the form of the child curling up to Izuna. Both of them could sleep until five pm on a rough day... it was absolutely incredible.

His nephew looked up and pouted. "No! If they wanted to see me then they would let me and Nii-San live with them!"


Madara smirked. "He'll be right down!"

Izuna rolled over uncomfortably. "Well, whether you're staying or going, both of you stop yelling - I'm trying to sleep."

Madara finally managed to coax the boy downstairs; after much bribery, blackmail and in the end - threats of no tomato soup for a week.

"Sasuke! It's so good to see you! Where have you been these past few weekends? You know, Itachi's only half the fun!" Mikoto said, excitedly holding her arms open for her son to embrace her. Itachi rolled his eyes, what a way to make him feel loved...

Sasuke's face remained stone cold as he took in his mother's appearance. "You must be Uncle Madara and Uncle Izuna's brother." He said to Fugaku. "That would make you their sister in law." Sasuke continued, this time directing his cruel words to his mother. Itachi sighed.

"I'm sorry, he's not been feeling well."

"Oh, I see. What's wrong, sweetheart?" Mikoto asked kindly - still holding her arms out for the hug that she must have known she'd never receive.

"Tch. Don't pretend to care." Sasuke mumbled, squishing himself in the arm chair next to Itachi. They were both very slimly built, so it wasn't too terrible of a fit - however, had their parents not been there, Sasuke would have sat on his brother's lap and been significantly more comfortable.

"Please, excuse us for a moment." Itachi said, looking to his parents and noting a nod of the head from his father. He yanked Sasuke up and dragged him into the kitchen by his collar.

"Otouto, stop being so sour. Those are our parents." Itachi scowled at his younger brother, every time their parents came to visit Sasuke would throw a bitch fit and he was in no mood to have to put up with it this time. He was sick of this shit, why couldn't his baby brother just be happy they came to see them at all?

"Then maybe they should start acting like it! They show up here every other weekend and want to be a happy fucking family, yet they still can't create a single good reason as to why we've been dumped here with the smexies anyway!" Sasuke pouted up at Itachi, his arms folded over his chest as he sulked.

Itachi froze, then heaved a heavy and worn out sounding sigh. "How many times do I have to say this... They're our uncles, Sasuke. Would you pleasestop referring to them as the smexies."

Sasuke shrugged. "They don't act like uncles - they act like a smart and sexy gay couple living upstairs. Smart plus sexy equals smexy. Two individuals who are smexy would be smexies."

Itachi frowned. "That's beside the point. Anyway, we can argue about uncle Madara and uncle Izuna at some later moment in time. Right now you need to go appreciate the precious seconds you have with our parents."

"What kind of parents are too busyto raise their own children?" Sasuke hissed.

"Ours! So accept it and move the fuck on! You've been living here for your entire life! When will you get over this grudge?" Itachi said with his voice slightly raised. He glared at his little brother in frustration.

Sasuke felt butterflies in his stomach. So far in life, all of his experiences with an angry Itachi Uchiha had been very pleasant...

Itachi noticed Sasuke's sudden stillness and immediately recognized the all-too-familiar stare that he was receiving from the child. Little horny bastard was turned on by every damn thing... Fine, then - but they didn't have time to act on such things at that very instant. It would have to wait. He smirked as an evil idea hit him, just because they didn't have time to act on it... didn't mean he coudn't play on it.

"If you dont come and be civil to them... then you wont get what your thinking about right now." He said as he turned around and glanced back at his horny little brother with a sweet smile.

The younger teen pouted beautifully as Itachi sauntered out of the kitchen... He envied his brother's self-control and he despised how he had the ability to use that delicious body as a weapon to make him do whatever the elder wanted him to... Ugh. Now he had to go face those... strangers.

What was their life like at home? Did they have dogs? A fish? A cat maybe - he liked cats... Something to care for at least? Were they really that incapable of taking on two sons, who were both old enough to look after themselves? No. That couldn't be it. There was something more that Sasuke must have been missing...

Even on the weekends when they'd go out to water parks and do the fun things they used to do when he and Itachi were younger- they'd never set foot in their parent's house. What could possibly be there that they weren't being allowed to see?

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