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"Itachi..." Itachi ignored the person calling his name and tightened his hold on little brother, pulling him closer as he refused to acknowledge that he was being spoken to by even so much as simply opening his eyes. "Itachi..." He sighed and ignored the now slightly more desperate voice, choosing instead to bury his nose in the soft spikes at the base of Sasuke's neck. He heard the delightful sound of Sasuke giggling for a moment, before his darling young lover began trying once more to wiggle out of his vice-like hold. "Itachi! You're going to make me late for school!" Itachi groaned and drew back from his brother, opening one eye to half-pout and half-glare at the boy.

"Since when do you care about being late for school?" He asked, watching his brother as he continued to try and squirm out of his grasp. Sasuke was quite obviously not trying his hardest to escape, else he would already have resorted to something sexual to make Itachi release him.

"I don't, but bashful gets in a right state about it and I hate having to listen to him whine all the way to school, and all through the day at school, and all the way home from school." Sasuke replied, shuddering at the very thought of having to listen to Shunsuke complain about being late again. He found it incomprehensible that someone related to him and so alike to him in so many ways, actually wanted to go to school - and more to the point, actually enjoyed the damn place. His twin was obviously just weird - completely insane, even.

Itachi rolled his eyes and simply pulled his brother closer to his body, before rolling them over – thus ending Sasuke's unending squirming as the child stilled immediately, torn as to how he should react to this new development in their positioning. Itachi smirked as he gently ground his arousal into the boys hip, watching the internal battle that was clearly raging in Sasuke's head as he tried to decide whether he would be willing to risk an annoying Shunsuke in exchange for a deliciously horny Itachi. It really wasn't much of a battle, and he bit his lip as he tried his best to contain a groan of approval, not wanting Itachi to have won control over this situation so easily – but also no longer able to resist his elder brother's advances.

"Sasuke you're not going to school today..." Itachi said quietly, both eyes open as he cupped his brother's cheek. Sasuke tilted his head to one side and stared up at his brother, an expression of hopeful confusion on his face as his elder sibling lovingly caressed his cheek. "Sasuke, I nearly lost you yesterday. You have no idea how scared I was... You're not leaving this room today - and I'm fairly sure Madara and Izuna are already expecting this anyway, right Uncle Izuna?" He asked, turning his face towards the door, and smirking slightly to himself as he saw Sasuke blink in surprise, having not realized that they had a bit of an audience that morning. He wasn't as adept as Itachi was when it came to realizing whether or not Izuna was pressed up against their door, wall, or – on occasion – windows, in an attempt to hear them in action.

"Sure sure, Sasuke gets a sick day - now make with the ravishing already!" Came the partially muffled impatient reply. Itachi chuckled as Sasuke wrapped his arms around his neck and pulled him down into a soft kiss. Itachi shifted himself slightly, keeping his lips connected to Sasuke's as he gently rolled back off of the younger teen, returning to his usual position on the bed, with Sasuke laying half atop him.

"Sorry Smexy, I'm actually quite content to just be cuddled right now... Come back in the afternoon, we'll put on a show for you." Sasuke said, as he pulled back from his and Itachi's tender kiss and rested his head on the elders bare chest. He giggled at the indignant huff of rage from the other side of the door, before he heard his most dramatic uncle stomp away down the hall, no doubt to pester Madara before he left for work.

"You know Otouto, it's not very nice to tease him like that..." Itachi's silken voice wafted down to him, sounding mildly amused as he began to trace a pattern over Sasuke's shoulder. The younger looked up with a blank and innocent expression, although Itachi saw straight through it, as he always did. "I know you were serious about the show, but I also know... that you weren't entirely honest when you said you were content with just being cuddled right now..." Itachi added, slipping his free hand to gently brush over Sasuke's blossoming arousal.

"Hmmm... well, maybe I just want to spend some quality time with you this morning..." Sasuke said quietly, pressing a soft kiss under Itachi's jaw as he eased himself up over his brother. "Regardless of its nature." He added with a small smirk, straddling Itachi's middle and all but purring as Itachi's hands slowly ran over his back, before coming to rest upon his ass. Itachi smiled up at his little angel, a small chuckle escaping him as he gently squeezed the younger's ass and then trailed one hand back to his cheek.

"Sentimentality Sasuke?" Itachi asked with an amused raised eyebrow. "How odd that sounds coming from you... Still, I do think that sounds... rather ideal..." He husked with a small grin, as he swept his thumb across the boys cheek. "I love you Sasuke." He added rather abruptly, causing Sasuke to roll his eyes at his somewhat obvious, but admittedly romantic declaration, before he smiled happily - as he leaned down to bestow a soft but delicious kiss to his brothers lips, gently suckling at his bottom lip before caressing it with his tongue. Itachi responded as expected, with a quiet groan of lust as he permitted the younger entry, and eagerly devoured his mouth, pressing their tongues together in a way that was almost violent in it's desperation, yet still sickeningly sensual in it's tenderness.

Sasuke gently rubbed his ass against his brothers growing arousal, a light and soft moan escaping him as he deepened their kiss farther, trying to match the way Itachi managed to pour so much love into it – yet at the same time set his skin on fire. He arched himself closer to Itachi, flattening his body against the elder in an attempt to feel their skin connect in as many places as possible. He wanted to feel his brothers touch against every part of him - to have him lay claim to his entire body once more.

He rested his fingers on the elder's collarbone, before he gently began to run them over the muscled chest that he so adored. He lightly dragged his finger tips over Itachi's chest and stomach, before he pulled out of their kiss to look down at his brother. He gasped at the unguarded awe there. He was looking at Sasuke like he couldn't believe he was real, but not in an entirely shocked way, it was as if Sasuke was a deity to him – as if he'd been praying for this moment his entire life and now it was finally here, and it was too good to be true.

Sasuke could understand his feelings, and he felt much the same way. During their horny and desperate sex the night before, they had been more focused on driving as much pleasure as possible both into and from each other - rather than the possibilities of where they would be right now, had the twins not been found. He could already tell, today was going to be all about reconfirming each others bodies and much worshiping of one another - and he found himself thrilled at the very idea of Itachi treating him like a virgin all over again. Itachi swallowed hard as he watched him closely, before pulling him close and flipping them over yet again.

Sasuke placed his hands on Itachi's arms, which were firm and toned and perfect for holding, bracing, catching and protecting him. He ran his fingertips down his biceps and lightly traced his fingertips over his tattoo, his eyes roving over his brother's whole body as he felt the familiarly intrusive yet seductive sensation of Itachi's doing much the same to his own slender unimpressive build. He leaned around slightly and met Itachi's eyes, before he placed a kisses on Itachi's eyelids, causing Itachi's breath to catch in his throat. His eyes shone with amusement as he looked down at him.

"What?" Sasuke asked, his body tensing as he blushed, his awkwardness rising slightly under the intense but amused look. Itachi shook his head and leaned down to kiss him lightly, easing his worry that his brother was going to laugh at his overly-romantic gesture.

"I was just remembering you're reaction as I got that..." Itachi clarified, inclining his head slightly towards the tattoo on his arm. Sasuke grimaced, while his brother laughed quietly, intermittently placing loving and gentle kisses across Sasuke's throat and collarbone.

"Well, I was still a little kid - what did you expect? I thought that big scary needle was hurting you!" Itachi's breath tickled his skin as he laughed again, sending shivers of delight through Sasuke's entire body - Itachi's laughter should be illegal, it was just too fucking sexy. "I still don't know how you managed to get the Smexies to let you get it anyway - they won't let me get one..." Sasuke grumbled in mock annoyance.

"I've always looked older than I was, while you always look just like your adorable little self - it's obvious you're too young..." Itachi chuckled as he was softly whacked on the back of the head for his comment, Sasuke's huff of irritation and mumblings about his sexiness and irritating 'too-smartness' as Sasuke dubbed them, were both highly amusing to him. "I'm sure the tattooist still remembers you... you nearly took his fingers off."

"He was hurting my Nii-San, I was protecting you! Avenging you even!" Sasuke grumbled, turning his head to the side and trying to glare, somewhat unsuccessfully, at the bedside table as Itachi's tongue did extremely sinful things to his nipples. "Besides... I didn't bite him that hard..." He added, pleased that his voice shook only slightly from his rising pleasure levels, it was quite the accomplishment for him to avoid moaning like an incubus with the way he was being touched at that moment. Itachi flicked his eyes up to see his brother attempting to sulk and he grinned around the nipple he was currently torturing, amused at his determination. He lightly ground his hips into the younger's and watched as Sasuke's glare washed away from his face - and was replaced by pure longing. He smirked and returned his attention to his brother's nipples.

"Hn... 'Tachi..." It felt slightly odd to be having someone so familiar with his body exploring it as if they had never ravished it to the point of begging before; almost as if he were re-learning it - once more committing every inch of flesh to memory, almost as if he thought it might have changed somehow in the last twenty four hours. But he certainly wasn't going to complain. He'd almost forgotten himself just how fucking amazing it could be to be loved in such a careful way.

Sasuke turned to look at his brother again, watching as the elder moved further down and dipped his tongue into his naval. Sasuke hissed in delight and arched off the bed towards him, his hands slipping from Itachi's arms to the bed, as he began to fist the sheets desperately. He moaned as Itachi thrust his tongue in and out of his naval, lapping almost desperately at his body. Sasuke whimpered and arched higher off the bed, adoring the feel of his brother worshiping his body so completely.

He felt Itachi smirk against his bare flesh, before beginning to move further lower. Sasuke howled with delight and bucked into the hot mouth that was suddenly engulfing his cock, becoming completely undone. He had thought Itachi's teasing would bypass his thus-far neglected cock, but his brother had most definitely pleasantly surprised him. He was so hard it was nearly painful, and he whined desperately as Itachi slowly pulled back from his cock.

"Otouto... are you that desperate already?" Itachi whispered, his breath ghosting over his over-sensitized, wet cock. Sasuke whimpered and nodded, unable and unwilling to discuss his current problem verbally. Itachi smirked and gave a long, languid lick to the hard organ, causing it to pulse harder. Sasuke cried out, thrusting his hips upwards as his brother teased him to a point beyond words. "Would you like me to help you with that Otouto..?" Sasuke tried to glare at his extremely fucking evil brother, but it came across as a desperate and pitifully pleading look instead. Itachi chuckled and pressed a kiss to his hip, before sinking his mouth over the heated flesh once more.

Sasuke groaned with partial relief, pleased to have Itachi's attention once more focused on his painfully hard cock. He raised his head and looked down to watch his brothers movements, while he bucked his hips lightly, one hand freeing itself from the bedsheets to lightly weave through Itachi's long hair. Itachi's tongue traced the large vein on the underside of his cock, before he sucked at the head, teasing him almost to madness before he bobbed his head and swallowed his whole length.

Mesmerized, Sasuke watched Itachi as he drew back from his shaft, slowly running his tongue up the entire length of the pulsing erection in front of him. When he eventually reached the head and flicked his eyes up to lock with Sasuke's own, while he gently blew cold air across the tip. Sasuke whimpered with delight, as Itachi flicked his tongue across the slit.

His entire body tensed as Itachi opened mouth wide and deliberately eased his cock back inside, taking his own sweet time with a task he always seemed to thoroughly enjoy. Sasuke's back arched when the he felt himself sliding against the slick sides of his brothers suffocatingly hot and delectably hollowed cheeks. He gasped when Itachi's tongue twirled around the head and could not stop his fingers from tightening in his hair. A small hum escaped his throat, tingling against Sasuke's cock, and that distinct noise of pleasure sent a shiver of eroticism down his spine, and tore a light, yet still whorish moan from his own lips.

He shivered with delight as the elder sibling then renewed his earlier efforts, picking up the pace and giving up on his teasing, bobbing his head once more while using one hand to gently caress his inner thigh. Sasuke's eyes went wide and his cock throbbed harder, as Itachi's hand slid higher still, and a single finger began to circle his quivering entrance. He slammed his eyes shut and bit his bottom lip hard as he thrust deeper into his brothers throat and came hard.

A shaky whimper escaped his throat as he felt Itachi swallow around him, still sucking lightly to milk him of everything he had to offer. When he finally surfaced, the smirk he wore radiated with self-satisfaction, smugness - and adoration.

"I have the sexiest little brother." Sasuke couldn't help but snort with laughter, it was just too funny to hear Itachi say such a thing after giving said little brother such a mind-numbing orgasm.

"Itachi, I'm pretty sure that's definitely one of those things you're not typically supposed to think about your siblings." He giggled, while Itachi began to kiss his way back up his body.

"Hmm, just as well we've never been typical siblings then isn't it?" Itachi muttered, as he nipped at his throat affectionately. Sasuke wrapped his arms loosely around his neck, as his half hard cock twitched in anticipation. He lightly ground his arousal into his brother's thigh and reveled in the groan of longing he received from the elder in return.

Itachi raised his head and locked his gaze with his brother for a moment, before allowing his eyes to slide shut and sinking into a light but impassioned kiss. Sasuke whined with need, raising one knee in invitation - which the elder hummed in appreciation of, as his hand accepted and slid between his legs. Sasuke's lips froze in a parted sigh of relief as Itachi gently pressed one finger inside of him.

At his baby brothers gasp of pleasure, Itachi pulled back enough to watch his expressions changing. There was nothing like watching Sasuke in the throes of passion, he was more amusing than a walrus attempting Russian Ballet. Itachi smiled as he added another finger, moving them deeper and caressing his brother from the inside. His other hand cupped Sasuke's cheek, his thumb lightly sweeping over his cheek in a loving gesture as he drank in all that was Sasuke.

Sasuke was struggling to keep his eyes open under the onslaught of such devilishly enticing pleasure, he was just as interested in that unusual spark of concealed worry in Itachi's expression as he was in the fingers bringing him such pleasure. It was distracting to see that look, especially now of all times - and he should know, given as he generally spent any and all free time staring at his favorite brother. His thought's about odd looks and things out of place were abruptly halted by an intense glow of arousal, which shot through his body and drew out a moan that was torn between being breathlessly needy and extremely whorish. He bucked his hips as his brother rubbed his fingers over his prostate without mercy, and his sounds of deep pleasure and arousal increased both in quantity and volume.

"Ita...chi..." A particularly breathless moan was all it seemed to take to finally snap the elder from his pre-occupation. Itachi moaned and thrust his tongue deep into Sasuke's mouth, putting a hand under his back and pushing him deeper into the bed. Sasuke was almost started by the sudden inflammation of passion in his brother, but the overwhelming heat that flooded his body from the burning new force behind his kiss was far more interesting, and he merely moaned louder.

After several minutes of fierce tongue-tying, Itachi groaned and pulled back. Sasuke felt his fingers pull out of his ass and he whined as he always did at the loss that came from being their departure. He watched with hunger and fascination as Itachi crawled over him and ran his hands up the back of his thighs. If this were a vision from God, he would have died of the supreme Holy-fucking-hell-hotness of it.

Itachi slowly stretched out over him, aligning his body over Sasuke's with a practiced familiarity and kissed him briefly before sitting back again and saying, "Bend your legs up to your chest..."

Sasuke eagerly did as he was asked, pulling his legs back so his arse was tilted up, his knees bent with his elder brother kneeling in between them. Itachi's breath hitched at the sight, and he grinned as he wiggled his hips invitingly. The way their bodies were intertwined was an incredible sight and Sasuke knew that Izuna would be howling with glee if they had let him stay and watch. He began to all but purr to himself as he felt the head of Itachi's cock nudge at his entrance.

"Mmm, 'Tachi..." Sasuke shuddered and moved his hips, loving the feel of his brothers cock threatening to enter him, but finding it irritating that his brother had enough restraint to tease him at such a god-damn crucial moment.

"'Tachi... please..." He muttered repeatedly, desperately wriggling against the head of his brother's cock and attempting to lick at his collarbone. His pleas were answered at last, as Itachi groaned and slowly allowed himself to sink into his younger sibling, relishing the feel of his baby brothers silken walls slowly enveloping his heated flesh.

"You're inside me..." Of course, Sasuke never was one to believe in taking beauty from quiet moments like this. Itachi's laughter resounded around the room for a moment, before he gave a long and drawn out sigh, as he looked down at the brat he adored with an unrestrained smile.

"Sasuke, I'm trying to make love to you - can't you be even just a little romantic?" He saw the clouds of lust in his brother's eyes, but also the faint sparks of mischief and amusement, as the younger stared up at him with a pleased and extremely smug grin.

"I'll be romantic the day Smexier tames Smexy and his unending lustful rampage, now are you going to fuck me or not?" Sasuke asked, his voice admittedly hoarse from restrained lust. Itachi's smile curled into a smirk, as he slowly drew himself out to the tip and re-angled his hips - driving himself into Sasuke's prostate at a tortuously slow pace and causing the boys eyes to slide shut as he groaned in both delight and frustration.

Sasuke moaned as Itachi continued to move at his unusually gentle pace, his cock continuing to hit that same spot. He kept his legs drawn back and his hips as still as possible to encourage it. Itachi thrust into him at a slow and steady pace, enjoying the sensations of slowly making love to Sasuke as if he'd never entered his body before. He kissed any available flesh he could reach, shoulders, chest, neck and face. When he descended to kiss his lips, it was as gently as he thrust into his ass - taking the time to savour his flavour and relish the taste of their combined passion.

When he drew back, Sasuke bit his bottom lip and arched his body into his brothers, relishing the way his brother filled him and worshiped his body with a blanket of devotion and love. Sasuke gasped and opened his eyes t a slightly harder thrust, a deep and long moan of intense pleasure rolling from his throat as he looked into the all too familiar dark eyes above him - which were focused completely on him, looking on him with equal parts concern, desire, passion and all the while over-flowing with love. Sasuke mewled pitifully and reached up with one hand to draw the elder into another smouldering kiss.

Itachi moaned deeply, his speed slowly increasing as he felt Sasuke's other hand begin to trail over his shoulder, drawing him closer and lightly scraping over his heated and sensitive skin. His thrusts became faster and more hurried as desire and passion overwhelmed them both. Sasuke whimpered, loving the way Itachi held him like a precious jewel that he had to protect at all costs, wrapping him in a fierce but cautious embrace as they moved as one together. He gave into the mindless sensation of Itachi driving into him.

Itachi moved back, spreading his knees wide either side of Sasuke's ass and picking up his hips, pulling his younger sibling into his lap. He began to thrust into him deeper and harder, relishing the way that Sasuke threw his head back and all but screamed incoherent strings of curses and random words which he could usually make out as 'harder' 'faster' or 'holy fucking smiting fuck'.

"Language Otouto..." He managed to rasp after a particularly long and abusive string of curses, before he latched onto the beautiful pale throat before him and attacked it with a passionate fury. Sasuke howled with intense pleasure and dug his fingers into the flesh of Itachi's back in an attempt to steady himself, as the elder deferred to his pleas and began to thrust into him wildly. He settled on using one to grip hard enough to his shoulder to leave deep fingernail indentations, and the other to ensnare a handful of hair and hold his brother's head in place as Itachi sucked, nipped and lapped at the overly sensitive spot on his throat.

Itachi groaned and moved a hand between them, gripping Sasuke's abandoned cock tightly and stroking in time to the furious thrusts. Sasuke wailed and thrashed in his lap, and he drew back from his throat to watch the endearing sight of his baby brother in the highest throes of passion. Both felt the pleasure mounting inside them, spurring them on into a haze of raw emotion and physical release.

The sound of his brother's inarticulate pleasure pressed him closer to the edge, and Itachi's long standing restraint snapped as he was unable to contain himself any further. He threw them both back to the bed, slamming himself deep into Sasuke with raw and wild passion, eliciting entrancing screams and howls of delight and pure rapture from his little brother, as Sasuke clung to him with a desperation that was almost painful.

The bed creaked beneath them, the headboard striking the wall hard with every wild thrust Itachi lunged deeper into his brother with. His eyelids dipped, fluttering half-closed as Sasuke all but wept into his shoulder, his pleasure rolling from him in waves as his prostate was mercilessly abused with a precision that could only come from years of practice.

Sasuke pressed desperate kisses to his shoulder, and higher up his throat - at any interval on his flesh that he could reach. Itachi groaned as he pulled his head back slightly and captured his lips with a deep and fiery kiss, pouring his love, passion and over-whelming fear from the previous day into his brother's similarly passionate and ever eager mouth. He slipped one hand from Sasuke's hip and grasped his neglected cock tightly, allowing the boy to thrust into his hand with as much wild passion as he poured into his own ministrations to Sasuke's ass.

"Nii-San!" Sasuke tore his lips free to half-whisper and half-wail at his approaching orgasm, his plump and kiss bruised lips brushing against Itachi's own as he moaned quietly and clung tighter to his brother. "Itachi!" Sasuke threw his head back, though determinedly keeping his eyes locked on Itachi's - willing himself not to close his eyes; he wanted to remember this time in particular, wanted to watch Itachi's face as he came after having put so much tenderness into it... at first. He choked and screamed incoherent phrases of pleasure, as he felt Itachi's hand pumping his cock, driving familiar sensations spiraling through his body.

His efforts were obvious to the elder sibling. Itachi swore at the passion, lust, desire and awe in his brothers eyes, feeling his body tense as his thrusts became sporadic. He gasped and then moaned loudly - biting his lower lip lightly as his body was swamped with waves of arousal and heat. Sasuke whimpered in ecstasy as the elder thrust almost violently into him, clutching the elder tightly against his own chest. He screamed incoherently as his cock exploded over Itachi's hand, and he felt his own inner muscles begin to contract around the cock inside him - and he forced himself to drink in every detail as he watched Itachi's face contort and then relax with overwhelming pleasure.

Sasuke panted and watched as his brother's eyes slid shut, his guttural groan of completion rumbling through him via their joined chests, as his seed flooded his ass. He found himself unwilling to let him go just yet, instead wrapping his arms tighter around him as he began to lay small kisses along his sweat-ridden hairline. He could feel Itachi's softening cock still pulsing inside him, seeming reluctant to leave it's favourite hideout.

He drew back to see how his brother was faring, only to have his lips captured in a soft and sweet kiss, enticing a just as soft moan from him. Itachi's cock slid out of him a moment later and he whined at the sudden overwhelming sense of loss he felt.

"That was mean, I was enjoying your after-twitching's..." He mumbled against his brother's lips, trying to pout while the elder kissed him without much success. Itachi chuckled at his efforts, as he shifted their positions slightly, rolling onto his back and drawing Sasuke into his protective embrace at his side - his head nestled on his chest. Itachi pressed a kiss to his rebellious spikes, and then buried his nose in the familiar scented locks - enjoying the feel of his baby brother's slowly calming heartbeat exactly where he felt it should always be... right beside his own.


Unfortunately, their blissful peace was rather short-lived. After having little more than an hours time for a post-coital cuddling nap, the house seemed to come alive with sound. Izuna was on the phone having what seemed to be a very impassioned argument with someone. Sasuke groaned at the sound, and let his eyes flutter open.

Itachi was still sleeping beautifully, and Sasuke smiled lightly to himself even though he was rather annoyed with Izuna for waking them. He allowed himself to focus in more on what his distressed uncle was arguing about.

"What do you mean that's not worthy of an excused absense!" Izuna was shouting into his phone. "He's my nephew, dammit! Aren't I the one who decides whether or not sexual deprivation is a cause of illness?" He screeched angrily.

Sasuke groaned, and gently started trying to shake Itachi awake.

"Fuck a doctor! I know that boy's body better than any doctor in this damn city and I'm telling you he needs the day off of school!"

Itachi woke up and immediately frowned, glancing over at Sasuke and pouting slightly (something that he'd never admit to doing) when a glance at the clock told him it was just barely going on midday and they hadn't been sleeping for as long as he'd hoped they would.

"Nii-San, Izuna called the school again."

"Fuck..." Itachi muttered, getting up and putting on some jogging shorts – hoping that Izuna hadn't managed enough harm to make Madara have to go bribe the principle out of calling child protective services on their family again.

Sasuke slipped on a pair of Itachi's discarded boxers and followed sleepily behind his brother, not ready to part with him again until it was absolutely necessary. They found Izuna lying naked in the guest room – surrounded by several balloon animals that were clearly made out of condoms. The animals were split into pairs, and mounting each other doggy style, or fellating each other, depending on the species.

There was a large life-sized model of an aroused naked man handcuffed to the bed, wearing a wig that looked suspiciously as if it had been put together after years and years of saving random clippings of Madara's hair.

Itachi looked completely unphased by this display, but Sasuke was left thinking that if this didn't even get a rise out of his brother he could only imagine what a normal day alone in the house with Izuna was like at itsworst.

"Uncle Izuna, give me the phone," Itachi requested, holding his hand out and looking down at the overly-sexed male with a harsh determination that contradicted the fact that in truth Izuna was the parental figure in their relationship.

"No! You're the one who said bruise-builder gets to stay home from school! So I'm being a damn adult and calling the school. Now, you listen Miss office lady, the boy is sick!"

"Bruise builder?" Sasuke asked, frowning slightly at the new nickname.

"In reference to the monstrosity formerly known as Shunsuke's upper body, I believe." Itachi replied with a snort of amusement.

They watched helplessly as Izuna farther terrorized the officials at the school – in the end, getting hung up on. He shrugged. "Whatever... Sasuke, you can just remind Madara to call the school when you bring him his lunch." Izuna said nonchalantly, rising to reach towards a condom on the floor and tearing it open with his teeth before bringing it to his lips and beginning to blow it up.

"When I do what?" Sasuke asked, thinking that he must have misheard the man.

"He forgot it this morning," Izuna said by way of explanation.

Itachi looked down at him incredulously. "Madara wouldn't have forgotten his lunch."

Izuna cocked his head to the side, tying the blown up condom at the end to trap the air, then beginning to distribute it accordingly so that he could make another animal out of it. "Yes, well, when I say that he forgot to takeit to work, I more mean that he refusedto take it because I may have possibly been sitting naked on his lunch box and refusing to get up until... anyway, the point is that his lunch is downstairs, and he is downtown. Sasuke, chop-chop!"

"Izuna, Sasuke's not going anywhere today. That would completely defeat the purpose of keeping him home from school, and you know I can't go with him. Look at what you've already done to this room!"

Itachi pointed an accusing finger at a blotch of semen that Sasuke hadn't noticed on the carpet. Izuna eyed it too, but didn't seem to understand what Itachi's issue was.

"I let Sasuke stay home to do you two a favor! The least you could do is just run Madara his damn lunch!"

After much argument and hurtful words, it was agreed that Sasuke absolutely would not under any circumstances be leaving the house today – but Madara still needed the food.

"Nii-San, why don't you just bring it to him?" Sasuke suggested. "I'm sure I can handle Smexy for an hour or two."

Itachi frowned, but seemed to consider it. Sasuke was rather safe at home with Izuna. Much safer than he would be taking public transportation all the way to Madara's office and back, anyway. Plus Izuna really would be a horrific enemy to someone who tried to cross him, even if he was lazy and horny most of the time. Yes, this was exponentially more reasonable.

"Fine, I'll bring him his lunch, but I wanna take Izuna's car."

"What? Hell no!" Izuna screeched furiously. "You'll ride the damn bus!"

Itachi smirked. "I have a license, Uncle Izuna. I won't hurt your baby."

Sasuke pouted. "No fair! I haven't been for a ride in Mr. Tomato Head for years!"

Itachi gave his brother a disbelieving glance, wondering what the issue was in this household with Uke's and keeping track of time. Sasuke had definitely been in Izuna's car (A Candy Red Porsche Carrera GT that had been dubbed "Mr Tomato Head" by a three year old Sasuke a few years back) less than a month ago.

"I'll drive you to school in the car when you go back, okay?" Itachi asked, trying desperately to compromise with his young lover. He couldn't let Sasuke out alone, but he really couldn't let Izuna stay in alone – so this truly was the only option.

Izuna seemed to be considering it. He could, of course, go and give Madara the lunch himself – but he was still rather pissy over the fact that he hadn't gotten any cock the night before and was sworn to fidelity which Madara said included blow-jobs. What a shame... Izuna would have loved to wrap his lips around Itachi's cock at that moment, with the way those eyes looked at him all pleadingly and – oh fuck.

Neither Itachi or Sasuke were surprised at all when Izuna collapsed backwards, now laying completely flat against the carpeting, with his dick springing upwards at full attention. He sighed, and grasped it in hand beginning to stroke it slowly as he spoke. "Okay, fine – Itachi you go give Mada-Koi his lunch, Sasuke... please get away from me before I'm tempted to earn myself another night of celibacy."

Sasuke giggled, finding it quite humorous that Izuna was horny enough that even he could be thought of as arousing. It had been a while since he'd done anything sexual with his younger uncle without their partners of choice. He rather missed it, actually. The way that Izuna managed to have his cock up your ass and still make it feel like you were completely in control. It was an arousing thought, and with a quick wet peck to Itachi, Sasuke scurried down to the cellar – deciding to distract himself with the tomato farm until his brother returned.

Itachi only spared Izuna a very brief lustful stare before he exited the room to get properly dressed. He was attracted to Izuna, yes – but with the man walking around naked and horny so damn often, he wasn't nearly as enthralled by the sight of him like that as he used to be. Heaving a groan of annoyance, he yanked Madara's lunch box off of the counter and made his way to the door – slamming it behind him and getting into Izuna's car, as he brooded about how overall this really was one of the worst weeks he'd ever endured. All blissful reunited emotions aside – he'd been separated from Sasuke twice against his will now.

Still, he thought only optimistic things as he made his way into town. Who knows? Perhaps Madara would be in an entertaining mood when he got there.


Madara fumed as he attempted to finish the mornings paperwork. His lesson to Izuna the previous night had, rather unfortunately, had some slightly unpleasant backlash attached to it. He'd been fine as he got ready for work, fine as he ate his breakfast - and ignored his naked younger brother completely. He had also been fine as he backed his sleek black Mercedes C-Class out of the drive. It was as he finally reached his destination, that the first pangs of... withdrawal, set in.

He wasn't entirely certain if there was a trigger to his current predicament or not, but upon opening his office door his cock had decided it was time to be paid some attention. He'd ignored the issue, setting about his usual routine of checking the morning orders, emails and other such messages from the night crew using an impressive amount of willpower to at least push his need to the back of his mind. However, the closer he got to the lunch hour, the more difficult it became to suppress his needs.

One day I'm going to remember - or at least admit - that punishing my brother only leads to problems for me later on... He thought, growling to himself as he shifted his position in his chair. He glanced at the clock on his computer screen, wondering how long he had been managing to cope with his predicament so far, but what he saw made him stop mid-sentence in his paperwork.

12.22pm. He frowned to himself and brought his wrist up to his eyes, certain that his computer was obviously broken. Unfortunately for him, it seemed the world was against him, as the same time was shown once more. Usually he would have had at least a phone call by now from the impatient whore before it even hit eleven am, so he definitely should have had one by now - especially considering he would no doubt be desperate to make up for last night and get himself fucked senseless, the fact that he hadn't yet even called left a very disconcerting feeling in the pit of his stomach. He sighed and threw his pen to the table in disgust, leaning back in his chair and closing his eyes before raising a hand to rub at them in his frustration. A knock at the door echoed through his office, though he made no effort to remove his hand from his face and open his eyes.

"What?" He barked, not particularly caring about the fact that he was being rude.

"Hmm, It seems to me you must be having a particularly hard day today uncle Madara, to be so tightly strung that you'd snap at your staff..." Came a quiet yet amused voice, as the door clicked closed behind his guest. Madara couldn't quite restrain the amused curl of his lips. You could always trust Itachi to cut right to the heart of the issue, no matter how impossible it seemed, he just had a way of knowing things.

"I'm afraid I come bearing bad news for you. Uncle Izuna has deemed himself far too sick to leave the house today I'm afraid, something about being out in the cold last night and he's now unable to come today." Madara lowered his hand and glared at his nephew, having heard both the heavy emphasis of his last word as well as the damnable smirk in his tone of voice. Itachi's smirk grew as his uncle glowered at him, unable to resist teasing the usually unflappable patriarch of their odd little family.

"Really now?" Madara asked, trying hard to contain his frustration and failing miserably. He cleared his throat and shifted in his chair, sitting forward to pick up his pen once more. "Is there anything else the little whore would like to tell me?" He spat, furious that Izuna would actually go so far as to deny himself pleasure just to piss him off after he had denied him the night before - and to no doubt make him fuck him all the harder when he finally got home.

"Nothing you haven't already figured out I'm sure." Itachi smirked, chuckling to himself over his uncles rather obvious predicament. He held up a small bag in his left hand as he walked towards his uncles desk. "I brought you your lunch by the way, seeing as Izuna cant leave the house and I don't want Sasuke leaving..." He said, planting the bag directly on top of Madara's remaining paperwork. Madara glared at him, but he simply smiled and moved himself over to the couch.

"He'll have to go back to school tomorrow you know-"

"I know, I just wanted one day with him to make sure he's really alright, if he's going to have a freak out over the whole ordeal I'd rather he did it at home than at school." Itachi interrupted his uncle, looking out the window into the main factory as he leaned back on the couch and folded his hands in his lap. Madara swallowed a large lump in his throat and shifted in his seat, trying to will his erection away by informing it that his whore of a brother wasn't coming. However, it seemed the organ was determined to back-chat him, as it reminded him - quite happily, that he had a rather attractive nephew in the room right now. He debated with himself for all of thirty seconds, before he threw his pen to the desk and got to his feet. He quickly strode over to the door and locked it, before reaching for the switch to lower the blinds.

"Itachi..." Madara purred, watching the small smirk flitter onto his nephews face. He drew closer to his nephew, sitting beside him on the couch and leaning close enough to let his warm breath caress the exposed flesh of his throat without actually touching his lips to the tantalising skin. Itachi shuddered slightly, as he lay one hand on his knee and slowly began to trail his fingers higher.

"Why uncle Madara, I never thought I'd see the day where you would break before uncle Izuna..." Itachi said, smirking as he turned his head to just the perfect angle that his uncles lips were brushing against his with every other word. His voice lowered to a husky, lust filled whisper and his eyes glittered with amusement and lust as he lowered them to his uncles parted lips. "Sasuke will be so very jealous when he finds out..."

Madara wasted no more words, he raised his free hand and entangled it in the base of Itachi's ponytail, before he crushed their lips together in a demanding and brutal kiss. Itachi rested one hand on his lower arm and tilted his head back, allowing the older man control of the kiss - and he growled in appreciation of it. Madara would usually be more taken with Sasuke whenever Izuna was unavailable to him, he was so like Izuna in so many ways - but he and Itachi had occasionally been known to have their own dalliances together.

He nipped the younger's lip and demanded entrance to the wet mouth beyond, which he was instantly granted. His tongue darted into the warmth of his nephew's mouth, re-mapping the distantly remembered territory anew. The hand he had been trailing up Itachi's thigh clamped onto his hip and drew his body flush against Madara's, enticing a light moan from his nephew.

Itachi yielded to the older man, allowing him to dominate his body completely and enjoying the harshness of the impassioned kiss. Madara's lips were hard upon his own, almost bruising in their fierceness. Madara kissed like a man possessed, his tongue seeking any possible missed terrain in his mouth, only withdrawing when they parted to draw a hasty gasp of air. Itachi's hands were constantly moving, one easily slipping his uncles shirt buttons from their respective holes, while the other caressed the man's aching and constrained cock.

Once Itachi had succeeded in opening Madara's shirt, he shifted himself into the man's lap, leaning into the kiss as he pressed his own clothed chest to his uncles bare one. Madara groaned at the hindrance of clothes between their flesh, but Itachi simply smirked into their kiss and ground his own burgeoning erection into his uncles, before tearing himself from the man's grip. He parted Madara's legs, slowly sliding to his knees as he trailed heated kisses down the other man's torso. He lavished a pert nipple with attention from his tongue, before leaning back and shooting the man a lustful look, as he looked up through long lashes, his hands working together to unzip his trousers. Madara hissed as cool air hit his bare arousal, quickly followed by the warm and firm grasp of his nephews hand.

"Itachi..." He started, but the rest of his words died in his throat, instead coming out in a long moan of appreciation as Itachi leant forward and gave a particularly long, slow lick to the underside of his throbbing cock. He rested one hand in the younger's hair, his fingers curling into the now slightly tousled silken hair. Itachi chuckled before focusing on the impressive cock before him, trailing his tongue across the entire length before flicking lightly at the slit. Madara hissed and tightened the hand in his hair, his hips bucking slightly at the extremely appreciated attention.

Itachi moaned as his parted lips finally sank around the hard, inflamed flesh. Madara closed his eyes, enhancing the sensations of his nephews ministrations as he let his head roll onto the back of the couch. His cock was enclosed in blessed heat at last, Itachi's tongue a maddeningly teasing caress on the sensitive skin. Madara let out a soft breath, not quite a moan, and Itachi immediately began to increase his tongues glorious ministrations to his cock. He forced his eyes to open and lifted his head, locking his eyes onto the lust-ridden onyx orbs of his exceedingly talented nephew.

Itachi sucked and licked with skill, passionate ardour and enthusiasm. He slowly and deliberately mapped Madara's cock with his tongue, cataloguing the most responsive spots - all the while keeping his eyes locked with his uncles so that the man could see his own lust and enjoyment of his task. His lips stretched wider around Madara's girth, as his head suddenly bobbed lower in his lap, trying to swallow more cock. Madara growled with approval and obliged him, tilting his hips and pushing his cock in further, feeling the moment when it almost became to much - but never relenting.

Itachi's eyes began to release a light stream tears from their corners and he let his jaw sink to it's lowest, until Madara's cock was sliding down his throat, his balls slapping his chin as the man thrust into him. Madara groaned deep in his throat and firmly fixed his hand to the back of Itachi's head, holding him still as he remained unmoving for a few seconds, revelling in the sensations of the flesh rippling around him, then slid out all the way. Itachi gasped a deep breath quickly, before he eagerly leant forward and took Madara's cock back in his mouth of his own again, letting his jaw drop once more to allow his uncle to .

Madara let him to move as he pleased, though he kept one hand tangled in his hair, he hardly needed to use it for encouragement. Itachi's experience and skill were equalled easily by his enthusiasm, and he continued to draw Madara so tantalisingly close to the edge - only to tease him back again. At last, Itachi took him as far as he could and sucked strongly, his cheeks hollowing out. Madara's orgasm bloomed inside his gut and by this point he was powerless - and truth be told, unwilling - to attempt to stave it off.

Itachi made a valiant effort to swallow his uncles entire release, but not even Izuna could have contained such an amount completely and all too soon, trickles of come spilt from the corners of his mouth.

Madara clutched the back of Itachi's head in a tight grip, trying to relish the last few constrictions of his throat while waiting for his heart to stop beating quite so wildly and for his breathing to even out again. Itachi continued suckling on his softening cock, sending aftershock waves through his body as he ignored the iron-like grip on his head and instead contenting himself with milking his uncles cock completely before removing himself and licking at the corners of his lips like the proverbial cat that got the cream - which, Madara thought with an amused chuckle and devious smirk - he most certainly did.

"I must say thank you for that uncle Madara - I wasn't expecting to get treated to lunch like this..." Itachi said, still licking his lips with relish. Madara applied a little pressure to the back of his head, drawing him into a final fierce kiss. He moaned at the taste of his own release on the younger's tongue, savouring the taste as he probed his willing mouth with an unrelenting tongue. Eventually, the need for air forced them to separate and they quietly tried to regain control of their breathing. Itachi smiled at his uncle and got to his feet, straightening his rather rumpled clothing with one hand and using the other to wipe under his eyes.

"Are you going to be alright getting home with that?" Madara asked, gesturing towards Itachi's obvious arousal. Itachi smirked and his eyes gleamed with intent, clearly showing he was already making plans for Sasuke and his horny little ass when he returned.

"I'm sure I'll be fine - it's not like I have to sit in an office where I just got amazing fellatio from a lover for the remainder of the day... plus, I have a rather needy little brother waiting for me to come home - I think I can manage to contain myself just as long as it takes me to get back." He said, amusement sparkling in his eyes. Madara blew out a long breath, re-zipping his trousers and buttoning his shirt.

"Well, I certainly appreciate that you dropping by Itachi, it's always so nice to see you." He replied, as he got to his feet. He flicked the switch and raised the blinds, before turning back to his desk, pausing before he took his seat. He turned to his nephew with a slightly awkward cough. "There's uh... no need to be telling Izuna that I uh, treated you to lunch out... I-"

"I wont tell him anything, but I'll tell Sasuke - as you no doubt already knew." Itachi cut in, smirking at Madara's discomfort as the man took his seat. Madara nodded at him, and Itachi headed for the door. Madara sighed as his nephew unlocked the door and let himself out, he had a feeling he might just end up regretting that damn monogamy vow.


When Itachi arrived home, he shut the door silently behind him. It was no use, Izuna and Sasuke both came bursting into the foyer to greet him excitedly. Well – they tried to. Izuna made it to the foyer, walked up to him and froze when he got close. From the sound of it, Sasuke had somehow trapped himself in the kitchen, and was bustling about in an attempt to be freed of his self-imposed prison.

Itachi spared a moment of amusement over his beloved baby brother's foolishness, before gulping nervously, his eyes darting down to the floor for a moment before he had the guts to look at his uncle.

Izuna's eyes narrowed suspiciously, and he began circling Itachi like a hunting lioness. He got closer to Itachi's face, and sniffed the air, then glared at him. Itachi merely cleared his throat, then turned to offer a gleeful smile to Sasuke – who had just worked his way into the room and looked quite proud of this accomplishment.

Izuna's eyes searched Itachi's for signs of guilt – he found it, and glared at his favourite nephew even harder. Testing to see if his suspicions were fact, he grabbed Itachi's shirt and yanked the teen closer to him, smashing their mouths together. Itachi couldn't help but moan into the kiss when Izuna's tongue darted into his mouth, but as soon as it was beginning it was over, and he was being shoved away from his uncle.

Wordlessly, Izuna slapped Itachi in the face, then glared at him for another long moment, before he slapped him again for good measure. "You... you... ugh!" Izuna stormed away from the room, leaving two rather confused nephews behind. Itachi was still not entirely certain about whether or not he'd just been found out or just been witness to one of the many enigmatic moments of Izuna Uchiha.

Sasuke approached him then, wrapping his small arms firmly around his waist before kissing him much more gently than Izuna had. When Sasuke pulled away he couldn't help but smirk at his older brother. He smacked his lips together experimentally, adoring the tangy flavor of Itachi's mouth.

"I think," Said Sasuke, leaning up to Itachi's ear and whispering huskily into it. "That you and Smexier are in a lot of trouble..." Sasuke couldn't have been more right.

Upstairs, Izuna was absolutely seething. How dare that whore of a brother demand that he had to be faithful then let Itachi suck him off? It was absolutely outrageous! Completely unfair! How dare Madara be the one to breech their agreement!

He would pay, ohh, yes – he would pay dearly. To think, Madara had the nerve to do it with Itachi of all people too, as if he didn't know that Itachi had been the person Izuna had missed the most! Izuna scowled at the pillows on his bed, thinking of how he'd had to sleep there the night before without so much as a single loving touch from his brother.

'Monogamy my ass!' Izuna thought as he paced around the room furiously. He would get Madara back for this. Yes, he'd get him back tenfold. He frowned as he thought of possible methods of revenge. It was just … just so fucked up!

Okay, so perhaps Izuna wouldn't have been as upset if it hadn't been his two favorite people to fuck who had done this to him... oh wait! Aha! That was just it!

Suddenly, he knew exactly how to repay his brother. He grinned sadistically as his plan tweaked itself into perfection in his mind. Lovely. It was about time Madara learned his lesson about this anyway. There were many things that Izuna would tolerate, but this was certainly not one of them.

Make him go without sex – sure. Refuse to punish the boys for excluding him in their sexual exploits – meh, whatever. But Madara and Itachi hooking up without him? Hell. No.

This – this meant war.

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