Glee © Ryan Murphy

The Mini Warbler belongs to his parents.


The curly-haired boy looked up from his work to see one of his best friends walking through the door, a silly grin across his face.

"What's up?" Blaine asked, knowing Wes all too well.

Wes laughed whole-heartedly, the smile never leaving his face. "I have someone who would like to meet you." he said.

Blaine groaned inwardly.

Wes had said this before to him, many times actually, and every time Blaine ended up being attacked by rabid fangirls.

"Wes, if it's another girl, I don-"

"Nope! Don't worry, it's someone who won't try to cut a piece of your hair off.

Blaine still felt uneasy though. "So, who is it?"


A small blue and red blur burst through the door and latched onto the shorter boy's arm.


"Blaine Warbler, this is my brother, Kellen. He's basically your Number 1 Fan."

"Uhhhhh..." Blaine stared down at the adorable toddler, who was dressed in a mini Dalton uniform, that was now attached to him.

The little boy looked up at him, and Blaine felt himself melt.

"Sing Teenage Dream! Pwease!" Kellen yelled, grinning as madly as his big brother.

Blaine looked curiosly as Wes. "But, you hate that song? The Warblers banned me from singing it."

Wes sighed. "Yes, because you sang it endlessly. However, it's Kellen's favorite, and as a member of the council, I have the authority to temporarily lift the ban."

Blaine broke out in a smile, and he started the music, Kellen jumping up and down the entire time.

And as the music traveled down the hallway, over 20 synchronized groans rang out into the air.


:) I want to steal the Mini Warbler. He is so adorable!