A/N: This is just an opinion and some thoughts on Puckabrina I thought I'd share with everyone. I'm not bashing anyone's stories. In fact, I'm probably not talking about anyone's story, anyway. All the stories here are to great to insult, even if I tried. Except for some grammer, punctuation, capitalization, phrasing, and spelling... but I'm the police of that stuff, so normal people (not me) probably wouldn't think anything of it.


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Chapter Name: Opinions/Thoughts

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Genre/s: Romance/Humor

Protagonist/s: Sabrina

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Point Of View: First Person

Content Rating: "K+"

Disclaimer: I don't own the "Sisters Grimm" series, or the characters.


My thoughts and opinions on Puckabrina and love in general.

If you totally love mushy-gushy all the time and you never get tired of it, you probably will be bored by my ideas.

I just realized why Puck asked Sabrina: "Promise we'll never change?" in book 8; the screaming the fighting, anything, really. And I agree. I think its because most couples are always so sweet to each other and mushy. Where's the passion? Aren't kisses sweeter and worth more if they're few and far between? Isn't love better when you have to fight for it? Where's that thrill of fighting with each other?

I think Puck is afraid of losing that feeling.

To most people, all that mushy-gushy, lovey-dovey stuff is great, but in my eyes, I don't wanna make out with my future guy, I'd rather fight over something pointless, like what color the teddy bear on display at build-a-bear should be.

I hope good ol' M.B. keeps it like that. I love the simplicity of their relationship right now... the pure innocence of it all. I want Puck and Sabrina to be together, but I don't want them to change. The thing I want most though... is for that darn book to come out already! Seriously dude, stop torturing us SG fanatics!

I feel like psychoanalyzing Puck right now.

I also feel that Puck doesn't say 'I love you' to Sabrina because its such an overused word in society today, and has lost some/most of its value. I prefer 'I'm in love with you' over 'I love you', because nobody really says it. The lack of it being used makes it all the more meaningful to me.

He might be trying to figure out a way to say it like that. Probably not. And the fact that he's 12... and in denial. *fangirl moment* PUCKABRINA LIVES ON! *regains composure*

Or he just might be a wimp.

A hot wimp.

A really hot, *sigh* heroic, funny wimp. *girly giggle*

Okay, someone call Moth to kill Sabrina so I can marry Puck! *snaps fingers* And get me a latte! ;)




A/N: I hope some of you agree. This really had no point, I just wanted to express my feelings to someone, since nobody I know reads the books. If you don't agree, it's okay, I won't kill you. 3:)