The New Student

Ch. 1: Moving

As 17 year old Kagome Higurashi packed up all her things she could not help but cry.


"Kagome can you come downstairs for a minute, i got some important news!" yelled Kagome's mom.

"Coming," said kagome "yes mom?"

"I just got off the phone with my boss. Ive been promoted!"

"That's great mom I'm soo happy for you!" kagome said as she hugged her mom.

"It even gets better...we're moving"


Those two words kept floodin kagome's head. 'why do i have to move? i can stay here. im old enough to live on my own. if i stay then i can get back together with hojo (her boyfriend) and not have to say goodbye to my friends and my life. why did this happen to me?' kagome thought as she cried harder. After a while, she stopped crying and put her things in the moving truck. As she got in the car she started to think about her new life and how it would be like.