Last chapter! I did kinda skip a part because I wasn't sure how to do it and my Muse wasn't cooperating at all.


"Stay here, I know how to turn the tide in our favor." I tell the Chosen One outside of his downed and disabled ship.

I shift into my flying form and fly off to my sister's resting place.

As I fly I feel my hold on the Chosen One suddenly slacken and die. Father! How dare he mess with my plans!

Soon I arrive at my sister's resting place and enter.

I use the Force to open her resting place and bend down.

"So cold." I whisper. "It's ironic my dear sister. You were the only one I truly loved." I tell her lifeless body, my voice breaking.

I take the Dagger from her limp hands and place it on my belt and then I move the slab back over her.

I think about my next move. I smile and fly to my Father's monastery.

I can sense my Father as well as the Chosen One, his padawan and Master.

"How quaint!" I say after I shifted back to my humanoid form and land on the floor of the arena. "My own personal send-off."

"I ask you one last time: Do not leave my son." Father says with only a fraction of his only authority.

"You do not have the power to keep me here old man. You must realize by not that this planet is not my destiny!" I nearly snarl.

"What you will do is destroy all that is good. I beg you to restrain yourself and stay." Father says, or begs.

"I cannot." I tell him.

"Then it shall be. I love you my son." Father says. "Do you?" I ask him. If he loved my sister and I he would have never taken us here where we would never see our mother again.

The Chosen One ignites his lightsaber and attacks me. I block several slashes before I grab him by the throat. His two friends ignite there lightsabers. I toss the Chosen One aside and then call the two lightsaers to my hand and shove them backward when the come at me.

Suddenly Father calls the Dagger to him.

"What?" I demand. "You're going to kill me now?" I ask as I toss the lightsabers away.

I had hoped that you could resist the Dark Side. But I see that there is no turning back." Father says as he raises the Dagger, the point over his abdomen. "Father . . . ." I whisper. Father then stabbed himself with the Dagger. Thunder rumbled. "NO! What have you done! It didn't have to be this way!" I wail as I pull the Dagger out of him, toss it aside and hold him.

"Yes my child it did. You and I are tied together and your strength runs through me. This this way I take your power."

"Please don't die!" I beg him. I don't want to be alone, possibly the last of my kind.

"I always knew that there was good in you." Father says and holds me close. A lightsaber ignites and I try to pull away but Father holds me tight as the Chosen One sinks his lightsaber through me and possibly into my father.

"So you will betray me father." I whisper.

I gasp as I feel my life leave me. Strangely I find myself recalling two names: Ilona and Ephah; Light and Darkness. I was Ephah and Ilona was my sister's name.

Darkness overcomes me and I close my eyes.