Little Girl Who?

This story takes place approximately 8 years from the first time that Thomas Magnum met his daughter the first time when she was 5 yrs old. He hasn't seen her since then, and she is now 13. The little girl that he once new for only (it seems) a few moments is in need of her father. His life will now be changed forever as he tries to break down the walls this little girl has put up.

Chapter 1

Thomas walks into the church and peers down the aisle past the benches. He sees a young girl sitting down with earphones on listening to her walkman. She has long black wavy hair that is hard to see since she's wearing a ball cap backwards. As he stands there in awe peering down the aisle at her, he's thinking 'This can't be the same little girl I met 8 years ago!'

Just then the social worker and a nun walk up to him. "Mr. Magnum, can I have a word with you over here for a minute" she asks quietly as they walk to another room. "Oh sure" Tom says as he follows her. They sit down at the table in the room, and the social worker lets him in on what's been going on with Lilly and what he can expect from her.

"Mr. Magnum. I just want to make sure you understand what you're getting yourself into, and make sure that you really want to take on this challenge, and that you're ready for it" Tom is adamant about taking his daughter home with him. "Trust me; there is nothing you can say that will make me change my mind about my daughter and taking her home with me. I've been waiting for this day for 8 years!" he says. "She will have everything that she ever needs".

The social worker lets him know that she knows how he feels, but his daughter needs a lot of help right now. "I understand how you feel Mr. Magnum, but she will need a lot of support from everyone involved in her life, including routine, structure, and discipline. She is a very angry young girl. Seeing her mother killed affected her very much, as it would for anybody, let alone a little girl. Since she's been in protective custody, she's been a very confused girl. She's fighting in school, and her grades are slipping. We know that she needs to be with her father, as long as you can provide the help that she needs to come out of this."

Thomas is very angry about the death of Lilies mother and the fact that she had to witness it. He can understand why she's a little messed up and angry. He feels that she is justified for feeling the way she does. It's hitting him now that he has his hands full, and he feels for Lilly, he loves her very much. But he feels the need to defend her, it's his daughter… "Well, maybe she was fighting to defend herself? I'd be an angry kid too if I had been through all that she has been through".

The social worker stands up. "We feel that it's time for her to be in a normal atmosphere, which means being with family. That means you, as her father, need to take over. Let's go meet her shall we?" The nun hesitates the nturns to Tom: "Don't be surprised if she acts like she hates you!"

Tom stands up, "I've been waiting for this day for a long time, I'm ready to take my daughter home with me, whether she hates me or not"

The social worker lets him know "the only thing left is the healing process", as they walk out to go meet Lilly.

[Next Chapter- Tom takes Lilly home.]

It's been years since I've written anything, so please let me know what you think. I have about 4 more chapters to continue this story :) I'm also going to update my other story soon.