Little Girl Who? (Chapter 3)

Unfamiliar Territory

As Magnum is walking back to the guest house with his hands in his pocket, Carol drives up. He thinks to himself "Oh am I glad to see Carol, she's a woman, and maybe she can help me out". Carol is excited, she jumps out of her car, "Hi Tom, I came to see Lilly…" she pauses- noticing the not so happy response in Toms body language..."You did pick her up right?" She says in a worried voice.

"Of course I did- why does everyone keep asking me that?" tom says in a frustrated tone. Carol just gives him a look like 'come on… we all know that you forget a lot of things'. Tom looks at her and continues to walk towards the house as he tells her what's going on with Lilly. "I was so excited to see her when I went to pick her up. But unfortunately she's not too excited to see me. She's a very troubled kid, and I'm afraid I don't know what to do!"

Carol sees the desperation in Tom and gives him a little advice. "You know, a girl needs her father to be there for her no matter what, through good times and bad times. She's obviously going to be scared; she hasn't seen you since she was five years old. Put yourself in her shoes. Just be there for her, let her know that you're available. Be her father." Tom looks at her and just smiles in relief that she is there. Carol smiles back. "You're going to be fine!" she says. "Thanks Carol" Tom replies in a more relaxed tone. "Come on in and meet Lilly".

As they walk in Tom yells for Lilly but she doesn't answer. He goes to her room but she's not there. He looks at Carol "She's not here, great, my first day as a father and my kid disappears". Carol suggests that perhaps she went to look around the estate, or to the beach. They both head out to the beach, and from a distance they see Lilly sitting on the sand watching the waves roll in. Carol steps back and tells Tom "Go talk to her, I'll wait here". As she watches him walk out to Lilly, she's thinking 'He's going to make a great father'.

Tom Approaches Lilly and sits next to her in the sand. She just looks at him then looks back out into the ocean without saying a word. She's scared of this tall man who she vaguely remembers meeting as a little girl. She thinks to herself; 'Is this really my dad'.

Tom is also not talking; just sitting next to his daughter for now is good enough. He's so happy that she is now in his life. But yet, he's scared of what type of father he will be for her. As he's sitting there he thinks; 'she looks just like her mother and yet she kind of looks like me'. He knows he needs to say something, so being the first one to break the silence he says "It's beautiful isn't it?" Lilly replies in a quiet voice "Yeah, I guess so, I's ok" Tom hesitates on what he's going to say next, and then remembers Carol is waiting behind them. "I have someone I'd like you to meet. You met her before, but that was a long time ago". He stands up and starts to walk back. Lilly stands up and reluctantly starts to follow him to the gate where Carol is standing with tears in her eyes.

"Lilly, do you remember Carol?" Tom asks. Carol gives Lilly a hug right away. "Lilly you've grown up so much. I'm so happy to see you again". Lilly gives a little hug back, but she really doesn't remember her at all. She gives a little "hi" as they embrace. Carol senses that she is uncomfortable and tries to make her feel better and open up a little bit. "We are going to have to go shopping, how does that sound?" "That would be fun" she says in quiet shy tone. She's very apprehensive. She's not going to get close to anybody just in case she has to leave again, she doesn't want to get hurt.