What I've have become…

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Naruto in this fic is a girl/women named Narumi.

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My name is Narumi Namikaze Uzumaki and this is how all of it began.

The memories I have of my life before all of this happened are for the most part incomplete and vague, and the memories that are still there, do not really encourage me to try and find out what my life was really like before that day.

The memories I have of my family come with a bunch of mixed and confusing emotions. Some of the things I remember about them are happy and full of love and acceptance, but most of them are sad, cold and unforgiving.

Due to my mother and father being Ninja, and with my mother being an Uzumaki and my father the Hokage, both of them had high expectations for both my twin sister and me. And unfortunately due to a disability, which left me physically weak and unable to use Chakra properly, I was unable to meet their expectations. The only thing I had going for me, where my faster reflexes, grater agility and my intellect.

However, those things almost pales in comparison to what my twin sister was able to do. She was prodigy in every way of the Ninja arts, even if she lacked my intellect, she was still reasonable intelligent, she was fare stronger then me, and had an absolutely massive level of Chakra and stamina, when compared to my below average level of Chakra and stamina. She was everything my mother and father had ever wanted in a child.

Another thing I remember is the feeling of being neglect and that no matter how hard I tried nothing I did seemed to impress them. My parents had expected me to be more like my sister. No they wanted me to be more like her and when that didn't happen, I kind of fell to the wayside. So in an attempt to get my parents attention, even if it was just for one minute, I started to cause lots of trouble both in the Academy and at home, I would play pranks on the teachers and the other kids, argue with my mother and father when both of them where home. And after a few short months, I had gained a reputation as a troublemaker around Konoha.

Also around the time I remember a strong felling of jealousy begin to build up in my heart, jealousy of my sister, jealousy of the other kids who always seemed to have their parents there for them. And as the jealousy grew, so did the pain and loneliness in my heart grow, but I buried all those things in the deeps recesses of my mind.

But of all the memories I can remember, the one that stands out the most is the one that is actually the direct catalyst for all that has happened to me now. It was a memory of a very heated argument I had with my father, after I accidentally broke a very, very expensive vase that my mother and father had gotten on their wedding day, it had been gift from a very good friends of theirs, who in turn had inherited it from her grandmother.

I kept telling him that it had been an accent, but he didn't believe me, and after a while the argument got to a point where I think he had enough, and he slapped me, it was the first time my father had ever done something like that, there was enough force in it to knock me down to the floor, and then he told me that if I didn't stop with the way I was acting, he was going to disown me and throw me out onto the streets with nothing but the clothes I wore and nothing else.

After that, I remember yelling at him that I hated him and that I wished that he would die, and then I ran out of the house crying. I continued running for what felt like hours and when I finally stopped I was a few Kilometers outside the Village walls and quiet close to a place known as the Bottomless Fissure.

I felt betray, angry, and lonely, and for the first time in my life I completely lost my temped and every thing I could get my hands on ended up in pieces, be it tree branches, rocks, every thing. When I hade finely let all of my anger out, all that I was left with was the pain and loneliness I was felt in my heart and I broke down and started to cry.

I cried my heart out that day, I didn't care that it had started to rain heavily and the sounds of what I had assumed to be thunder in the distend. I cried until there weren't any tears left to cry. I felt like I was all alone in the world and having no one to go to. I even wised that I had never been born.

However, that was not the end of my troubles that day, as a huge hungry bear waking in to the clearing I was in, it had properly attacked by all the commotion I had caused earlier and came to investigate or search for food, and when it noticed me it immediately charged at me.

When I saw the bear charging at me, I panicked and ran out of there as fast as my legs could possibly carry me. Instead of running back towards the village, I had unfortunately been running towards the Bottomless Fissure, and when I finely became aware of where I was going, it was too late to turn back. Luckily I knew the Fissure had a bridge going over and that it was nearby. However, when I got to the bridge my heart fell.

A section of the bridge walkway had collapsed and had fallen into the fissure, leaving an almost Ten meter wide gap in the middle. It was to wide for me to jump across it safely, leaving me stuck.

I remember how hopeless I felt at that moment, I was exhausted from nearly Five minutes of frantic running and it was only a matter of time before I was too tired to continue running from the hungry bear. And the only chose's I had at that moment where to either stand my ground and try and fight the bear, or try my luck and jump over the gape of the collapsed bridge. It was a classic Fight-or-flight situation, and ultimately flight was the choice I chose, so I pushed my body to the absolute limitless of what I was capable of at the time, while instinctually pumping as much Chakra into my legs as I possibly could, and when I reached the end I jumped.

At first it looked as I wouldn't make it over the gap, however I just barely managed to grab on to a bent steel pipe that was connected to the bridge. So there I was, hanging over a seemingly bottomless pit, and it was a terrifying experience, absolutely terrifying, just one slip and I would be as good as dead.

Then I slowly started to clime up the pipe and eventually pull myself up on to the bridge and collapsed on to the concrete walkway exhausted. Never before in my life had I been so tiered and happy to be alive as I was at that moment, I had tears in my eyes. The bear was on the other side roaring and growling at me, it was angry that I had escaped from it.

However, that happiness and relief was short lived, as the bridge began to shake violently, causing the part of the bridge I was on to brake off from the rest of it. I was unable to react in time do too exhaustion and I started falling in to the abyss below.

As I saw the bridge getting further and further away from me and the realization that I was going to die hit me, my life seemed to flash before my eyes. My sister and me playing in the back yard of our home when we were about three years old, before all the Ninja training started. Or the time I met my best friend when I was four, a girl named Hinata. Or one of the hippies birthdays of my life when I got this beautiful toad plush from this funny white-haired guy and a book on Fūinjutsu from the third Hokage when I was five.

While I was falling I blacked out for some reason and when I regained consciousness, I was lying on the bottom of Fissure with a broken left arm. Even to this day I still don't really know how I really survived that fall, but I do have a suspicion about how it was.

The first thing I did when I realized that I was still alive; I began to laugh hysterically which soon turned into crying again. When I had calmed down enough from the small emotional brake down to get my bearings, I tried to look around to see if I could find a way out of this place. But unfortunately it was too dark to see anything, however, luckily for me I had a flash light on me, and miraculously it still worked.

After resting for a bit, I set out to try and find a way up, but after having walked around for a few hours that seemed unlikely, because the rock face was very slippery and was at least Two hundred meters high, so climbing it would be impossible for me.

After having walked around for what had seemed like an eternity, I suddenly herd something behind me. When I turned around to see what it was, I froze completely in fear, what I saw could only be described like a monster or a demon.

The creature stood about Three meter tall, it had no eyes that I could see, and it had four vicious looking teeth or fangs around its mouth, and long hair-like appendages on its head. It also had an incredibly long and spiky tail with a blade like tip on the end.

It was slowly walking towards me and when it was just under Two meters from me, my Fight-or-flight instinct kicked in again. I turned around to run away from it, but the monster had antisapathed that action and used its long taile to disable me, resulting in a broken right leg, but then i just tryed to cravel away from it. I repeated a sentence over and over again in my mind in a still dwindling hope that my mother or my father would find and rescued form this demon.

But no one came to save me, even as it got a holed of me and turend me on my back. On one heard my despreth scrimes of fear and panicke right befoure it latched itself on to my face and forced its slimy tongue down my throat and began to pump something into me.

My last thought at the moment was that I was never going to fulfill my dream of proving my mother and father wrong, to prove to them that I was not a failure, to prove to them that I was worth something.

The last thing i remember of that day, was burning sensation that spared throughout my body right before I lost consciousness, and after that every thing was dark. But it was just the beginning of some thing fare more painful and terrifying.

The end…

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