What I've have become…

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(Narumi Pov)

The feeling of warmth and safety where the first things I felt when my consciousness slowly began to return after what had felt like an eternity of darkness. Was this what death felt like? Like the embrace of a loving and caring mother, who would protect me from all the horrors in the world.

But the memories of my mother where at the moment vague and blurry, in fact all my memories where like that, leaving me with a sense of sadness, confusion and uncertainty. There was only one thing I could remember with any sense of clarity was my name, Narumi.

After a while I began to feel a little annoyed and frustrated about my unsuccessful attempts of making any sense of my incoherent memories, so I open my eyes to see if my surroundings could help me with my current predicament. Unfortunately it only made me feel even more confused. Everything around me was out of focus and blurry, kind of like when you are under water without diving goggles on, but I could see that I was in some sort of small confined space, like a container or a cocoon. Yes a cocoon sounded right, it was filed with a thick transparent red and green liquid that flow gently around me.

I reached out with one of my hands to touch the shell of the cocoon, it felt ode and fragile, like it would break if I pushed too hard on it. So I stopped, I had this strange feeling that it was too soon for me to break free. So with nothing better to do, I went back to sleep in this warm and comfortable cocoon, with only my dreams to keep me company.

(Narumi Pov. An unknown amount of time later)

A strange sound woke me up from my sleep, it sounded like someone was whispering to me, the voice was dark and malevolent but I couldn't understand what it was saying, and after a few minutes it was gone, leaving me confused and slightly terrified. I pushed that to the back of my mind and tried to go back to sleep. Back to that nice dream I was having.

However, sleep avoided me this time. I was felling this burning sensation flowing through my body making me feel restless, and the cocoon was also starting to get a little cramped, making me almost feel claustrophobic. So after a short while my urge to be free won, and with one move of my hand, I punctured the shell which caused it pop like an overfilled water balloon, splashing the red and green liquid all around me.

As soon as I managed to free myself of what remained of the cocoon, I immediately collapsed down on to my hands and knees, and began coughing up the same thick liquid that had been in the cocoon. This continued for a few seconds until all of it was out of my lunges.

Ones I was finely able to breathe normally again, I fell down on my side, exhausted and panting heavily, with an unfocused and confused look in my eyes.

(Narrator Pov)

It took a few minutes for Narumi to gather her confused and hazed mind together enough for her to notice that something felt different. She sat up and looked at herself in the dime light that the red and green liquid gave off, as it came into contact with the oxygen in the air. What she saw was both confusing and terrifying; she did not remember looking like this.

The nails on her hands and feet where like long black claws that looked sharp enough to cut through fresh, the skin on her arms, legs, and back, was like a leathery or bone like armor in a greenish dark blue color, and protruding from her back where Four bone like spikes, and on her lower back by the tailbone was a very, very long segmented bone armored tail with a large spiked blade tip at the end.

She moved her hands up to the top of her head there was a bone like structure that looked almost like a tiara or a crown, and the behind the crown was something that could either be described as tentacles or fleshy dreadlocks like appendages that went down to the middle of her back.

The only parts of her body that looked human, was her face that was framed with chin length blond hair, the front of her torso, abdomen, and parts of the hips. Her skin was slightly pale and but smooth and soft like it was supposed to be.

For a long time Narumi just sat there not really knowing how to react to what she was looking at.

(Narrator Pov::: In the forester surrounding Konoha. Nighttime)

Three Konoha Ambu, stood by the edged of the so-called Bottomless Fissure which was, located about Three-kilometers from the Eastern gate of the hidden village of Konoha. All Three of them where wearing the same black and gray uniforms and animal-style porcelain mask that Konoha Ambu were known to use.

They were there to investigating a disturbance that one of them and sensed a few minutes earlier.

"Are you sure this is the location of that ominous Chakra signature you sensed" an Ambu wearing a bird mask asked.

"Yeah I'm sure of it Sparrow" an Ambu wearing a cat mask replied.

"Okay, then how are we going to get down there?" the now identified Sparrow asked "even for us it would be difficult a climb and it would take too long to get down to the bottom"

The cat masked Ambu took a short moment to think about that little problem before a solution came to mind.

"hmm I guess I could make a bridge over the gap with a shaft going down to the bottom of the fissure, that Sparrow and I can use to get to the bottom" the cat masked Ambu said "Boar you go back to the village and inform the Hokage about that we have found traces of kyuubi's Chakra and a possibly a lead to his missing daughter location"

The Boar masked Ambu sighed.

"It's been what, Three years since she diapered" the Ambu wearing a Boar mask asked "dose lord Hokage honestly still believe that she is still alive Tenzo"

The now identified Tenzo turned his gaze towards Boar.

"Yes, lord Hokage dose still believe that she is still alive" Tenzo said with very serious tone in his voice "Now get going"

Boar just nodded in acknowledgment before disappearing from the area via a Shunshin no Jutsu.

"Rookie" Tenzo muttered before flashed through some hand seals at blinding speeds before slamming his hands on to the ground which caused a simple wooden structure to begin forming oven the fissure with a thick wooden pillar going down.

As soon as Tenzo Bridge was, finished both of the Ambu's jumped on the pillar and began to run down into the fissure. It took them barely a minute to reach the dark bottom of the fissure. Even for them it was too dark to see with unenhanced eyes, so to solve this problem they channeled chakra into their eyes to temporary improve their eyesight enough to see in the dark, not by much but still better than nothing.

Almost immediately Sparrow notices a weak light in the distance to his right.

"Tenzo, do you sense anything over in that direction" Sparrow asked.

Closing his eyes in concentration, Tenzo narrowed his senses down to scan that area, only to recoil back in surprise when he felt a massive surge of Chakra flooded it.

"Sparrow, we have to get over their right now, we might have a serious situation on our hands" Tenzo said as he began to run towards the Chakra originated, with Sparrow fallowing.

(Narrator Pov::: Back with Narumi. A few moments earlier)

It all happened so suddenly, one moment she was just sitting there trying to figure out what was going on and why something felt so wrong about what she was seeing, and the next a flood of images and emotions flashed into her mind. Most of them were vague and shrouded in dark shadows, while some were as clear as day.

But more importantly, the memory of that monster, demon or whatever it was that had attacked her was among them, and along with it came all the emotion she had felt at that moment. Chakra started to swirl around Narumi as the overwhelming fear and the desperate need to escape from that ting came back to her.

Panicking, Narumi was instantly up on her feet with the intention of running and finding a place to hide, unfortunately she was only able to take a few very unsteady steps before she fell back down to the ground, having tripped over her tail that was seemingly out of her control at the moment.

However that did little to stop the terrified child from trying to escape a monster that at the moment was just a phantom of her past. So she began to crawl unaware of the Chakra surrounding her was increasing in strength and power.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, Narumi's body was not used to or ready to releasing such a large amount of Chakra in such a short amount of time and quickly found herself falling unconscious again. But before darkness claimed her again, she saw Two shadowy figures moving into the dim light towards her, both of them warring animal-style porcelain masks, and then everything went dark.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, Narumi's body was not used to or ready to releasing such a large amount of Chakra in such a short amount of time after having been inactive for a long time. So she quickly found herself falling unconscious from putting too much strain on her Chakra network. But before darkness claimed her again, she saw Two shadowy figures moving into the dim light towards her, both of them warring animal-style porcelain masks, and then everything went dark.

The end…

AN:::Narumi is a predalien human hybrid, and how she became one will be explained later in the story.

The inspiration for how Narimi looks like came from an image I saw a few years ago with a few modification of my oven.

There is one thing I can't really decide on, should Narumi be able to (for the lack of a better word) impregnate other people with Alien embryos like a predalien dose.

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