Hello, peeps. More Rachel/Harvey family love!

"So, I went to the supply closet, right? And guess what? They were all out of pens!" Mr. McKenzie said as the family was having their dinner, Rachel and Harvey exchanging bored glances. "And I'm like 'How am I supposed to do this job without any pens' you know?"

"Well, wasn't that unfortunate, dear?" Mrs. McKenzie said.

"Oh, you're telling me!"

"Yeah, Dad. REAL unfortunate!" Harvey said, sarcastically.

"So, how was school today, kids?" their mom asked.

"Great! I totally got an A on my writing homework!" Harvey exclaimed.

"That's great, dear! What was the assignment about?"

"We had to write about the person we admire the most."

"Who did you write about?"

"Uh…Oh, nobody special."

"Well, they had to be special if you chose to write about them."

"I know, but…still."

Rachel then looked with disgust to see the brussel sprouts on her plate. While no one was looking, she stealthily slipped the brussel sprouts down her sleeve. "Mom, Dad, I'm finished with my dinner. May I be excused from the table?"

"Well, of course you may, dear!"

"Thanks!" With that, Rachel got up and left.

Harvey looked to his brussel sprouts and asked, "Can I be excused, too?"

"Not until you finish your brussel sprouts, Harvey." His mom replied.

"And don't try sneaking them down your sleeve like those other few times!" his dad replied.

Harvey just groaned in agony.

As Rachel was about to dump the broccoli in the trash in the living room, she noticed Harvey's backpack laying on the couch with a piece of paper sticking out, which read, 'The Person I Admire The Most'. Feeling curious, she spared a glance back to the dining room before taking the paper and silently reading it.

'The one person I admire the most is my big sister, Rachel T. McKenzie. Because she's smart, strong, brave, pretty, and well organized. She's loyal to each and every one of her friends and never lets them down for a second. And whenever things seem hopeless, she stays positive and she never loses hope. She's a kind and caring person and, when I'm bigger, I want to be just like her someday.' Rachel was deeply touched about what Harvey's written. She then noticed one last little sentence on the paper. 'Oh, and don't ask what the T stands for.' She chuckled at this.

"Hey, Sis?"

She immediately shoved the paper back into his bag as Harvey came in. "Uh, what, Harvey?"

"Just so you know, me and the guys are gonna go trash that secret villains' barbeque."

"Oh, okay. I have a little date with Nigel."

"What do you see in him, anyway?"

"A lot more than you ever will!" Rachel remarked, walking away. She turned back to him. "Oh, and Harvey?"


She walked up to him, leaned down, and gave him a hug. "Thanks, Harvey. It means a lot." With that, she walked away.

As Harvey was about to close his backpack, he was shocked when Numbuh 4 jumped out of the couch, screaming, "QUICK! CALL FOR HELP!" Just then, the Couch Dave's came out and chased after him. Harvey just remained confused and speechless.

Well, there's more family love for those two. And what better way to end a one-shot than with something funny like that? Still, it ain't easy to think of these one-shots. Oh well. I'll see you later.