The sign said in bold print CLOSED. The bar was closed again! WHAT THE HELL! Hi, my name is Amber, I'm a witch! I'm an addict of drinking, and only 15. "This fucken stinks, its been two days already, OPEN UP!" I shouted at the building. My physic power has been increasing and it came to a point there was no other way to control it other than drinking alcohol or using drugs. My Grandma tried to encourage me to practice using it instead of blocking it…but it was too late. I was at my knees to alcohol…craving it each day, like a vampire for blood. Also I know about vampires and vampire hunters, just to let you know. A level E tried to attack me while I'll was heading back to this abandon house. I didn't know it was following me until it was too late. The vampire pinned me down to the wet grass, licking its lips, but young boy with silver hair, lavender eyes and a man with dark blue shaggy hair saved my life…at that point I found out Zero Kiryu my best friend was a vampire hunter.

I ran away from home when was 6 years old…that explains why I was going to that tilted ugly filthy house. I couldn't stand fighting with my mom any longer or my looser step father. He never accepted me from the beginning, especially when he found out I was a witch…or demon that's what he think. Ever since I was living with them I've have been going to church every day! I never could go out with my family in public because how they were so embarrassed of me of what the neighbors would say.

After I left my parents never bother on looking for me. When I first stayed the night at the abandon house, I kept promising myself that things were going to get better…it didn't though it got worse.

I sat on the cold cement floor throwing some rocks that were on the ground, I looked at my watch it was 1:00 am. I Sighed getting up ready to go to the dump i called home. As I was about to take a step my eyes began to go blurry.

I started to hear voices in my head... in a few moments i was not in front of the building that sold liquor. Instead i was in a dark narrow alley.

From the looks of it... its where they do dealings with drugs...not that i would know anything about that...heh =/ ANYWAYS its by the big dumpster where i throw away the eviden- I mean the trash...you know what I'm gonna stop thinking.

Hey let go of me! ...(sounded like a little girl in trouble)

"But your so cute, that i can just eat you up" The ugly man chuckled. He had blood stains on his clothing from previous of meals. He pushed the little blond girl against the brick wall. He grinned at terror showing his fangs.

"You..you..YOUR VAMPIRE!"She screamed horror.

The vision started to fade, I sensed that i only had one minute before the vision becomes a reality. How do i know that, you asked well it depends how long the visions is, if its short than i better hurry up if its long, like an hour, Than it would probably be coming in day or week. Thats what i think... I don't have witch to tell me if I'm right or likely I'll be wrong.

I started to run as i fast is a can to the dark alley waiting to hear the girls scream

I stopped to find nobody here? oh wait it was vision it hasn't happened yet. What do i do? Wait until it happens. I don't have any other ideas but to hide behind the dumpsters. I waited for about minute. On que

A little girl just like in my vision started to run into the dark ally panting... She didnt notice the vampire crawling down the brick wall like spider.

"Hey get out the way!" I hollered to the blonde girl. My hands started to fuse into a dark demonic aura. I'm NOT A DEMON I'M A WITCH THERE A FUCKEN DIFFRENCE! quote of the day i thought to myself.

I push the girl to the side since she was paralyze with fear.

"I Really hate vampires" I growled (A/N don't judge I took this from teen Titians) If you haven't heard of IT YOU SHOULD TOATLLY WATCH IT! =3)

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos" I said repeating the words that my Grandma taught me. I lifted up my hand and release the dark demonic aura within seconds the blood thirsty monster turn to dust.

I went back to look at the girl. She was laying the cold wet ground "She must have fainted" I said to myself.

I lay my hand on her forehead erasing her memory of me and the vampire. Well at least there's some good perks about being witch. I smiled to myself. I really want some liquor, i thought to myself in disgust. But what else do i got loose to, everyone left me. Even Zero.

Whatever... I don't care.

I started walking back to my rotten home. I came back with two booze. It was enough to get my visions hazy. I want to forget everyone, that walk out on me. I got inside before the rain started to pour. "I'm home" I yelled to no one. I got on top of my dusty mattress feeling pleased with myself from stealing the boozes. I've deserved this I save little girl's life I thought to myself. I laid on my bed gulping down the first booze. My eye lids started to go heavy, I tried to fight my eyes to stay open but...it was too late.



...I'm sorry I JUST COULDNT HELP! (anime river tears)



possiblility that Not everything is what it seems might be deleted 1 from the lack of reviews 2 i'm in a bad writers block

Zero: See i told you this would happen!

Me: (opens my head, and pulls out a writers block at him)


Me: Shut-up