Chapter 1: The Wedding of her Dreams

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Standing in front of my oak vanity At Tara I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I stood there in an ivory satin wedding dress. The lovely sleeves lay off my slender shoulders as the dress was nipped at my waist. The corset made my small frame look even smaller, a mere fifteen and a half inch waist if I was lucky. Splitting the dress down the center were lovely pink colored roses with a little yellow to accent them. 18 plus yards of fabric covered the big hoop skirt. While more roses lay at the hem of the skirt. The train of the dress was at least eight yards long with more roses at the base of it. I looked as if I was a southern princess.

I smiled at what I saw. I was getting married. Not just any old marriage, but I was getting married to Ashley Wilkes. Yes, you heard me right Ashley Wilkes. The man that I had longed to marry I was finally getting the chance to. This wasn't just any old wedding but it was my wedding. My honeymoon I was to go on. I kept repeating this to myself as Prissy put the last curl in place.

"Oh, Miss. Scarlett, yaw look so pretty in that there dress." Mammy's voice came. Turning toward the door I smiled at her. This was truly my day.

"Thank you Mammy," I said picking up my bouquet of flowers. Time was drawing near for the ceremony to take place. While looking in the mirror one last time I heard a knock at my door. Going over to it Mammy opened it to reveal my Pa standing there.

"Ready Katie Scarlett?" he asked in his Irish accent. He stood in the doorway a proud father. I knew he was happy and so was I. With Prissy helping me with my train we made our way to the staircase. I now was beginning to get knots in my stomach.

From all the excitement of this day and it's planning I'm sure you are a bit lost. Let's go back to about three days ago at the Wilkes Barbeque…

"Why do I have to take a nap? I'm not tired." I said sitting on the edge of a bed looking at Mammy as if I were a child.

"Because young ladies takes naps," Mammy said laying my green flowered muslin dress over a chest in front of the king size bed.

"When we were in Saratoga I didn't notice any Yankee girls taking naps." I protested.

"And you're not going to see any Yankee girls tonight at the ball either." Mammy said turning and looking at me. "Now lie down and take your nap child."

"Fiddle-dee-dee," I said under my breath as I laid my head back against a velvet green pillow. Shutting my eyes I rested for a little while, but after hearing the other girls go quiet I lay there for just a few more moments before getting up. Looking around I made sure no one would spot me. Having one of the little black girls get me dressed I made my way down the staircase. I could hear the men talking in a nearby room, carrying on about the war. Getting closer and closer I suddenly heard my Pa's voice. He never stopped talking about the war. Day in and day out the only thing that he talked about was the war. There wasn't going to be a war and I told the Tarlton twins just that.

Getting to the bottom of the staircase my gaze went over to the room where the voices came from. I rolled my eyes as I paid no attention to such a thing. Hearing someone come out of the room I hid a little under the staircase so they didn't see me. Peaking out a little I see the tall, dark man with the jet black hair along with a jet black mustaches was gone.

The next thing I see is Ashley heading down the long entrance. Running down the hall I can feel my hair blowing back while my lovely dress rustled as I ran to catch up with Ashley. "Ashley," I said stopping in front of the library doors.

"Scarlett, what is all this about?" Ashley asked stepping up to me. Opening the library doors I looked to my left to make sure no one saw us. Waving my arm forward I stepped into the grand library. "Is this a secret?" Ashley asked leaning up against a table.

Swallowing I took a moment to collect myself before I poured my heat out to the man I loved. I looked at my hands before answering him. They were shaking from being so nerves. Looking back up I went towards him. "I love you," I said feeling my heart swell as I told him the truth.

"Scarlett," he said in a surprised voice.

"I do love you and I want to be your wife." I said looking him in the eyes. I could just melt as my eyes locked with his. My knees began to buckle as I felt faint. Taking a deep breath to keep myself from fainting I waited for him to answer.

Taking my hands within his warm big ones he raised them up to his lips and kissed them. I drew in a deep shallow breath as I watched this take place. "My dear Scarlett, I've known for quite some time."I could feel my cheeks go crimson. Ashley knew all this time that I-I loved him. That just made this moment a little more breathe taking. "For quite some time I've thought of you nothing more but a mere child Scarlett, but this past Christmas at all those parties I began to notice how all those boys would flock to you. That's when I knew that I must have been a fool not to like you." Drawing me in closer he put his arms around me and held me within them. My arms relaxed as they wrapped around him.

For moments if felt like nothing could pull us apart. For moments I felt like we were the only two in the world. Pulling apart he looked me in the eyes as I looked into his. "When may I speak to your father for your hand?" I was so stunned I didn't know what to say. "Scarlett, are you alright? Do you need to lie down for a little while?" Ashley asked as he could tell I was smitten by his question.

"Why Ashley Wilkes, I'm fine I just needed a moment to take all of this in." I say flashing him a smile. "I don't know why you should have to wait. I'm sure he would want to talk to you now." Kissing my forehead he left the room a happy man.

I in the meantime just stood there soon to be the happiest bride in all of Georgia. Nothing could ruin this moment. Heading to the door I realized I left my gloves on the table. Turning I accidently knocked off the little vase. I knelt down and began picking it up.

"Has the war started?" a deep voice came. I looked up to see the dark haired gentlemen from earlier.

"How could you lie on that couch and listen to mine and Mr. Wilkes conversation?" I asked as I didn't bother to answer his question about the war. "It's not gentlemen like." The man's head fell back as he let out a loud laugh. "I don't see why that is so funny."

"My dear I don't see what Mr. Wilkes sees's in you. You are not a lady," the man said as he stepped up to me.

How dare he, how dare he. This man had no idea who she was. "And you sir are no gentlemen." I said turning towards the door. Opening it I didn't look back. Before I shut the door I heard him yell "Congratulations,"

Walking down the hall I ran into Ashley. "Have you spoken to father so soon?" I asked.

"I was on my way, but I'm needed outside for a moment." Ashley smiled down at me with that young face of his. Hearing a door shut he looked up. "Scarlett, I want you to meet someone." I turned to see that man standing there. "Scarlett, this is Captain Rhett Butler, he is from Charleston."

"It's nice to meet you Ms. O'Hara," Rhett said giving me a gentle bow. I smiled at him, but other than that I simply didn't care to meet him. From what Cathleen Calvert told me he wasn't welcomed in his home or home town. I didn't know why Ashley would invite him here and introduced me to him.

Standing there for a few moments cries of happiness filled the house as people came and went. What could possibly be going on? I asked myself. "If you will excuse me dear," Ashley told me as he ran out the front door.

"It appears the war has started," Rhett said taking out a cigar.

"Don't be silly, there isn't going to be a war." I said looking over my shoulder.



"Its war," people yelled through the big old plantation home.

My eyes got wide as I turned towards the front door. This couldn't be happening. Why just the other day The Tarlton Twins were talking about it and how it wasn't that close.

"It seems that war has started Scarlett," Rhett says giving me a little smirk.

I storm away from him as I can hear him laughing behind me. Oh that varmint. Going out onto the porch it was true people were talking and yelling about the war. Coming up to me Ashley gave me a kiss and told me he would be back soon. He wasn't going to the war already was he? Of course not he was just going to see someone. I sighed as that went through my ears.

As I thought back on that moment I felt a little sick. I couldn't believe that within a matter of moments I would be Mrs. Wilkes. Walking down the stairs Pa told me how proud he was of me. I listened with a straight face as I took in all he said.

Before long we arrived and the ceremony was over and I was now Mrs. Ashley Wilkes. This was a little hard to grasp, yes I was happy, but I didn't think it would happen so fast. But all that mattered was my happiness.

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