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Hermione stood in front of the large metal gates leading to her former, beloved school with a feeling of awe. She had forgotten just how incredible this place was and it didn't seem to have changed at all in the four years since she had left. She felt a thrill of nervous excitement as she opened the gates and started walking toward the castle. Things were about to get interesting.


Professor McGonagall greeted Hermione like a long, lost relative and Hermione felt touched by her welcome. As soon as she stepped into the ancient building she felt like she had returned home. She was shown to her room which was fairly basic but off it was a communal room she would be sharing with the three other trainees and she didn't know who they were yet. It was lovely and large with lots of comfy seats and a study area. There was also an incredible view over the grounds. It had been a big decision for Hermione to choose to do her training at Hogwarts. She had other schools she could have chosen from but Hogwarts had always been calling her to return. She knew she would gain most from her experience at this old and great school. When she had left, four years ago it had been an easy decision to teach, it had her name written all over it. It was a long and difficult course, covering all subjects that were taught at school and it had kept her busy for the past four years. But Hermione loved it, she found it stimulating and rewarding and her magic was now at a very high level. She was convinced she had chosen the right career path.

She was now required to complete a course at a school where she would be teaching in class, both with a Professor and then on her own. She would also continue with her studies and be expected to take a full part in the life of the school, organising and participating in social events and sporting functions. She was ready for the challenge.

She made her way to Professor McGonagall's office at 3pm as she had been instructed and it felt strange and yet familiar to be strolling through the halls. She received lots of stares from the students and she heard her name whispered several times. Her time at Hogwarts was still on everyone's lips. The professor's office was identical to the last time she had seen it and to all the times she had been in here with Professor Dumbledore.

"It's lovely to have you back, Hermione." Professor McGonagall greeted her with a smile. "I hope you're looking forward to it."

"I can't wait," Hermione said. "It's lovely to be back."

"Well, I have every faith in your abilities, I'm sure you will take to this very well indeed. Shall we go through some of the information?"

Hermione nodded. "Yes please."

"There will be four of you attending. You will be officially titled as Trainee Professors but we will ask the pupils to address you as Miss Granger," Professor McGonagall nodded at her. "I will give you your timetable before you leave. This will be a mixture of teaching in class, further training sessions, study periods and some other required elements. Myself, and all the other professors will be available for any questions you may have and for advice. We will expect a high level of performance from you and we will expect you to use your initiative, work well with the other trainers and any other members of staff. I'm sure you will deal with this admirably."

"Thank you. I hope so," Hermione said.

"There is some other exciting news I have for you. I have decided that we will offer two of the trainees a permanent position at the school as Junior Professors once training is over. It is time the school welcomed some young blood!"

Hermione sat forward in her chair. This was news! A position at Hogwarts! There was her dream job on a plate.

"That's sounds amazing, Professor," she said.

"Good, I'm glad you think so. Do your best and I would say you are in a very strong position. I do have to point out that you have some strong competition. The other trainees are arriving later or first thing tomorrow. Some names may be familiar to you..." Professor McGonagall scanned the papers in front of her. "Michael Corner – I believe he has been studying with you?"

Hermione nodded with a big smile, "Oh good! I wondered if he had got a place."

"Yes, Michael is a very able student. There is also a young lady who didn't attend Hogwarts and she has been studying abroad. She is called Amber De Varcy. Her grades are excellent, not far from your own." Professor McGonagall hesitated and her demeanour caught Hermione's attention.

"The final trainee is also an ex Hogwarts student. He chose to study abroad but has asked to come back for his training..." Professor McGonagall hesitated again and Hermione felt a sinking feeling. This was not going to be good news and she already had an idea who it might be. "I trust you have both matured enough to put the past behind you and deal with your differences..."

"Malfoy," Hermione interrupted rudely.

"Yes, Hermione. The final student is Draco," Professor McGonagall emphasised both Hermione's first name and Draco's. "I'm sure you are aware of Draco's excellent grades." She studied Hermione's expression. "I trust this isn't going to be a problem?"

Hermione sighed. "No, I'll make sure it isn't a problem."

"Good. That's it then, here is your timetable which doesn't start until Wednesday. Tomorrow is a free day and we will arrange for you and the other trainees to meet with the rest of the professors. If you stay in the Hall straight after breakfast we will make an announcement to the school. Welcome back Miss Granger."

Hermione took this as her dismissal and also the start of her professional relationship with Professor McGonagall. It was all very grown up and scary. She wandered back to her room and ran her mind over everything she had been told. One thing in particular – Draco Malfoy. Why, oh why was he coming back? She couldn't believe her bad luck! She had promised Professor McGonagall it wasn't going to be a problem but the truth was it was a problem. A very big one!

When she got back to her rooms, she could hear someone moving around in one of the other bedrooms. She was about to knock on their door when she realized it might be Malfoy so she went and sat in the communal room.

"Hermione!" Michael's head popped round the corner and she jumped up and ran over to him. They hugged and then jumped around excitedly. "Did McGonagall tell you all about the placements?"

Hermione nodded. "Yes! How amazing."

"Let's hope we get them then we'll be working together," Michael grinned at her. Hermione didn't take this to mean anything as she and Michael were just friends. They had studied together for the past four years and had got to know each other really well but they hadn't hung around together all the time. Hermione had hardly known Michael at Hogwarts and she regretted this now because he was warm and kind and very witty. "So you know about Malfoy then? What do you think that is all about, why has he chosen to come back here? I thought he hated the place."

Hermione shrugged. "Who knows how his sick mind works? Bad luck on us though. Let's hope this Amber girl is nice."

Right on cue the door burst open and a petite girl, dressed impeccably with curly hair burst in. Hermione and Michael stared at her for a moment before she spoke.

"Hello!" her voice was confident but not brash and she had a foreign accent that Hermione couldn't quite place. They walked over to greet her and she gave them both a hug which made Hermione chuckle when she saw the pleased expression on Michael's face. "You must be Hermione Granger?" Hermione nodded, she was used to people recognizing her name. "And you are..."

"Michael Corner," Hermione cut Amber off realizing she might think that Michael was Malfoy. Unfortunately Malfoy's name was one on everyone's lips as well, especially female lips.

"Hello again! This is all so exciting! I am at last in the famous Hogwarts!" Amber's accent seemed to be more pronounced as her enthusiasm grew and Hermione immediately like her. She was exuberant and happy and it was infectious. Amber went to her room to unpack and then came back to join them in the communal room.

"The other trainee is Draco Malfoy?" Amber asked and Hermione tried her very best not to show her intense dislike at being reminded of this. "I shall look forward to meeting him!"

Well, at least one of us will! Hermione thought to herself. She was dreading it.

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