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Chapter 1
"Incredibly Sucky Prologue"
(aka don't judge a fanfiction by it's prologue)

"You're depressed."

I laugh without hesitation, but there's no feeling behind it.

"Izaya, I'm serious," Shinra snaps. "You look awful lately. I didn't need you to ask for sleeping pills to know you're not sleeping. And you've lost weight." He wears a scowl on his childish face, and the attempt to look worried is pathetic.

"You can't possibly think," I pause to chuckle, "that someone like me would catch something so human!"

"You don't catch depression-"

"Shinra," I say, smiling coldly. "Drop it."

For the record, I know I'm depressed. I can't eat or sleep, and my lack of motivation has caused business to be painfully slow. I've tried everything from exercise to anti-depressants, but nothing works.

So why did I hide all this from Shinra, the one man who can help me?

Because I can't risk opening up to anyone. My image is what I base my life off of. I care more about what I think of me than what others think, and by opening up, I'd lose all respect for myself.

And I don't want anyone to know how terrified I am.

What? Surprised that the great Orihara Izaya is afraid of a mental illness? Well, let me do my job and inform you of something. Depression isn't just a disease. It's a symptom. Depression occurs in the early stages of many diseases and disorders. It's like marijuana- only instead of being a gateway drug, it's a gateway symptom. It's a warning sign, if you will, that things might be going downhill from here on out.

For example, depression could indicate a number of things. Bipolar disorder, Hypothyroidism, Lupus, Porphyria, PTSD, Schizophrenia, Hypopituitarism, and mad cow disease are just a few instances where depression is among the multitude of symptoms.

But moving on… I have to get out of here before my smiling façade slips.

"I should really be getting back to my work," I say abruptly, gliding over to the door. "Thanks for the sleeping pills, Shinra!"

The underground doctor frowns, looking like he wants to say something before I leave.

I shut the door before he can.

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