"Izaya, I'm home!" Shizuo said as he closed the apartment door behind him. He smiled when he saw his husband bottle feeding their youngest son Hibiya who had just turned one.

"Daddy!" Tsugaru yelled as he ran into his father's arms, Tsugaru was the couple's oldest son who was now eight. Shizuo kissed his son on the forehead and carried him into the apartment.

"Where are the other two?" Shizuo asked as he sat down on the couch with Tsugaru curled up in his arms.

"Little Delic is taking a nap, I was just about to put Hibiya in his crib." Izaya said as he continues to feed the tiny infant.

"I'm, right here daddy!" Shizuo looked down to see Psyche climbing up onto the expensive couch.

"You're so tiny I can hardly keep track of you." Shizuo said pulling his five year old son into his lap next to the older one.

"What a good daddy." Izaya laughed as he watched his husband cuddle his two oldest sons.

"We missed you daddy, usually you don't come home until we're going to bed." Psyche said excitedly as he snuggled next to his older brother and hugged his father.

"I decided to take the rest of the day off, now why don't you two go play. I think I hear your brother waking up." Shizuo said, the two younger male's slid back onto the floor and went back to playing with each other. Shizuo went into his baby's Delic and Hibiya's room and picked up the two year old from his crib.

"Izaya babe, is Delic's bottle made? I think he's hungry." Shizuo asked as he rocked the crying baby in his arms.

"It's on the top shelf in the refrigerator." Izaya called over his shoulder as he went back into the baby's room to put his youngest son to sleep. Shizuo heated up the bottle and smiled as the infant drank the milk happily; Izaya came up behind him and kissed the blonde sweetly on the cheek.

"I missed you Shizu-chan." Izaya said as he wrapped his arms tightly around his husband's waist. Shizuo moved Delic to the other arm and wrapped his free arm around the brunet's waist.

"I missed you to." Shizuo said kissing Izaya on the lips. Delic whimpered in the taller man's arms when the bottle had run out of milk. Shizuo shifted the baby into Izaya's arms and put the empty bottle in the dishwasher.

"Good morning Delic." Tsugaru said reaching up towards his baby brother; Izaya set the infant on the floor and watched as the older son hugged his little brother.

"Yay, Delic's awake!" the hyper son yelled, he ran around the counter to get to the blonde baby. He picked the baby up (who was only a little smaller then he was) in his arms and carried him into the living room to play.

"I didn't get to see my princess all day." Shizuo said as he came back into the kitchen with his youngest son sleeping soundly in his arms; Izaya smiled and kissed his baby on the forehead.

"My sweet baby." Izaya said brushing the brunet's hair out of his face; Shizuo smiled and rubbed the baby's back making sure he stayed asleep. The two watched their two oldest sons' play with the younger male, making him laugh by waving around his teddy bear.

"I love you Shizu-chan." Izaya said as he watched his family; he grinned when he felt Shizuo's velvet lips against his cheek.

"I love you to flea"


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1st Born: Tsugaru/Age: 8

2nd Born: Psyche/Age: 5

3rd Born: Delic/Age: 2

4th Born: Hibiya/Age: 1

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