This last little snit bit is just for you Phil/ Rachel lovers. I thought it up after I posted the last chapter and watched the end of the movie. Enjoy

It had been 3 weeks since Doug and Tracy got married. Rachel had moved into Phil's house from Vegas and they had begun unpacking, although things were still in boxes and cluttering up the room. Rachel had opened up a new drama school branch in L.A. with her friend Tiffy taking over the one in Vegas. Things had been going according to plan and what was better, was that fact that this time she felt ready. This was what she wanted. She was sorting out things in the kitchen when Phil walked in after coming home from work.

"Hey, Babe." He greeted her, kissing her soundly. She responded to the kiss then pulled away.

"Hey yourself. So how was your day?" she asked, refilling the sugar bowl.

"Annoying little kids tried to sell me thirty excuses about why they couldn't do their homework. Not didn't, couldn't. Can you believe that?" he complained, pulling her into a much-needed hug.

"Seeing as it's practically how I made it through high school- and so did you by the way- yeah I can." She answered cheekily. She pulled away from him and walked into the other room. He slapped her ass and she squealed. They both sat on the sofa after making their way through the slalom of boxes and cuddled up together.

"And how was your day?" Phil asked her.

"Great actually. Stu came over to tell you Melissa is officially out of there and then he saw this," she held up her left hand and they looked at the expensive, impressive, sparkling diamond ring Phil had recently bought her to replace the watch, "and said it was the most beautiful ring he had ever seen and that you must really love me to get one this expensive."

"I do love you." Phil agreed, kissing her forehead. "And it was very expensive." He added cheekily. She kissed him passionately and, mid-kiss she opened her eyes and looked at the clock over his shoulder. She then broke the kiss and hopped off of Phil's lap.

"Ohhh," Phil whined.

"I'll be back I a second, babe." Rachel assured him as she danced out of the room, down the corridor and into the bathroom. She put down the toilet lid and sat on it, taking the Clear Blue stick from the side of the sink and reading it. It read: Positive. 3 weeks.

Rachel stared at the test for a while. Part of her was so happy, but part of her was so scared. She loved Phil, and she knew that Phil loved her, but he was always calling the kids he taught 'brats' and 'annoying' and she was worried how he would react to having his own child. She waited for a moment, just holding the test in her hand. She then took a deep breath, put it back on the sink and walked out of the room, going straight back into the living room and sitting next to Phil, cuddling up to him again.

"Phil," she started, "You remember in Vegas when we went back to mine to look for Chow's purse?"

"And we did it in the mess in your room? Yeah I remember." Phil said nonchalantly.

"Okay, usually I'd be slightly offended that that's all you remember but that's slightly relevant to what I'm about to say so, yeah." Rachel rambled slightly, sitting up to face Phil. He looked at her, studying her face.

"Rea, are you okay?" he inquired in a concerned tone. "You're acting weird."

"Um, that night we… we didn't use protection and I've been feeling nauseous these past few days so I took a test and…it's positive." Rachel explained. Phil blinked.

"Run that by me again." He managed.

"The test came back positive, Phil! I'm pregnant." Rachel stressed. She then bit her lip and waiting in the awkward silence that followed to see how he would react. His face then broke out into a grin and he lifted Rachel off of the sofa bridal style. He spun her round and kissed her on the lips. She giggled when they parted and he put her down and hugged her tightly.

"I must say this is a surprise. A good one though." Rachel laughed as she caressed Phil's cheek.

"A surprise? Why?" Phil questioned.

"Well, it's just- I was so nervous about telling you. You always call your students 'annoying' and 'brats' and I was just worried that you wouldn't be happy. I mean, why would this one be any different?" she enlightened him. She looked down and put her hands on her still-flat stomach. Her head then snapped up as his hand joined hers.

"Well, because this one's ours." He murmured to her. She smiled and kissed him.

"I love you." He said, stroking her face. She beamed.

"That's good, because pretty soon there's gonna be a lot more of me to love." She joked, happy tears springing to her eyes.

"I love you both." Phil corrected himself. He placed his hand on her stomach and kissed her again.