Hey guys! First of all I want to apologise. This chapter is long overdue and I am sooo sorry I've actually missed writing it. Anyway I'm back now for the summer, I've been totally swamped lately. But here we go, just for you

They had been driving in silence for a while. Stu was in the driver's seat, hands pinned to the wheel and staring intensely at the road ahead of them. Phil sat dumbly in the passenger seat looking out of the window, wondering how he could've possibly done all that while pissed while Alan sat between them, oblivious to the tension in the air. Rachel sat in the wrecked back seat of the vehicle, clutching to the torn strap of the one surviving seatbelt as it had lost its clip when the tiger had shredded it. She closed her eyes and tried to catch up on sleep when Stu broke the silence.

"You know, everyone says Mike Tyson is such a badass, but I think he's actually kind of a sweetheart." He mused; Phil raised his eyebrows at how gay he sounded. Rachel rolled her eyes and tried to get into a comfier position. Alan frowned.

"I think he's mean." He disagreed. Phil sighed.

"All right. I think it's officially time we call Tracy." He said.

"Hallelujah! Finally, Phil says something that makes sense." Stu praised. Rachel exhaled loudly in frustration of not being able to sleep and folded her arms, glaring at the back of Phil's head.

"It was bound to happen sometime." She snapped spitefully. Phil squinted at her comment, but chose not to retaliate.

"I mean, we don't have much of a choice," he continued, "And, who knows, maybe she's heard from Doug."

"That's what I've been saying this whole time." Stu agreed. Rachel frowned.

"Erm, no Stu. This whole time you've been saying, and I quote 'we are so fucked!'." She mimicked causing Alan to laugh.

"Haha I remember that!" he chuckled. Stu grimaced and pulled the car over, turning back to Rachel.

"You know, Rea, you can be mad at us all you want but what's done is done, and none of us can change it. So put on your big girl pants and get a grip." He told her with a smug but stern tone of voice. Rachel's eyes widened in shock that Stu suddenly had the nerve to talk to him like this.

"What did you just say to me?" she asked him, her tone of voice threatening. Stu attempted to back track, but Phil cut in.

"Guys! C'mon calm it down, let's just call Tracy. We just need to be completely honest. We need to tell her everything." He said calmly. Stu turned back to face the front of the car and Rachel shrunk away sulkily.

"We don't have to tell her everything," Stu amended, "We can leave out all the stuff about me marrying a hooker. Just stay focussed on Doug."

"Oh, yes. So you go home and marry that sour-puss hypocrite you call a girlfriend while we tell my future sister in law that she'll be a widow before she's a wife." Rachel put in angrily, lacing her words with sarcasm. Before anyone else could comment, however, Alan piped up.

"You guys, what am I gonna tell my dad about this car?" he inquired worriedly. Phil patted his shoulder reassuringly.

"Don't worry about it, Alan it's just the inside. I got a guy in LA who's great with interiors." No sooner had he finished his sentence, an SUV rammed into his side of the car, causing them to scream as they skidded sideways until they crashed into a neon sign. A neon lighted naked lady fell in through the roof, almost taking Rachel's head off. They coughed and stretched as the SUV backed away. Phil looked round at Rachel, a newly formed crick in his neck hurting as he did so.

"Hey, Rea, are you okay?" he asked. A little shell-shocked, Rachel nodded.

"Y-yeah I'm okay." She replied, forgetting to be bitter or angry. Phil nodded and patted her knee comfortingly.

"Ow." Stu complained, running a hand over his neck.

"What the fuck?" Phil moaned as he rubbed his head. They then looked out of the window to see the two heavies from the chapel, and another familiar face looking at them from next to the SUV.

"I know that guy." Alan said, "That's the guy from the trunk." Rachel looked between Stu and Alan's shoulders to see better.

"Oh yeah, I didn't recognise him with clothes on." She joked. The guy beckoned to them.

"Get out of the car. Please." He demanded softly. Phil went to get out, but Stu stopped him with a hand on his arm.

"W-wait. Those are the guys that shot Eddie." He warned, causing Phil to hang back in the car. The Chinese guy clapped his hands and the two heavies walked over to the Mercedes. One of them hauled Phil out of the window despite his initial protests. He then hauled out Stu, who was more resistant.

"Hey, relax! Ow, ow!" he complained. The other burly guy pulled Rachel out of the back seat. Her shirt came up slightly and some of the glass from the broken window scratched her belly.

"Ah! Shit, man!" she winced as the guy let her down roughly. Phil approached her and examined the slightly bleeding scratches.

"Aw, man, Rea. Here." She spoke softly, tearing the bottom of his shirt and pressing the fabric to the wound, careful not to push too hard. His head then shot up as Rachel's hand came to rest gently on her own and he looked her in surprise. She smiled at him through tired eyes, silently apologising to him for her behaviour at Mike's. They then both turned as both the men hauled Alan from the car. They walked over to him as they put him down, Rachel keeping a hand on her wound as Phil walked over to them.

"Alright, take it easy, man!" he protested as Alan shrunk away from the two burly guys.

"I want my purse back, assholes!" the Chinese guy from the trunk exclaimed.

"It's not a purse it's a satchel!" Alan stressed.

"It's a purse, okay?" the guy snapped, "And you steal from wrong guy."

"Wait, wait, we stole from you too?" Rachel asked, exasperated.

"Jesus Christ how much could we possibly have done in 8 hours?" Phil whined.

"Look, we don't remember anything that happened last night, so help as out a little." Stu demanded, tired with having to deal with everything. One of the burly bodyguards stepped forward.

"Well apparently, you guys met at a craps table late last night." He explained. He then pointed at Alan, "You were on a real heater and he played your hot streak. Ended up winning just over $80,000."

"Whoa, $80,000. Nice!" Phil nodded.

"Ok, so that's good." Stu said.

"He put the chips in his purse, and then you guys took off with it." The bodyguard finished. They frowned at one another.

"That doesn't sound like us." Stu doubted.

"Yeah that sounds way too easy. I'm sure we could've done that sober." Rachel joked, causing Phil and Alan to chuckle, stopping when the Chinese guy glared at them.

"Mine had $80,000 inside. And this one? Nothing!" he cried, throwing Alan's satchel on the floor angrily and stomping on it. Alan reared up.

"Hey, there are Skittles in there!" he shouted. One of the heavies punched him in the gut and he retreated. Rachel helped Alan stay standing.

"Hey, what the fuck, man!" She yelled.

"Don't let the beard fool you, he's a child." Stu told them off as the Chinese man laughed.

"It's funny because he's fat." He chuckled. Stu raised his hands in an attempt to calm things down.

"Look, this was obviously a very simple misunderstanding. Alan picked up the wrong purse, it's no big deal."

"Ok so if it's 'no big deal' why when I come after you guys, he start screaming like crazy and throw me in trunk?" the Chinese guy questioned harshly, pointing at Phil.

"What I did that?" Phil asked.

"Yeah, you said that he was your lucky charm and you wanted to take him home with you." The heavy explained. Phil Stu and Rachel began to laugh.

"Ok, that sounds more like us." Rachel giggled.

"Haha 'lucky charm'." Stu mimicked.

"It's just funny." Phil tried to clarify when he saw the Chinese guy's scowl.

"Ha ha ha fuck you!" he snarled. "If you want to see your friend again, you get me my $80,000."

"Wha- our friend?" Phil said, confused.

"You have Doug!" Rachel shouted. One of the heavies bounded the bonnet of the SUV and someone in the back seat with a bag over his head struggled with muffled cries.

"Doug!" they all cried, rushing to the window beside the figure, pawing at it and shouting at Doug as the bodyguards held them back and fended them off.

"Ok, just chill out, goatee!" Stu barked at the goateed bodyguard.

"Ok, alright, fine. What do you want from us?" Phil asked.

"Oh, so not so good now. Quid pro quo, douche bag." The Chinese man leered.

"Look, we're very sorry, but this is an easy fix. Alan, where's his purse?" Phil inquired. Alan sighed and shook his head.

"I don't know." He panted, worn out from being beaten up all night. Rachel looked at the Chinese guy.

"Ok, when Phil was shoving you in the truck- which by the way I'm sure he didn't do with you naked, why did you have no clothes on? You know what, never mind that, the point is while you were in the trunk did you hear us talk about where we were going after we left the Bellagio?" she questioned. The Chinese guy nodded smoothly.

"You say you take party back to 13 Sunshine Road." He answered. Rachel winced and sighed in annoyance.

"13 Sunshine Road? Where is that?" Stu asked.

"That's my address. Shit that means my house is probably a shit-wreck!" Rachel groaned.

"Boring. Take nap. Come on." The Chinese man said with a fake yawn, ordering the heavies to follow him to his car.

"Wait!" Rachel cried as they climbed into the SUV.

"Sorry if we're boring you. You kidnapped our friend! Kidnapper!" Stu screamed as they all walked towards the slow moving car. Stu stood in front of it.

"Stop, stop. Run me over!" he requested. The car lurched forward, but Rachel and Phil pulled him out of the way.

"Bring money to Big Rock in Mojave Desert at dawn." The Chinese guy ordered them melodramatically through the window in the backseat next to Doug. "Toddle-oo motherfucker!" he added as the window slid up and obscured him from their view. The SUV the drove off and left them with the battered Mercedes. After a few moments of standing, dumfounded, they carefully climbed back into it, this time with Rachel in the driver's seat, and drove to her house.

When they got there, the place was a wreck. It looked just as bad as the villa back at Caesars Palace. Rachel looked around, mortified.

"Rachel, we are so, so sorry." Stu said, touching her shoulder. She shook her head to tell him not to apologise.

"It's ok. All we need to do right now is find the purse and get Doug back. Alan, check the bathroom and the hall, Stu check in the living room and the kitchen. Phil, you're with me we're gonna check the guest room, study and my bedroom. Get to it guys!" she ordered. Alan and Stu ran to their posts and Phil followed Rachel up the stairs.

When they reached the bedroom, which was in no better state than the lounge, Rachel began ransacking draws and cupboards. She then crinkled her nose and looked at Phil.

"Phil, you stink. My bathroom's through that door, take a shower and get some of my ex-boyfriend's clothes out of the cupboard by the sink." She ordered. Phil silently obeyed as she continued to throw things around. She was checking under the bed when he came out in slacks and a t-shirt.

"Much better," she said grabbing some of her own clothes from a mountain of overflow from her chest of draws. "Now, I'm gonna shower. I've checked the left side of the room and under the bed. Go over the right side ok?"

"You got it." He nodded, lifting up some more clothes and moving beer bottles around as Rachel went into the bathroom. When she came out again in a Sex Pistols t-shirt and a pair of denim shorts, Phil threw a robe from the bed and sighed angrily before collapsing on it.

"That fucking purse isn't here!" he stressed. Rachel exhaled loudly.

"God, if we don't find that fucking purse, Doug is as good as dead." She said. Her voice trembled. Phil sat up and looked at her sadly. He stood up.

"Hey, come here," he mumbled softly, pulling her into a hug, "Don't beat yourself up, it's not all your fault."

"I know it's not." She grumbled, pulling back, "But we're all equal hands in this and now my brother is being held captive by some Chinese mob boss that we owe $80,000 to!" she despaired.

"Ssh. It's gonna be fine, Rea. We're gonna figure this out." Phil soothed her, rubbing her arm comfortingly. Rachel smiled up at him.

"Thanks Phil. You always did make me feel better." She smiled, picking up a large bundle of clothes off of the floor and throwing them in the clothes hamper. Phil thought for a minute.

"Then why did- no." he decided not to continue to risk starting a fight. Rachel turned to face him.

"What?" she asked.

"No, I shouldn't."

"No, what were you gonna say?" she persisted. Phil looked down at her for a minute, and decided to be honest with her.

"Why did you leave? You never actually gave me a straight answer." He said in a voice no louder than a murmur. Rachel looked at him, slightly taken aback.

"Phil, I can't talk about this right now. I can't hear this now." She said, tensing up as she threw more clothes back in the draws and closed them.

"Why not? You can't talk about it now, you couldn't talk about it 8 years ago. Where did I ever go wrong?" Phil asked in demanding tone.

"You didn't." Rachel assured him softly, turning back to him, "I did, it was all me."

"Oh, so now you're gonna give me the 'it's not you, it's me' thing? If that's all it was, why did you never speak to me again, huh?" Phil questioned, raising his voice.

"I didn't know how to after that! We were 19 at the time and… and…" her voice tapered off as tear prickled in her eyes. Phil saw that he had upset her and softened his expression.

"Hey, look I'm sorry but can you just tell me now? We're 26 now, more mature. Just tell me so I can know whether or not the last 8 years I spent missing you were a waste." He pleaded. She looked him in the eyes and took a deep breath.

"It honestly wasn't you. I was- I just couldn't handle it." She began.

"Handle what? Being in love, being committed, being in a relationship?" Phil listed, his voice rising again as his temper flared.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Rachel cried, the tears threatening to fall from her chocolate eyes, "Look, at first it was summer, we were young and in love and having a good time. Then September came and you got super serious and I couldn't deal!"

"Super serious? Wha-?" Phil stammered, speechless.

"Phil, you turned down the college of your dreams just to go to the same one as me. You asked me to move in with you after 3 months!" Rachel shouted.

"You could've said no!" Phil returned.

"No I couldn't! At least, that's what I thought. I thought that if you were ready, I had to be ready too. But then as we went on I saw all the sacrifices you were making just to be with me and I was so in love with you and I didn't want to be the thing that stood in the way of you living a full and happy life." She explained, he voice breaking at the end of her statement. Phil was shocked. It took him a few moments to fully absorb what she had said.

"What?" was all he could manage.

"I didn't want to have to wake up with you every day and know that you were miserable because you passed up all those opportunities for me." She sighed.

"I was miserable without you." Phil moved over to him and put his hands on her shoulders, forcing her to look him in the eye. He saw the tears glistening in her own eyes.

"Phil-" she started.

"No, you need to hear this." He cut her off. "If that's true, and you broke it off because you thought you were holding me back from living a happy life, you were so wrong. Being with you is the only way I could ever live a happy life. I'd give up any opportunity and never regret it as long as I had you to show for it. You could never ask too much of me." She gazed into his azure blue eyes and the corner of her mouth twitched upwards.

"Right now I only wanna ask you one thing." She said.


"Kiss me." She whispered. Phil didn't need asking twice. He brought his hands up from her shoulder so they were cradling her neck and kissed her softly. As his tongue entered her mouth her hands glided up his chest and gripped his shoulders to support her weak knees. He moved his right hand back and it became lost in her long sweet-smelling brown hair. When they put back, the tears in Rachel's eyes cascaded down her cheeks.

"I'm so sorry, Phil. I love you. I love you, Phil." She stuttered hysterically as she wept, throwing her arms around him. He embraced her and rubbed her back.

"Shh. Shh, its ok, Rea. I love you too."

"I'll never leave you again, ever. I promise. Promise you'll never leave me." Rachel spluttered through her tears.

"I promise, from now on it'll just be you and me." He pulled back so Rachel was facing him and wiped the tears from her cheeks, "We'll always be together. I love you."

"I love you too." she replied and they kissed again, this time more urgently. She smiled against his lips and he lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist. She reached for the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head and threw it on the floor, flicking her hair and smiling seductively down at him. He looked at her, suddenly serious.

"Rea, are you sure?" he asked, stroking her jaw affectionately. She nodded and caressed his neck and bit her lip.

"Of course I'm sure. Just make me forget the situation we're in. Make all my problems disappear." She murmured, leaning down to kiss him again. "Plus it's not the first time in the last 24 hours." She giggled against his lips. That was conformation enough for Phil. He kissed her again. Her lips had the texture of flower petals, but she was so ferociously enthusiastic that it almost hurt to kiss them. Turning them around, he carried her to the bed and laid her down on the sheets gently. He crawled up to her and kissed her neck, hearing her moan as she hooked her toes into the waistband of his slacks and straightened her legs out, pulling them down. He kicked them off and realised she was now too clothed. Lifting her up, he pulled off her shirt and cast it across the room, then travelled down and unzipped her shorts before pulling them down and off. He moved back up and kissed her briefly then hovered over her, looking at her in awe, taking in every change since he had last seen her like this.

"You are the most beautiful woman in the world." He told her, his voice as sincere as he could make it. They shed their last items of clothing and made real love for the first time in 8 years, without the influence of drugs or alcohol.

They'd been at it for a good half hour when Stu burst through the door.

"Hey guys have you found- OH MY GOD!" he cried as he saw them, diverting his gaze. The gasped and Rachel shot up, causing Phil to tumble off of the bed. He wrapped the sheet around his waist and Rachel grabbed her robe and put it on, tying the belt and running up to Stu.

"Don't you knock!" she screamed at him.

"Excuse me! Are you guys high again? We're supposed to be finding this purse so where the fuck do you find time to fuck?" he shouted.

"Ok, ok. You're right, I'm sorry." Rachel agreed, calming down. Stu calmed too.

"I'm sorry. Did you guys find it?" he asked.

"No. It's not here. Did you?" Phil queried."

"No. We are so fucked you guys." Stu despaired. Alan came to the door. He looked like he was about to say something, but then he saw Rachel and Phil and his face spread into a cheeky childish grin.

"Did you guys…?" he didn't finish as Rachel and Phil glared at him. "Erm, I found something."

"Is it the purse?" Stu asked excitedly.

"Nope, but check this out." Alan beamed, holding up The World's Greatest Black Jack Book.