The Awkward Encounters of New Directions and Blaine

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A series of one shots: what Santana saw

Just a quick little one shot cause someone wondered how Santana knew what she knew…

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Santana normally ate lunch with Brit, so naturally the possibility of running into her two dolphins during this time period never really came up. At least, that was the case until yesterday when Brit had been home with the flu.

She had been wandering the hallways looking for Mercedes when she heard the one sound she knew she would never be able to get out of her head.

The sound of Blaine's moaning.

Peering around the corner, her mouth practically fell to the floor.

Kurt had Blaine up on the desk, and was pounding into him like his life depended on it. Blaine was flushed against the desk, his legs spread wide, wearing nothing but a skimpy little skirt bunched around his waist, wailing at the top of his lungs.

"Yes! I've been so bad professor! So bad! Punish me punish me punish me!"

Kurt continued to pound into him, forcing the desk to skid every thrust until it was backed against the wall.

"OH!" Kurt groaned. "You've been such a naughty boy Blaine, such a naughty naught naughty boy!" he yelled, grinding harder each time he said 'naughty.'

Blaine's eyes rolled up into the back of his head, his large cock bouncing against his stomach, dripping pre-come everywhere.

"Damn," Santana mumbled. "Blaine's packing. So why is he bottoming?"

Suddenly, Kurt pulled out, and Santana knew why Blaine would be begging for that. It was a monstrosity, long and thick and perfect, throbbing angrily.

"Maybe you can earn a little extra credit in my class Blaine," Kurt whispered, and Santana noticed for the first time that Kurt was wearing glasses, and a tie. He really did look like a sexy professor. A sexy debauched professor.

"Anything," Blaine moaned, grinding up against the air, desperate for release. "I'll do anything you want professor. Anything!"

"Hmm," Kurt ran his fingers lightly over Blain's cock, causing it to twitch and Blaine to moan. "Well, I do have to admit that I have been admiring that mouth of yours for a long time now Blaine. How about you put it to good use?"

Blaine nodded, moving to get on the floor.

"No," Kurt said. "Lay down on the desk, on your back, and hang that pretty head of yours over the edge. I want to fuck your mouth!"

Blaine looked like he was about to come just by those words alone, and Santana didn't blame him. She knew what fantasy she was using when she went to bed tonight!

Blaine scrambled to get into position, tilting his head back and opening his mouth greedily. Kurt just chuckled, tracing the edge of Blaine's mouth. "Hungry little cock slut, aren't you Blaine?"

"Yes professor," Blaine moaned. "I'm a cock slut, your little cock slut. Just for your cock! I want it so bad!"

"Then take it," Kurt moaned, thrusting into Blaine's awaiting mouth.

Blaine moaned around Kurt's cock, sucking greedily, running his tongue over the head. Kurt's head fell back. "Fuck! Blaine," he moaned. "God you are such a cock slut! Suck me harder! Yes! Just like that! Oh baby yes!"

Santana just stared, watching as Kurt fucked Blaine's mouth. How come it never felt this hot when she was doing these things?

Kurt pulled out, leaning down to kiss Blaine roughly on his mouth. "You know, I still haven't properly punished you from being such a naughty little boy," he murmured against Blain's lips.

Blaine just whimpered, his eyes pleading.

Kurt smirked. "Do you know what happens to naughty little boys?"

Blaine nodded wildly, his eyes bright with excitement.

Kurt grinned. "They get spanked!"

Santana's eyes nearly bugged out of her head. No. Way.

"Yes!" Blaine shouted. He stumbled to get off the table, turning around to lay his front half on it while pushing his ass out, the skirt barely covering his cheeks.

Kurt pulled a ruler from his pocket, running the cool edges under Blaine's ass cheeks, making him shiver in anticipation. He flipped the skirt up, his eyes glazing over at Blaine's gaping hole, pulsing for his cock.

"And," Kurt murmured, running the smooth wood over Blaine's ass, "How many do you think you deserve today my pet? How bad have you been?"

"So bad!" Blaine gasped, his hips grinding against air again, his voice needy and wanton. "I've been such a bad bad boy! Such a dirty slutty boy! Spank me! Spank me so hard!"

"That's what I love to hear!" Kurt growled out, bringing the ruler down to slap against Blaine's skin.

"Yes!" Blaine wailed. "More master more!"

"Dear lord!" Santana scream whispered, watch Kurt bring the ruler down again and again, Blaine crying out happily each time. "Oh my God they are so hot!"

Finally, Kurt set the ruler down, running his hands over Blaine's red skin. Blaine twitched under the contact, his tiny wanting groans and whimpers driving Kurt mad.

"Hush pet," Kurt purred. "I know what you love. You've been such a good pet taking your punishment. Now you get your reward!"

Kurt ran his tongue along Blain's ass crack, causing Blaine to wail pleasurably. "Oh please!" Blaine begged. "Please! Professor! Master! Kurt!"

"Right here baby," Kurt said, before shoving his tongue to attack Blaine's hole.

"AAAHHHHH!" Blaine cried. "Oh yes! Faster faster faster faster!"

Kurt began moaning against Blaine's hole, Blaine practically grinding down on his face. The noises coming from them were obscene, and Santana was loving it.

"Fuck me!" Blaine cried. "Fuck me Kurt I'm so close!"

"Yes!" Kurt stood up shoving into Blaine in one hard thrust. They both screamed, Kurt flying in and out of Blaine so fast Santana hardly believed what could possibly be making those boys so horny in the first place.

"I'm goanna…" Blaine groaned, "Goanna…yes….YES…..OH MY GOD KURT YES YES YES YES YES!"

He spilled out all over the desk, his come dripping everywhere. Kurt followed right after. "FUCK YES BLAINE!"

They collapsed, spent against the desk. Kurt slowly slipped out of Blaine, Blaine whimpering at the loss. Kurt ran his hand gently up and down Blaine's sides, kissing the back of his neck sweetly. "Love you," he whispered, holding Blaine to his chest tightly.

"Love you too," Blaine murmured, turning around to kiss Kurt passionately. "So so much!"

Santana couldn't help but smile. They were dirty, kinky, and downright illegal, but they were just about the sweetest damn couple she could possibly imagine.

"I guess this is what happens when I wear heels," Kurt giggled, running his hands through Blaine's hair.

"I couldn't help it," Blaine sighed, "Your legs just went on forever! God I am buying you heels for every day of the week, every hour of the day…"

"Heels!" Santana shouted, causing the two boys to freak out and fall behind the desk. "This is the result of Hummel wearing some fancy footwear? You two were going at it like porn stars on Viagra!"

"Santana!" Kurt screamed. "How long have you been there!"

"Enough to know that Mr. Shue is going to want to burn his desk with just about every illegal chemical known to mankind!"

"What am I going to want to do to my desk?" Mr. Shue asked, walking up behind Santana. His eyes widened when he saw Kurt glancing up over the desk, Blaine struggling to pull his pants up over his skirt.


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