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Field Report: March 3, 1997*

Despite its fearsome reputation, the "hellmouth" rift appears to be fairly stable. In fact, there is little indication that it has been active for some time.

I have been taking advantage of my cover identity as a librarian to do research of the historical records of the town of Sunnydale. They are quite fascinating.

As far back as 1000 CE, the area surrounding the hellmouth was feared by local Native American tribes. They never settled anywhere with fifty miles of the rift, despite fairly densely populated settlements in the surrounding area. Additionally, there is some archeological evidence suggesting the possibility of ancient religious rites held at the epicenter of the rift, many of which reportedly involved animal sacrifice. Local folklore contains many disturbing tales of bloodthirsty creatures that hunt the area immediately surrounding the rift.

When the Spaniards arrived in the seventeen hundreds, they did not heed the locals warnings and built a mission almost directly over the rift. They claimed that they could drive the demons from that place. The only part of the mission remaining today is its graveyard, which astonishingly is still in active use today. When a group of Spanish settlers came to join their fellows at the mission a year later, they found all the missionaries dead, save for one man who had apparently been driven insane. He attacked several of the party and attempted to suck their blood. It was the Spanish who named the town "Boca del Inferno", giving rise to its colloquial name, "the hellmouth".

As I said, the rift appears to have been fairly stable for many years, but there was one incident in the spring of 1992 that I think may be of interest. A high school in the nearby city of Los Angeles was terrorized by a group, all the members of which were described as having unusually pale skin, sunken eyes, and strangely pointed canine teeth. There were a rash of disappearances in the area around the time of the event. Some of those who vanished were later reported to have been seen among the attackers at the school. There is a rumor that the attackers were fought off by a blond girl. The entire incident has since been dismissed as an elaborate high school prank. I believe more research is necessary and shall continue to look into the matter.




* a week before the premiere of Buffy on TV

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