Title: Spies Don't Take Sick Days

By: Dragonfire100

Summary: Michael wakes up with a nasty cold and things just keep getting worse and worse and worse...

A/N And so it begins...

Chapter 1

Michael Westen woke with a headache, one that throbbed just behind his eyes pulsating in a never ending crescendo through his skull. He shifted on the bed stifling a groan as his limbs protested with a dull ache that only added to the throbbing in his head.

Opening bleary eyes he stared up at the ceiling of his loft for a moment. This could not be happening, he was not sick. A tickle rose in the back of his throat...he swallowed wincing at the raw dryness.

Nope, not sick.

The tickle rose again and this time it would not go away. He coughed loud and hard for a few moments, the small spout left him feeling even more achy then before. He berried his head in his pillow.

Ok maybe he was, just a little-

The vibrating ring of his phone caught his attention and he turned to look at his make shift beside table. Throwing out an arm he didn't bother to see who it was before answering it.


'Mikey? Jeez you sound terrible.'

Sam's worried voice eminated from the other end.

Realizing where the ex-Seals train of thought might be headed, Michael quickly covered the end of the phone and cleared his throat before continuing.

"Uh yeah long night, what's up?" Michael willed his voice to sound strong.

'Well your mom said she's been calling you for some time she uh started getting worried after you didn't answer. She called three time's Mike.'

Michael ran a hand down his face. Crap, he must've really been out of it.

"Is there a problem?" He asked sitting up wincing as his head swam slightly.

'She said something about your brother, I didn't quite catch much else she seemed pretty upset though, really wanted you to come over.'

Michael bit back a groan. "Right, guess I better head over there than." He grumbled.

'Yeah good luck, uh, you sure your all right Mike?'

Michael swallowed against another tickle in his throat."I'm fine Sam." He said before hanging up.

He managed to get out of bed without falling flat on his face and pretty much staggered into his small excuse for a kitchen.

No cold pills would be found in the drawers, he rarely got sick and so ended up popping some aspirin. It took the edge off but his head still felt a bit muddled, annoyingly so.

He got dressed stiffly and it took him longer than usual another annoying thing, but he was soon headed out the door.

The blazing Miami heat did nothing but aggravate his, condition. How he even managed to get sick was beyond him and to be honest he couldn't even remember the last time he had been. He rolled the windows in his Charger all the way down trying to stave off a fever that seemed to be trying to take hold of him.

He pulled up to his moms house feeling a bit the worse for wear, but he still refused to give in to said cold and stepped into the house.

"Mom?" He walked further in. "Nate?"

Suddenly someone tackled him from behind. Feeling an odd sense of déjà vu he flipped the person over his shoulder and onto their back.

"Whoa easy there big brother." Nate wheezed out.

Michael glared down at him before standing.

"Nate what the-"

"I thought you were someone else." Nate interrupted getting to his feet.

"I called out to you." Michael said with irritation.

"Yeah well can't be too careful huh?" He said though a smirk graced his lips. His brother had a bruise that ran across his left jaw line and another just under his left eye the cheek swollen and split open. A bloody bandage covered his right bicep and fresh blood trickled down his arm.

Michael narrowed his eyes. "What happened?" He asked.

"Michael is that you? Thank god." His mom entered the room carrying a bottle of antiseptic in one hand and a cigarette in the other. She set the bottle down on the table next to some cloths and gauze.

"Your brother just showed up on the door step like that, won't tell me what happened." She complained one hand on her hip eyeing her youngest son with irritation and worry.

"She'll freak out if I say anything." Nate whispered to him. Michael gave him a look; unfortunately the patented look lost all of its vibrato as a sneeze snuck up on him.

"Whoa jeez, that's just gross." His brother jumped back. Michael quickly pulled himself together trying to ignore the increased pounding behind his eyes.

"So, are you going to tell us what happened or not?" Maddie insisted taking a drag from her cigarette. She seemed too flustered to notice the slight flush to Michael's face or the light sheen of sweat that had taken up residence on his forehead, then again, sweating is what one does in Miami.

"Nate." He said managing barely too keep his voice from sounding nasally.

His bother looked from him to his mother and back again. "Fine." He said flinging up his arms then winced hand going to the injured one.

"Good, now sit down." Madeline ordered sternly and Nate walked over to the table taking a seat.

"I got jumped outside a bar last night."

"How many of them were there?" Michael asked as Madeline opened the bottle of antiseptic.

"Four, one had a knife, they said they wanted some flash drive or something. I told them I didn't have it, obviously they didn't believe me-ow!" He winced as Maddie wiped at the cut on his cheek.

"Oh hold still." She chastised.

Michael stepped a little closer skeptasisem written all over his features. "Nate, if this is some kind of-"

"I'm not lying bro I payed off all my debts, well most of them, but I know all the guys I owe and these guys didn't mention a name. I didn't recitnize any of them ether. They told me to bring it to the bar tomorrow at eight or-"Nate glanced at Maddie."-or they'd kill me."

"Michael." Madeline stopped looking pointedly at him desperation lining her words and masking her features.

Michael restrained from rolling his eye's giving in. "Which bar?"

"That new one that just opened up on fifty fourth street." Nate winced again as his mom removed the bandage from his arm.

"You didn't say you got stabbed." She said with alarm. Michael frowned stepping to her side to get a better look.

"Its just a scratch ma." Nate said.

"That's gonna need stitches." Michael confirmed. Though it wasn't a stab wound it was a deep cut.

"Come on, I'll take you to the hospital." Michael said grabbing a rag. "Keep pressure on it." He said handing it to his brother who stood to follow him.

"Stitches, great." Nate muttered.

"Michael hold on." Maddie called out to him. He paused while Nate headed out to the Charger.

She rushed up to him. "Here." She held up a package containing two orange gel capsules, Dayquil.

"Im fine ma." He insisted but she grabbed his arm as he turned shoving the pills into his hand.

"Take care of yourself, so you can take care of him." She insisted looking pointedly out at Nate who now sat in the Charger.

Michael clenched his jaw and nodded curtly pocketing the pills. As he made his way towards the car, another sneeze snuck up on him and he failed to hold it back the force of it making him stumble slightly.

Maddie shook her head smiling softly.

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